Monday, 23 June 2014

Poor Communicator

I'm a poor communicator. It's official, my husband has said it. We were talking about companies which convey information badly and those which do it well, I know miles away from spanking but I got it round there eventually........I told him it was the same with blogs, there were some which are crystal clear, some confused, some meandering, some unfathomable etc etc but that's what I like about them. He said he thought I was a poor communicator. I said I couldn't be because I do communicate all the time. True, he said, but you have time to think about it on your blog but in emails to me you didn't go any further because the phone went.

Half an hour later I got an email (I mean I'm sitting less than twenty feet away and I get an email!) from my husband. It said ' Reply immediately.Tell me 6 things you don't normally tell me about spanking'. I didn't answer immediately because it took me by surprise, then a few minutes later I heard 'I'm waiting, do it now'. He emphasised the instruction, I liked that, it did the trick, I replied quickly.

1. I like you spurting over my bottom after it's been spanked. (told you I was kinky)
2. I prefer you licking out my pussy after a spanking, it makes me come better.
3. I sometimes don't want to come at all during or after a spanking, just the spanking.

After a short while he said "There you are, proves what I said."

"What do you mean, P, I thought it was plain enough."

"Well...first, you've sent me three not six.....second, how can you list No.1 when I can't even remember doing it.......third, No.2 says you 'prefer', what does that mean, prefer as opposed to what, what aren't I doing well?.......fourth, No.3 what do you mean 'sometimes', as if it's a choice, as if coming is a default effect, it isn't and shouldn't be and I'd say mostly isn't so what do you mean...."

Well I hadn't expected that. And what the fuck was he asking me probing questions for anyway, isn't a girl allowed to have some private thoughts, and I had shot them off very quickly without weighing them up. I told him he just didn't understand how a woman's mind worked. He said he didn't need to, the only point he was making was that my communication wasn't clear and my email, and the queries it raised, proved it. I didn't answer and was saved by someone coming into the office; a bit later I got another email telling me not to bother replying or finishing off Nos. 4-6, he'd ask me the same questions next time I was across his lap. Promises promises.

I was tempted to reply 'and when can I expect that next time, P?' but I didn't.

Have a good week.



Michael M said...

Now there's a thought. 6 things you have never told your partner, either about spanking or about something else? I can see a lot of trouble brewing with that idea.

MrJ said...

I would not bother. He is going to help you solve the problem. +/'

DelFonte said...

Classic example of Mars and Venus communicating :)
I like Michael's idea, I wonder what six things I would come up with for P.

Hermione said...

You now have plenty of time to come up with answers 4-6. You can write them down, edit them until they are perfectly clear and unambiguous, then print them out and have them ready to hand to P next time you are over his lap.


Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Definitely a case of Mars and Venus. Ray asks too many damn questions and then never understands my answers. I hate having to explain them and then get annoyed when he keeps asking more questions.

Anonymous said...

I find this sort of communication is often a problem between men and women, especially when the medium of communication is text. Women seem to assume the person they are talking with will be able to fill in all the blanks between vague statements and correctly interpret mood. Men want things spelled out specifically and don't want to assume things. This can get frustrating for both parties because women don't understand why their guy doesn't "get them" while men get frustrated because they feel women are being unncecessarily vague and (appear) to be refusing to give straight answers.

Ami Starsong said...

Golly Ronnie, I would've been sorely tempted to have made up six extremely complex, convoluted and "expensive" answers. I hate being put on the spot. I sincerely hope you think up some real "beauts" in time for your next spanking session!


ronnie said...

Michael - You men ask too many questions:) Thank you.

MrJ - And we know how:) Thank you

DelFonte - Be intersting. Will do a post and ask bloggers what they would come up with. Thanks.

Hermione - Think that would definiely get me spanked. Thanks.

SG - Too many questions and never understand, exactly. Thanks.

Anonymous - LOL. Yes, P says I think she can fill in the blanks. Thank you.

Ami - I'm working on them:) Thanks.


1ManView said...

I can't figure how you slipped up and not give P six answers. That would of been the first ting I looked at, especially knowing L would of gave me a list of ten. :)
I do understand NO. 2. As L has gotten older, I have notice she has preferred to oral sex more often then before, because it has become more pronoun of an orgasm for her. It has nothing to do with my performance. You did leave that little part out. We still have our egos to fuel you know. :) I can't wait for the conclusion of this... :)

Minelle Labraun said...

I understand the communication thing.... I always think I am perfectly clear... Lol he doesn't!

Cat said...

LOL Ronnie...communication...such a fun thing isn't it. ;) Hope you two have the promised conversation across his lap soon.

Hugs and Blessings...

ronnie said...

IMV - Oh I'm sure your performance has something to do with it as well. Some men are better at oral sex than others:) Thank you.

Minelle - Same with me. Thanks.

Cat - We haven't yet but P wont forget. Thanks.


Red said...

Fascinating! How little we actually talk to each other about spanking, and how it simply evolves unstated.

Two things:
sometimes you want sex after being spanked, and sometimes not at all...but what if P wants sex after spanking you when you are annoyed at being spanked? (and why oh why would you be annoyed at being spanked, even if you were right and he was wrong, you still got spanked which you love!)

Secondly: This would be an interesting adventure if you actually think out some of your deeply concealed desires, then tell P about them. Their might be at least l thing you are concealing,

enjoy the adventure.
I might use this as a post when time permits.

bottoms up

Terpsichore said...

yep...that communication thing - sometimes it appears I am speaking in another language entirely than my husband... :-) Hope you get that questioning over the knee soon :-) Hugs