Monday, 7 July 2014

What would yours be?

Since my post where I told you P asked me to email 6 things I wouldn't normally tell him about spanking. A couple of readers sent me their (sorry they are for my eyes only) and it got me wondering what others would say.

So, if you were asked by your partner to tell them 3 things you wouldn't normally tell about spanking - what would they be? 

Have a good week.




Candy Palmer said...
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Roz said...

Great question Ronnie, I'm afraid I am going to cop out and say I don't know what I would say at the moment. Hmm, would have to think about this.


Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

1. I like it when Ron talks more during a spanking.
2. I like to be surprised with spontaneous spankings.
3. "Ouch" really does mean that it hurts.


Michael M said...

3 things that are kept a secret from my Mistress?

Tough one to reveal but here goes.

1. That I would like to have my legs shaved and be dressed in a panty girdle with stockings and then punished severely by my wife.

2. That I would like her to take run-up's down a long room when caning me over a trestle.

3. That I would like her to take me to a "youngish, good looking" headmaster's studio and watch me being caned hard and then make me give him a blow job.

PK said...

Interesting question

1. When he doesn't spank in a long time I sometimes lose interest in the real thing, fantasy just takes over.
2.I wish he would look for things to spank me for, just little silly things are fine.
3. I'd love more long spankings, not really hard, but long enough to really create good sting.

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Interesting question.

1. More spontaneous spankings.

2. A lecture while he is spanking me, even though it would be a made up reason.

3. Longer spankings - the sting never lasts long enough for me, although Ray says I have a titanium booty so it's never going to happen.

DelFonte said...

Thanks for asking the question.
More spontaneous spankings with everyday objects.
You can go further - my limit hasn't been reached and I'm willing to find it.
Be adventurous and find out more, don't rely on me telling you all the time.

Minelle Labraun said...

I get spontaneous short spankings, but I would like longer build up for the stress relief/ play spankings.
Even when it hurts a lot.... Maybe take me past that some...

OldFashionedGirl said...

1. More spur of the moment spanking.
2. More variety on location. The bedroom is fine, but what about the kitchen,garage, local nature reserve, supermarket car park, etc?
3. Be meaner! I really do deserve to have seven-day marks from time to time.

Baxter said...

great question.

1 - I would like R to scold me during spankings
2 - I would like her to order me to stay in place during a spanking
3 - I would like the spankings to be harder


ronnie said...

Roz - Yes, I think it would need some thinking. Thanks.

Hermione - Talking, do you mean lecturing or just generally talking? Thank you.

Michael - Maybe no2 you could possibly share. Thank you for sharing.

PK - Yes, long spankings I can understand. Thanks.

SG - No1 yes. P lectures, he's damn good at it, sometimes I wished he keep quiet:) Thanks.

DelFonte - Would be interesting to test limits. Could have some fun trying to reach it. Thanks.

Minelle - Seems a few of us would like longer spanking. Thanks.

OFGirl - Hello to you. Local nature reserve would be a great location. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.

Baxter - Could you not share these with R? Thank you.


Tom Kay said...

I really wish she would spank me in front of her one friend.

an English Rose said...

ooh good question
1. spanking more often
2. more lecturing during a spanking
3. harder spankings ( at least in my mind anyway!)
love Jan,xx

ronnie said...

Jan - Good ones. Oh yes - wouldn't we all like spanking more often. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

1) if I do something that really disappoints you please use the bathbrush (we used it twice and it was a little two intense as what we spank more for made up bad deeds then real bad deeds)
2) give me a "reminder" spanking before we go out to "remind" me to be on my best behavior and let me know of I am we will have fun when we get home - and if I am not I will get a real spanking before bed.
3) I don't have a 3rd thing so I would just tell her the thing I always tell her and that I am so lucky to have some that indulges my fantasies.