Friday, 5 September 2014

Guinness, Jail and a Birthday Spanking

It was my birthday on Wednesday and I didn't get a birthday spanking. Boo!!

Not because I didn't want one or that P wasn't prepared to, it was just because I had a gyno appointment at the hospital Thursday and didn't want any cane lines, bruises or a glowing bum on show next day...if glows last that long.

Had a lovely day though, went shopping and later out to dinner. P did put me over his lap for a few fun hand swats and a little paddling but not what I call a real birthday spanking. I said he can hold the spanking over to whenever it's convenient for him and even add a few spanks too by way of interest, in fact he can charge quite a lot of interest if he wants.

So as I haven't had an actual current birthday spanking post, I'll humbly submit a birthday spanking in Dublin from a previous birthday and maybe if I'm lucky I'll be able to recount a belated spanking account in the not too distant future.

...P said he had to go to Ireland and as it coincided with my birthday suggested I come along as he only had one official meeting which would take a couple of hours. Of course I jumped at the offer, show me a plane ticket and I'm easy, and I didn't want to miss out on a birthday spanking.

Got some very cheap tickets with one of the low cost airlines, UK readers will know them, their flights cost less than their card charges and they only just stop short of charging for using the in-flight loos (I'm sure it will come), it also left Birmingham airport at an unearthly hour. Still, I was happy I'd never been to Dublin before and was looking to a couple of days there.

The day didn’t start well, flight was slightly delayed and when we got to the hotel there was a mix up with rooms, the one we were allocated was being cleaned and no other rooms available as the hotel was full. I was just about to say something in anger to the receptionist as we had booked for an early check in when I felt Ps hand on by bottom and the look that said no, no point, so I didn’t but I was still annoyed. I'd got planned in my mind a lovely little distraction for when we got to our room, that was what really made me mad. I could tell P wasn’t happy either, he said he didn’t want to wait for the room to be ready, so we left the bags with reception, P took my hand and out we went.

It was a lovely sunny day, I soon forgot about about the room not being ready and got on with some sightseeing. We took a trip to the Guinness Storehouse and after that went on to Kilmainham Jail which is same side of town but further out, it's where Charles Stewart, Parnell, Robert Emmet, James Connolly were imprisoned and at least 14 leaders of the Easter risings were executed in 1916. Films such as "Italian Job" and "In The Name of the Father" were filmed. We'd missed the conducted tour so decided not to wait but return the next day (which we did and I'd recommend it to anyone visiting Dublin) . We stopped off on the way back to the hotel for a pint of Guinness in Temple Bar, it was crowded, everyone had glasses of the famous dark beer with the creamy head, me too, lovely.

We got back to the hotel slightly later than we'd planned. P had to send a couple of emails ready for his meeting next day, I had other things in mind but they didn't happen, he was over an hour downstairs (no wifi in the rooms) and when he returned said we should go out and eat. Drat, my plans weren't gelling at all, I admit I was hungry though. We had a lovely meal of tuna steaks, salad and a very yummy sweet for me, nice wine and some more Guinness in a music bar before making our way back to the hotel. When we got back P said he was tired, showered and went straight to sleep. I didn’t know whether to cry or scream, it was a little after 12.00 and my birthday and there was P asleep had he forgotten.

I woke up early after a good sleep, probably Guinness induced, stretched, shifted sideways a little and went to get out of bed but I felt P's hand on my back gently restraining me, felt his hand move down to my waist over my hips and settle on my bottom, mmmmmm ok I thought, happy birthday he said and then told me he hadn't forgotten my birthday spanking.

Too noisy I said, trying to remember if I'd heard movement in the next room, but he told me to lay on my stomach anyway and he'd worry about the noise, then reached his arm over the side of the bed and produced a short thin green cane, you know the sort you buy in garden centres, he must have borrowed it from one of the hotel's plant pots, either way it looked menacing to me, an avowed lifelong hater of canes, its mere 18'' did not soothe my fear of the dreaded implement at all, to my mind all canes are about 18 feet long, are evil and should be harder to buy than a firearms certificate. Having said that, when its your birthday and you're in snugly-just-woke-up mode with your man's hand kneading your bum cheeks it's challenging, to say the least, to resist an order to lie on your stomach.

So, I did with a mixture of dread and anticipation loaded heavily on the dread side, and after he gave my bottom a couple of sharp open handed slaps (far too loud) and told me to relax, he proceeded to deliver my birthday spanking. In sets of 5, alternating fast and slow, taking his time, rubbing in between and holding me in place or at least giving the impression of doing so, I do like feeling his hand on my back it's reassuring, even more so when I'm over his knee which was unfortunately not the case on this occasion. Anyway I digress, over knee or not the dreaded cane was meting out its wicked sting in such a way that I was not entirely horrified by its assault and even, during one of his rubbing interludes, asked him if he could deliver 10 fast harder strokes, did I really say that? I did, and before I had chance to withdraw such a ridiculous request said strokes were delivered and one birthdays girl was squiggling (is that a word, if not it should be it seems right for what I was doing) well and truly and I have to say not entirely from the sting of the cane.

When all 50ish (plus a few more) strokes were completed P relieved my bum with some soothing massage and I snuggled into him and when his hand went between my legs to check on other needs I was surprised at how quickly I reacted, ramming my one hand on top of his to emphasise my urgency and clamping the other over my mouth to subdue my scream which still managed to partially escape but not in any recognisable form. Hmmm I'd been worried about the noise of the spanking and the sting of the cane, now all I was worried about was if anyone had heard my scream and suggested maybe we could skip breakfast in case somebody on the floor knew what room we were, I’d die of embarrassment but P said don’t be silly.

I did have a smile on my face for the rest of the day and a warm bottom while I was walking around Dublin town waiting for P to finish his meeting. I drifted round a couple of art galleries, the university, P joined me and we bought a late lunch from Leo Burdock's most famous fish 'n chip shop in the world (believe me you need to see the signatures who's been there) and then we walked along the river, about 4 miles, I loved it, and when we got back to the hotel P gave me a lovely bracelet for my birthday, then we showered together it took about twenty minutes because we also fucked like newlyweds in the cubicle, then we went out for a leisurely stroll, a bit of souvenir shopping and a leisurely dinner.

So I loved Dublin and look forward to going back some day. I will say things are expensive there, more even than London, but the Irish have a way of extracting your money with a smile and twinkle in their eye and the gift of the gab, and you don't even notice it until your card statement arrives :)

Have a fun weekend.



Han van Meegeren said...

Happy Birthday girl! I loved the Dublin story, you tell it so lively, like we were watching at the end of your bed. :-)
Don't worry about this year I'm sure there are lots of opportunities to catch up on.
Hope the hospital visit was nothing serious.

Thank you for your wonderful post,


Erica said...

Happy, happy belated birthday, Ronnie! Hope you get this year's birthday spanking very soon. :-)

Cat said...

Happy belated birthday Ronnie! Thank you for sharing your lovely Dublin story with us. Wishing you an birthday celebration every bit as fun...soon! Have a lovely weekend.

Hugs and Blessings...

bobbsroom said...

Yes a very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ronnie

Sounds a perfect way to spend it for you and P

Have a great weekend

BOB xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ronnie. Thank you for the wonderful Dublin story. Maybe if someone heard it might have given them ideas of their own. Hope you don't have to wait too long for this years birthday spanking.

abby said...

Happy Birthday! Loved reading about your Dublin stay and spanks. From what I know about P I am sure we will be reading about you birthday spanking for this year soon.
hugs abby

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, Happy Birthday, Loved your Irish tale, we went there a couple of years ago, absolutely ruinously expensive but we too had a great time. Hope you get this year's spanking soon
love Jan,xx

PK Corey said...

I can't imagine you talking so badly about your friend the cane! I'm glad your birthday was good this year and hope you soon make it great with that belated birthday spanking.

Roz said...

Happy belated Birthday Ronnie! Glad you had a wonderful day and sure P will get to that belated birthday spanking ... with interest :)

Loved reading your Dublin story. Sounds like it was a fantastic trip. I too was surprised at you talking badly of the cane lol


Jay said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Ronnie! I loved your story and hope you get this year's birthday spanking soon!

Hermione said...

Happy birthday Ronnie! I hope P comes up with a good belated spanking, with interest of course.


Leigh Smith said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ronnie. Love the Ireland remembrance and hope P comes up with a 'darlin' plan for this years belated birthday spanking.

ronnie said...

Han - Thank you kind Sir. Happy to say results were good.

Erica - Thank you. Enjoyed reading about your weekend.

Cat - My pleasure. Thank you for your wishes.

BOB - Will be good if I get my spanking:) Thank you.

Archedone -Thank you. So do I.

Abby - I hope so:) Thank you.

Jan - Thanks. I'm sure P wont forget but if he does - I'll definitely be reminding him.

PK - The cane if my friend now (well most of the time) but not really then. Thank you.

Roz - Thank you. With interst would be good:) It was before I fell in love with the cane.

Jay - Thank you. Dublin a great city to visit.

Hermione - Thank you. Hopefully this weekend if we don't get a family visit tomorrow.

SG - Thanks. Hasn't happened yet.


Amber Wolfe said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! xx

Ami Starsong said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Ronnie! Hope by now you've managed to receive your spanking. How many did you say?! LOL!

Dublin is wonderful isn't it? I love the university and the old library there. Also the Guinness museum/factory. It seems ages since we were last there and I would quite like a re-run as it's such a beautiful city.

Hugs, and many happy returns!

sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, when I travelled to Ireland's Dublin's fair city. I also dropped in on Guiness Wharehouse, and had a quaff or two of their stout. Of course I did not break any records to make their famous book. And that's no BLARNEY, which I also did visit, and kissed its famous stone, by bending backwards, to smootch it, lovingly That's why Irish eyes keep smiling. Erin go Braugh.

sixofthebest said...

Happy Birthday Ronnie, and 'Six of the Best' to you, with one more Guiness quaff of good cheer.

Minelle Labraun said...

Happy B-lated birthday Ronnie!
The Dublin story was fun!
Hope you get a nice birthday spanking soon!

ronnie said...

Amber - Thank you.

Ami - Thanks. I don't have a say up to P how many.

SOTB - Thank you. I can well believe you kissed the Blarney stone.

Minelle - Thank you. It's a lovely city to visit.


Terpsichore said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you get your birthday spanking soon :-) Hugs

ronnie said...

Terps - Thanks. So do I:)


smuccatelli said...

RyanAir? And Happy Birthday, of course. Sounds lovely...

ronnie said...

Smuccatelli - Thank you. Ryanair is a low cost airline. no frills:)


MrJ said...

Many congrats, Ronnie! I'm sure you'll getr what you deserve some tiem really soon! ;-)

MrJ said...

Many congrats, Ronnie! I'm sure you'll getr what you deserve some tiem really soon! ;-)

MrJ said...

Many congrats, Ronnie! I'm sure you'll getr what you deserve some tiem really soon! ;-)

MrJ said...

Many congrats, Ronnie! I'm sure you'll getr what you deserve some tiem really soon! ;-)