Monday, 27 October 2014

Spanked before Breakfast

Some people get a swim before breakfast, others do some gym, I tend to get spanked. I got it on the second morning of our recent break and I said I'd tell you about it, that's if you have any interest in spanking of course, if you don't well I'm still going to recount it anyway so you'll have to avert your eyes.

I'd ordered a rather expensive drink if you remember and my husband was not amused, or at least he pretended he wasn't, I didn't much care either way, it got me a sore backside and I had to 'run the gauntlet' so to speak, walking down and across the road from our accommodation and through a fairly busy terrace restaurant on my own, my husband had gone down before me and got us a table next to the balcony overlooking the sea. 

Taken on another day

It was lovely and embarrassing and I could feel P's eyes on me from the moment I entered the restaurant. I think lots of eyes were on me actually but I always think that when I've just been spanked, my cheeks always blush up, I can't help it, and I'm not talking about my bottom cheeks which you could safely assume were blushing too.

I'll explain the running the gauntlet: our accommodation was a beautiful converted grand villa directly across the road from and owned by hotel Vila Argentina, the villa and the hotel were tiered into the cliff side so you had good views from more or less wherever you were. Our own room had balustraded balcony and unbelievable sea views, the only drawback being we had to walk across the road (not a busy road I must add) to get to the hotel facilities, it was all right with the lovely weather we had but I imagine not so much fun if it was raining. There were also taxi drivers sitting outside the hotel and the bell boys hanging around with little to do at breakfast time, you can imagine with nothing much else going on their eyes focused on guests going to and fro, I'm sure they would have noticed me, a woman on her own hurrying as best she could to get to breakfast because her husband had told her to right after he'd spanked her bottom for frivolous spending.

Well that was what he called it when he had me across his knee. We had an end room and the room next to us had been vacated by two girls the previous evening so it was fairly safe to think we wouldn't be overheard, by guests at least. It was lucky for me that P hadn't brought an implement with him (we didn't take hold baggage) or I'm quite sure it would have been used and I would have made considerably more fuss and noise. As it was he used his hand, have I ever told you my husband has powerful hands, and he used them with convincing force, driving home his message that I'd been a spendthrift and sneaky and greedy and so on, he went at it for about ten minutes, firstly over my knickers and for the last three or four minutes on my bare bottom, until he eventually ran out of words to go with the spanks without repeating himself which he doesn't like doing. That and perhaps his hand was getting sore, my backside certainly was. When he'd finished with me he said he was going over to breakfast to get a good table, he said I'd better get showered dressed and join him in 15 minutes max, he took his ipad with him saying he'd catch up with some news while he waited for me.

When I finally got to the table, after running the gauntlet, and went to sit down, P stood up, he'd already ordered tea and coffee, he put his hand round my waist and steered me towards the hot and cold buffet, I think he wanted everyone to see that he was in charge and that I was his, that was what my mind told me anyway. As we were loading our plates P asked me how my bum was, I looked daggers, I mean it was multi national but everyone speaks English these days, he said 'Well?' I had to answer or he'd have kept on. 'It's sore if you must know,' I hissed. 'Good, let it be lesson to you,' he said over loudly. I hurriedly returned to our table, I forgot to get myself an orange juice but P brought two with him when he followed me a minute later. I said he didn't have to talk so loud in front of others, he just said they wouldn't have heard and it was none of their business anyway. Then he said 'Look over there, there's a sailing ship coming round that island, it's beautiful isn't it, bit like you after you've had a good spanking.' I felt my face flushing up again and turned to look at the sailing ship. He was right, it was indeed a beautiful sight which I watched for longer than necessary to give my face chance to colour down, I'm sure I was the happiest girl in the restaurant when I turned back to eat.

When we walked back to our room, as we left the hotel lobby we heard voices coming from across the road, there was a lady calling down from her window at the opposite of our villa, she was talking with her husband who was outside having a cigarette, I've no idea what they were saying but their voices carried easily across the road, it made me wonder if my spanking had carried too and I'm sure the eyes of the taxi drivers, hidden behind their shades, were on me again. I stood up straight, I had my husband with me this time, I was still feeling a bit melty from what he'd said in the restaurant and to be honest at that point in time I didn't care if they did know I'd been spanked.

It was a good start to a sunny day:)

Here's a couple of snaps.

Have a good week.



Cat said...

Cute story Ronnie...loved your description of walking the gauntlet. Thank you for sharing the pictures...what a lovely place to visit. Wishing you a good week.

Hugs and Blessings...

Michael M said...

Great place to visit by the look of it. Nice tale of a holiday spanking.

MrJ said...

It is good that order is maintained throughout holidays - very proper chosen, walking the gauntlet.
Great pictures, glad you enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

I've had many morning spankings mostly just because she was in a spanking mood. Actually I think P was also in a spanking mood and the cost of the drink was just a reason for him to spank you. I'm also sure he enjoyed spanking you as much as you did getting spanked. You stayed in a beautiful place. Isn't it funny some times you just don't care if someone heard.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, sounds like a wonderful place to visit, lovely pictures!

Wonderful way to start the day. Oh goodness, all of my cheeks would have been blushing too lol. Funny how we image everyone knows :)


PK said...

Friend you have the best vacations stories of anyone I know. Maybe we readers could take up money to send you somewhere if P promises we'd have plenty of stories to hear about upon your return!

abby said...

I love your use of words. The pics were lovely...and sounds like your holiday was also.
hugs abby

DelFonte said...

lovely pics, lovely weather, lovely spanking, what more can a Brit and a fellow spanko say. sighs...

Hermione said...

I agree with Roz.What a fine way to start the day when you are on holiday - or even when you are not.


Minelle Labraun said...

It sounds like so much fun. That excitement of not knowing what P was going to say.... Or do!
The pictures are glorious!

Florida Dom said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday and the morning spanking had to be an added bonus. You are one lucky woman.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We always enjoy reading accounts of your "adventures on P's lap".

...he eventually ran out of words to go with the spanks without repeating himself which he doesn't like doing..
And you are able to tell when he repeats himself???

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, looks like a lovely place to visit. My husband is always making comments like that and I too have then got two sets of red cheeks to go with them!
love Jan,xx

Blondie said...

Before my day begins, lately, I have had a spanking. Not always a great way to wake up. Most of the time it is good though. We have been to chicken to spank on vacations. I am, again, impressed at how brave you are

ronnie said...

Cat - Thank you. It was lovely and interesting place.

Michael - I do like to be spanked on holiday but then I just like to be spanked:) Thank you.

MrJ - I think that order HAS to be maintained during a holiday. Thank you.

Archedone - I think he was very in the mood to spank. Was a lovely place. Thanks.

Roz - Yes, funny, I always think everyone knows I've been spanked. Thanks.

PK - LOL. I'm up for it. Thank you.

Abby - Very kind of you to say. Thanks.

DF - Lovely all round. Thanks.

Hermione - Yes, a lovely way to start the day anytime. Thank you.

Minelle - We did have some fun and a lovely time. Thank you.

FD - A lucky women indeed. Good to see you FD. Thanks.

OBB - Well I can't always catch what P's saying when things get really heated but I do try to listen because verbal admonishment ramps it up for me. Thanks.

Jan - P thinks its cute that he can still make be blush. Thanks.

Blondie - Sometimes I think I'd like to be spanked every day before breakfast:) Thanks.


Ami Starsong said...

Looks a wonderful spot for a holiday, Ronnie. How come that 'pirate ship' seems to get everywhere? LOL!

How's the bum? (Sorry, just had to ask that) - glowing nicely? You and your holiday activities!


ronnie said...

Ami - If I didn't get spanked on holiday I'd be most unhappy:) Thanks.


Enzo said...

Great vacation recap!
Like everything about this that I can't even single one thing out!

Love all that post-spanking embarrassment! Either via comments and/or walking the gauntlet keeps the excitement going. I love making those type of comments out loud.

1ManView said...

Love the story that went with the spanking. :)
Really nice pics too.

Wishing you continues happiness my friend

Leigh Smith said...

Pictures look wonderful, so does your holiday. I've told you this before but I am so jealous of your spanking relationship.

ronnie said...

Enzo - I hate when P makes comments like that out load:) Thank you.

1MV - Thank you my friend.

SG - I'm envious of your travelling. I'd love to be able to do that. Thanks.


Meg said...

What a wonderful holiday! I'm glad you decided you didn't care if others knew you'd been spanked.

ronnie said...


Might have thought differently if someone had mentioned it to me:) Thanks.


Red said...

What a wonderful way to start the day. Knowing that some people may have heard simply adds to the pleasure. P asking how your bottom was out loud really must have been titillating.
love reading about your spanking adventures
bottoms up

Terpsichore said...

beautiful...the pictures and the story :-)

ronnie said...

Red - Embarrassing more like it:) Thank you.

Terps - :) Thank you.


ronnie said...

Red - Embarrassing more like it:) Thank you.

Terps - :) Thank you.