Monday, 6 October 2014

Al Fresco

I know I know, it's old hat and we've tried it before and got disturbed and lots of others have tried it and succeeded and I suppose some just think about it and others don't even fancy it at all. What am I going on about, well it's al fresco spanking, yep in the Great Outdoors.

We've got miles of woodland very close to us but we don't go there all that often, I suppose I ought to suggest it more being as I'm the one who's wanting to be turned over my husband's knee surrounded by trees, birds and insects, god knows why it appeals to me but it does. We took a walk the other weekend, it was late afternoon and P had had his head stuck in his laptop for hours sorting out something or other so I suggested some fresh air and off we went.

 The late summer weather made it warm and the paths were dry, we saw deer and we often see squirrels and occasionally foxes up there. P tried to get the deer, it was a doe with her young and they just stood and stared at us from the bushes, but his phone camera won't zoom and it was into the sun anyway so it didn't take. He snapped a few of the forest though, I can't show you some because they would identify me and they're not particularly interesting anyway but here's one just so you can see how lovely the woods are, and yes that's me in the yellow top walking on ahead. 

We came to a fallen tree trunk shortly after the deer sighting and P's clicking splurge, it was huge a metre in diameter at one end, P said it would be an ideal seat for him put me across his knee or, at the thicker end, to bend me over and give me a whipping with a freshly cut switch. My eyes widened and my heart thumped but he didn't do it, he said he'd remember to bring his little Swiss army knife next time but by the time 'next time' comes round I bet the weather will have turned and he'll forget anyway. Ah well.

We got lost after that, well I was, I really didn't know the way back although I P did even though he pretended not to know which path to take and it was less than an hour from dark. I checked my phone for reception, that's how concerned I was, but P just laughed and said who would I call anyway and how would they find us. Then he comforted me by saying we couldn't be that far away from civilisation if I was getting reception, which made sense but still didn't tell me which way to go. Then P took my phone and opened google maps, it pinpointed us in a trice and when he asked it for the pub, in whose car park we'd left the car, it showed us a 30 minute walk to safety. We did it in less than that because I was worried about it getting dark.

When we were in the car I said I bet he couldn't find that log again, he said he could no problem and next time he found it I'd be going over it. Promises promises P.

 Have a good week.



Cat said...

Thanks for taking us along on your walk Ronnie. Hope P finds the log again and you two are able to use it. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

Michael M said...

Sounds like you are getting close to that outside experience. I am sure you will find your log.

Autumn said...

Gorgeous woods! It all sounds lovely--even getting lost can be adventurous...if you have Google Maps to rescue you, lol.

Roz said...

It looks gorgeous Ronnie and sounds like a wonderful afternoon :) Hope you find the log again and that P remembers the knife :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking us on your walk Ronnie. What a beautiful path you were on. Some day you will get the fresh air spanking you crave. My wife and I walk in the woods often and I have been spanked while in the woods. She just finds a nice fallen tree or I do and remove my belt, drop my pants and bend over for a wonderful spanking. I have to wonder what the animals in the woods think?

PK said...

I really hope P can and will find that log again. We had a chance for this years ago and too it. Still a wonderful memory for us both. Tell P he has to go for it!

Hermione said...

What fun! We also live near woods and haven't been recently. I'll have to suggest a walk on the next fine day, and go log-hunting too.


MrJ said...

Ronnie! What will the deer say, next ti,e?!?

Our Bottoms Burn said...

You make a walk in the woods interesting even if your desired action did not happen.

And I always learn new English words. pinpointed us in a trice.

BTW, you are looking quite slim blondie.

Have a great week.

Leigh Smith said...

Lovely picture - maybe next time you'll get your wish.

Terpsichore said...

sounds like a beautiful walk...I hope the promise is kept :-)

Minelle Labraun said...

How nice it looked on that walk!
I am sure that when you least expect it P will take you over to that log!

ronnie said...

Cat - Thank you. He'll remember but I'll probably have to remind him to use it:)

Michael - Closer yes:) Thank you.

Autumn - Thanks goodness for Google Maps:) Thanks.

Roz - I'll make sure I take a knife:) Thanks.

Archedone - Lucky devil. Thank you.

PK - Did you post about it? Thanks.

Hermione - Be sure to take a knife for Ron to cut a switch:) Thanks.

MrJ - I'll let you know:) Thank you.

OBB - Thank you. More mousy blonde:)

SG - We may have to wait now until warmer drier times. Thanks.

Terps - It's so lovely and you can walk for miles without seeing anyone which is why it would be idea for what I want. Thanks.

Minelle - Any log will do as long an no one is around:) Thanks.


abby said...

Ahh...take another walk, even if you do not find that log...there could be another..I/We have taken such walks.....we were just talking about how long it has been....
hugs abby

Blondie said...

Make sure that walk happens asap. Outdoor spankings are refreshing. For lack of a better word

ronnie said...

Abby - You need another walk in the wood then: Thank you.

Blondie - :) I'm working on it but our weather has changed, heavy rain. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

We, too, love to take long hikes in the woods - whether near home, or when we are traveling - but I am the one who looks for a secluded spot, find myself a nice , sturdy switch - and (after ordering him to drop his pants) apply it to his bare backside !

Only once have we been caught "in the act" - and that's another story...

Many times, I like to bring home that switch - for further use indoors, if needed (and if the fancy strikes me...)


thefolkswholiveonthehill aka mrandmrsb said...

If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise
If you go down to the woods today you'd better go in disguise
As every Sub that ever there was
Will gather there for certain because
Today's the day that subbies get their bots spanked.