Friday, 13 June 2014


I love reading the Fantasy Fiction stories PK hosts. I always look in, though not always on a Friday. I did write a couple for PK and was thinking about writing another one but when I looked them out I remembered how bloody hard it is to write fiction. 

Also I remember Spanky (sadly no longer blogging) starting "Flash Fiction Friday" He posted a picture and the challenge was to come up with so many words (can't remember exact number) to go with the picture. I only did a couple because I found it hard.

Here's two I did....

He rejected me. I feel stupid, he's so busy, I should have known.

I thought it would please him, I've planned it for days, chores undone, misplaced socks, crumpled shirts, the dress hire shop, fancy dress party I'd lied, and finally the note on the kitchen table detailing my failings, surely I deserved to be punished. But he didn't punish, he asked what was for dinner, said if I was too pushed we'd hire a domestic, said the uniform was nice and sat down with his laptop. I'm upstairs now, he'll come looking for me I know he will, he loves me.

No family, neighbours, tourists, trekkers, nobody except us, the birds, insects and the water crashing onto the many times have I been prostrate on the bed with his cane or strap lashing across my bottom wanting to really SHOUT.....or GASP aloud when I've felt him hard against my punished cheeks…or SCREAM in ecstasy when he's entered me. How many times have I dreamed of a log cabin with a waterfall to kill the sound. And now we're here and its just too breathtakingly beautiful neither of us wants to spank or shag.

Real life is so much easier to write because it's all done for you.

Have a fun weekend.



bobbsroom said...

I like both of those, perhaps you should try to bring it back, you seem to have a flair for them.

Have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

I think both were good. But I don't think I could come up with what you did. I agree they would take a lot of thinking.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, what a great idea! Loved these, you did an amazing job. Not sure I could come up with that either.


Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

You did a great job. Half the times I cannot even come up with a comment when Hermione does the Caption thing.

Enzo said...

Well done on both.
A well told story in brevity is a talent.

Ami Starsong said...

These are both really good, Ronnie and you should do some more. I especially like the 'waterfall' story because it is so very true.


Minelle Labraun said...

Excellent! I love how people come up with different scenarios when looking at a picture. It is such a great exercise for the imagination.

Kenzie said...

Great job on both of those! They both go with the pictures so well! :)

Cat said...

Wow Ronnie...for someone who struggled, you really did well with these! Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and Blessings...

Blondie said...

I would say that you don't realize a talent that you have. Lovely.

Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

It's too bad Spanky is no longer around. I enjoyed that feature, but it was hard to do. Maybe you could revive it and challenge us on Fridays (or any other day, for that matter).


ronnie said...

BOB - I did consider asking Spanky about reviving it but then I'd have to participate:) Also people are so busy with life. Thank you,

Archedone - Yes a lot of brain power:) Thank you.

Roz - That's why I only did a couple, too hard:) Thank you so much.

SG - Thanks. I do do Hermione's every week but U struggle to come up with a caption.

Enzo - Appreciate you saying. Thank you.

Ami - Funny you saying about the waterfall pic as that one was a little easier because partly true. Thank you.

Minelle - It is but so hard. Thanks.

Kenzie - Thank you, appreciate you saying it.

Cat - I struggled a lot. Thank you.

Blondie - Very kind of you, thanks. You should have read some from the other bloggers, so good.

Hermione - As I said to Bob did think about it. I may try it once a month rather than every week. Thank you.


bobbsroom said...

You are so right Ronnie, people are so busy. My last Post a few days ago was the first in a long time, i have some pics from the Janus archive for my next post and even though i am up between 3 an 4 every day it is the devil of a job to find the time to write.

ronnie said...

Bob -You sound like a buys man.


bobbsroom said...

Would That be Busy? hehehe

ronnie said...

Bob - LOL sorry, yes I meant busy.