Sunday, 22 June 2014

No Panties

Are you wearing any?


1ManView said...

No I'm not! Are you? :)
I know L is wearing some because I request it. I enjoy pulling them off and hearing her sigh, then blush like a little school girl.. :)

Have a good one

Autumn said...

Oooh, is it really no panty day? That's funny, because I am an avid hiker, and June 21st is well known as "naked hiking day" on the Appalachian Trail. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to partake!

cutiebootie said...

I had no idea! I suppose that I need to take off my panties immediately or my guy well help me. =)

Thanks for sharing this fine tidbit of information!

Roz said...

Oh, I had no idea so yes I am ... might have to rectify that:)


ronnie said...

IMV - At the moment - no but not sure if I'll venture out without any. Thanks.

Autumn - I'd no idea there was a naked hiking day:) Thanks.

Cutiebootie - I think getting your man to help is the best opinion.

Roz - Go for it:) Thanks.


abby said...

Once Master hears for sure!
hugs abby

Michael M said...

This is a new one on me and I am not sure my wife will go for it but I will make the suggestion over lunch today.

Hermione said...

I had no idea. It's not on the calendar! I'll take mine off right now. Thanks for the warning ;)


PK Corey said...

Not at the moment, but I plan to put some on before I head out - sorry.

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Not at the moment - but I can assure you if I do go commando there won't be any pictures.

Red said...

Hi Ronnie: Just a fun idea to add unexpected spice to life. Whispering in your partner's ear that you are commando, might just lead to romantic follow-up, on the spot (or soon after in a quiet place )fondling, and if lucky a spanking to boot.
Wearing a dress for a naughty picture outdoors would definitely lead to an exciting evening, and the picture(s) would be fun to look at in the years to come.
Maybe ask your readers for the outcome of their adventure for a future posting.
PS: i take nude or just topless photos of Cindy in many wonderful locations around the world, and it is great fun to look back at. (but we don't post the photos)
bottoms up

MrJ said...

Yes. ;-)

smuccatelli said...

Um, no... But it's not what you think. ;-)

ronnie said...

Abby - Did you tell him? Thanks.

Michael - What was her reply? Thank you.

Hermione - My pleasure. Hope you told Ron you weren't wearing any. Thanks.

PK - I put mine back on to go out as I was wearing a think pair of white trousers. Thanks.

SG - Spoil sport:) Thanks.

RED - We have some of those type of photos from travels and yes it is fun to look back. Thank you.

MrJ - Is MrsJ:) Thank you.

Smuccatelli - LOL. Can you guess what I'm thinking:) Thanks.


abby said...

I did tell Him...and yes i joined the crowd! He thinks it should be at least a monthly holiday.
hugs abby

Minelle Labraun said...

Thought I commented.... Boy I'm in la la land these days!
I am almost too late to the party.... But there's always bedtime!

ronnie said...

Abby - You should make it your monthly holiday: Thanks.

Minelle - Did you join in?:) Thanks.