Monday, 11 August 2014


Doesn't sounds sexy does it and to be honest, until last week if I'd seen it as a standalone word I wouldn't have known what it meant except vaguely that I see it towards the back end of newspapers in the financial pages which don't take up much of my time. 

Anyway it made me happy and I know what it is now, although I think I'll still use Marks and Spencer as a guide for my international wheeling and dealing:) It made me happy because I had to re-order some items from a Spanish company I do business with near Alicante, I asked for price updates if there were any (there weren't, they're holding their prices, goody)............but then the best bit when I told P the € price was the same he told me I'd save about 20% on last time I purchased because of the Pound's strength.

Yay! I told P that would actually pay for a holiday or near enough, he said it was very nice of me to offer. I said well take me up on it then, make some time. He said it might get better still, the pound might strengthen a bit more. Really, I said, how do I check on that, I mean I could delay paying a bit if it's going to improve. That was when he told me about checking forex online, current and future, and listen out for what BoE said about interest rates but then it started to sound a bit boring and I told him great, thanks, and quietly resolved to still use MandS, it's much friendlier.

I don't think I'll go in for wheeling and dealing, and I don't think I'll delay paying José, he's a nice man. I'll just be grateful for the little bonus.

Have a good week.



Michael M said...

You can get well and truly spanked trading in currency movements so you had better stick to Foreplay.

Roz said...

Nice bonus Ronnie! Don't think I will go in for wheeling and dealing either. I'm not savy enough and it could go the other way.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, lucky you to get such a nice bonus, I would have no idea what I was doing either, stick to M and S , keep it simple
love Jan,xx

Hermione said...

I don't know anything about Forex either, only that the Canadian dollar creeps slowly up so it's very nearly equal to the American dollar, then goes crashing down again.


PK said...

I don't understand it all, but I sure hope you get a holiday from it all.

Leigh Smith said...

Smart girl, because unless you really pay attention and keep abreast you can find yourself in a world of trouble or over P's knee.

On second thought :-)

Minelle Labraun said...

I just wait for someone to tell me what is what. Having friends and family all over helps!
Glad P could help!

Red said...

Best pay as soon as possible, while you know what the rates are. The Scottish independence vote could well throw the pound into a tizzy, whether higher or lower. I am all for certainty now if the exchange rate is good!
bottoms up

Katie said...

I think that you made a good decision Ronnie. :) Enjoy your bonus! Unless of course, you want bonus spanks. LOL. Many hugs,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

Michael - I think I will. Thanks.

Roz - Me neither really, Thanks.

Jan - M and S does have its uses:) Thank you.

Hermione - Earlier in the year our pound hit quite a high against the dollar and Euro. Some say its too high now. Thanks.

PK - I didn't know I was saving on last year until P told me. Thanks.

SG - I can be smart when I want
to:) Thanks.

Minelle - Smart girl. Thanks.

Red - I agree thought I think the Scottish will be a no vote. Thank you.

Katie - I'd happy go for the bonus spanks:) Thanks.


Cat said...

Congratulations Ronnie...that's a nice bonus isn't it. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

ronnie said...

Cat - Every little helps these days:) Thanks.