Friday, 22 August 2014

Businessman fined for spanking his wife

It's true, it's in the Daily Mail so it must be:) some guy got taken to court by his wife for spanking her for 'unacceptable disrespect and conduct', part of the story is below with a link to the actual article at the end:-

....Smith then grabbed her by the arm, held her face down on a sofa and smacked her several times, she added.

Asad Aziz, defending, said Smith had seen red after being called offensive names by his wife during the argument.

He described how the businessman could not accept the ‘disrespect and conduct she displayed that day’ and openly admitted he had put her over his knee and smacked her five times....

....Smith admitted assault by beating and was given a 12-month conditional discharge and a 12-month restraining order.

He was also ordered to pay £85 in costs and a £15 victim surcharge to his wife...

I was amused, from the punishment handed out by the court it seems the magistrate didn't think too much of the wife's complaint. He ordered a £15 victim payment to be made to her, that works out at £3 per spank. I told P about it, he said if that's all the court is handing out if he was the bloke he'd get his wife home and give her a damn good five or six hundred quids worth and see if that improved her attitude.......and her common sense.

Article here.

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Cat said...

Oh good gravy! I think he needs to dump her! Got a funny feeling that this was not the first time she has called him names...sounds like he just hit his breaking point. Thanks for sharing Ronnie. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

Michael M said...

The things that clog up our courts! Was the magistrate male or female I wonder. I would guess male. Her lawyers were probably hoping for a lady beak.

Michael M said...
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abby said...

Does sound like the magistrate thought she had it coming.....i agree with hubby..he stopped too soon.
hugs abby

MrJ said...

I guess that, on a macro-level, P's suggestion is effective in causing inflation in the value of spanks

Roz said...

Oh goodness, sounds like a waste of court time. I agree with Cat, sounds like it wasn't the first time and she just pushed him too far this time. Love P's response!


Hermione said...

Only five? She deserved at least a dozen!


DelFonte said...

She took him to court... why!!!? If she thinks that is a beating she should think herself lucky compared to victims of domestic abuse. Waste of court time.

Anonymous said...

Love the Daily Mail. It must be true. LOL.

Taken to court for a few spanks. Ugh.

Thanks for sharing.


Leigh Smith said...

She should be fined for clogging the courts time - five smacks, she must be a doozy.

ronnie said...

Cat - Probably will dump her after this. Thanks.

Michael - I was wondering if male or fema judge as well. Thanks.

Abby - It did make me smile what the judge handed out as punishment. hanks.

MrJ - I think it would be very effective. Thank you.

Roz - I think you are right, she went too far. We know about going too far with our men:) Thanks.

Hermione - And the rest:) Thank you.

DF - Really should never have gotten to court. Maybe the judge should have ordered her to visit some victims of domestic abuse. Thanks.

Joey - I don't normally read the DM but it was lying around when I went to visit. Thanks.

SG - I agree, she's the one who should have been fined. Thanks.


Red said...

you could be rich!!!! and P would be broke... bad idea, guess you and I will just have to keep enjoy being spanked with no monetary compensation!
bottoms up

Minelle Labraun said...

Love stories like these... It really makes you wonder what the Magistrate "really" thought!

ronnie said...

Red - I'm happy with that:) Thanks.


Ami Starsong said...

How hilarious! We read it too, and fell about laughing as they came from the place where Dan was born! His uncle used to be a local magistrate there years' ago.

Did you read about the other couple? The husband was a headmaster (who lost his job because of it)? His wife cheated on him so he bent her over the tumble dryer, with it on to mask the noise, and gave her four swats with their son's plimsoll, and then another four with a spatula. She took him to Court for abuse and he got a sentence of eight months which was fortunately suspended. I just hope he waved her goodbye very quickly! What a feeble and useless woman!