Monday, 26 May 2014

Washing Machine got me Spanked

Those of you who know me will be aware that I have been experiencing something of a drought...spanking-wise that is, no shortage of anything else. Well it's over, the drought has been broken and in a delightfully no nonsense way which I like enormously, not at the time admittedly but in the afterglow when I'm reflecting on how unfair it all was but how I know I deserved it really and how masterfully my husband can be when he really gets his back up. Or perhaps that should be when I get his back up.

It was a Bosch washing machine's fault, you see my old washer was more or less dead so I looked for a replacement in John Lewis (because they're nice and, more practically as my husband reminds me, they give a longer guarantee). I found one but there was a queue in store so I said I'd order it online. Later P said he'd do it for me and I said sure go ahead, thanks, and he didn't ask me for my card so that was a bonus:) But....when the machine arrived a few days later and was installed and the nice delivery men had gone and taken all their wrapping stuff with them.....I discovered it was without a timing device. I examined the controls and read the instructions twice but couldn't see a timing method. When I was really certain of my ground I told P he'd bought me the wrong machine. He said no way but he was busy at the time and said he'd check it later and to go on and use it anyway meantime.

I hate that, men are so casual about things they don't have to use, but I bet you if there was something amiss with his car he'd be onto it soon enough. So when he hadn't come to my rescue a couple of hours later I reminded him, I also said I wasn't happy. I also asked him if he'd changed the model to save money, he laughed and said no way but I know his tricks. I played my face, making it increasingly obvious that I was unhappy and I hadn't started using the machine and that I thought it would have to go back and be changed for the correct model. I could see my husband becoming irritated but so what, I needed his attention, I have to do the bloody household washing not him and I like to be able to time it, it's not a big ask.

Eventually he paid me some attention, he said there was definitely a block timing device on the machine, he remembered checking it online and he said he'd show me the web page. I said no thanks just come and show me on the machine because there isn't one so whatever the web page says is irrelevant and I'm not going to use it, it can go back and the washing can stack up until the right one arrives. My husband came and checked the machine eventually and within a minute had figured out how the timing device worked. Gulp. I told him thanks that's ok then and I made to go and fetch a basket of washing, I was prepared to use it now. He grabbed my arm before I could shoot off to the bathroom.

"Just a minute, young lady, I think you've been damned rude half the day over that machine, accusing me of ordering the wrong model, even switching to a cheaper one, obviously not reading the instructions properly yourself and not prepared to show a bit of patience when I had other things to do. I told you it was the right machine and I told you I'd sort it out and still you were playing your face. True or not?"  I knew where this was leading.

"I'm sorry P, really I am, you're hurting my arm, I need to go and get the washing now please.."

"You can go get the washing in a few minutes," he said as he marched me into the lounge. 
He took me across to the settee, unbelted and unzipped my jeans pulled them down and had me across his lap in a trice. I told him again I was sorry really I was I didn't need this, but his mind was resolute and as he pulled my knickers down to my knees he told me I needed it very much and he was going to make sure I got it and remembered it. Have I ever told you my husband has strong hands, I suspect I have, they're artistic too, deceptively so, but impressively strong. Being spanked by them is thrilling and shocking and frightening, especially when you have no idea how long they're going to go on for. They don't seem to tire, the gaps between spanks don't get any longer and the intensity doesn't get any lesser, they just keep going with the occasional pause to swap left for right, the non spanking hand holding me in place at the waist so that I don't fall off his lap with all the wiggling and kicking which inevitably accompanies a sound spanking. I kept protesting and pleading but he just kept telling me to save my breath and stop making such a fuss and to think before I got all stroppy next time and made a fool of myself and caused him to have to show me who was boss. Ooh god I liked that little bit even though I was nearly in tears when I heard him say it. 

Eventually the sting meter in his hands must have told him they'd done their work, that and the fact that I was laying much stiller, the struggling thrashed out of me, a sorry girl dealt with for her silly tantrum behaviour. He eased me off his lap onto the carpet, I pulled my t shirt as far down as I could to cover my bottom, he said I needn't bother doing that he knew how red it was and deservedly so. He said let it be lesson to you, now pull your knickers and jeans up and go get the washing and let's have no more nonsense.

I went quickly and put my face straight in the bathroom at the same time, I put a teeny bit of lippy on, I hadn't been wearing any before, I hoped he wouldn't notice that I'd just done it. The washing machine was a doddle, smoother and faster than my old one and I had a smile on my face when I popped my head round the lounge door and asked my husband if he fancied a cup of tea. He must have noticed.

"All working fine then I presume from the look on your face?" I nodded sheepishly. "Pity you had to have your bottom smacked to find out."

Oh I don't know P, I thought to myself as I went and put the kettle on.

Bank Holiday in the UK and were off to friends later.

Have a good week.



Cat said...

Congrats Ronnie on a new washer and on the break in the spanking drought! Hope you continue to enjoy both. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

DelFonte said...

We have a Bosch and the timer isn't obvious.
Have a good BH. We're off out to tire out kids.
Hugs DF

Roz said...

A new washer and an end to the spanking drought. I'd say that was a win/win Ronnie :) Enjoy your bank holiday. Hope you have a lovely day.


Minelle Labraun said...

You didn't need to read the directions... Yay, he figured it out and showed you.
He spanked. You are no longer aggravated... Win win.

abby said...

I bet using that doing the laundry with a new machine....and a red bottom is a whole lot more fun than usual!!!
hugs abby

MrJ said...

Blessed be the laundry machines.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

The word of the day is petulant. As in such behavior results in a hot bottom.

Hermione said...

Lucky you! A new washer and a spanking, all in one day! Life is good:)

Have a nice holiday.


PK said...

I new washer and a sound spanking - you've had a good week!

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Congrats on getting a spanking and the new washer. I bet it's hard to tell which one you enjoyed more. lol

Renee Rose said...

lucky girl!!

Meredith Malloy said...

A great and true story.

Meredith Malloy said...

A great and true story.

ronnie said...

Cat - So do I:) Thank you.

FD - No, not obvious at all. Probably the other way around and they will tire you out:) Thanks.

Roz - Day was lovely and it didn't rain:) Thank you.

Minelle - Well not for now but you know me:) Thank you.

Abby - Made a change:) Thanks.

MrJ - I'll always remember the day I got the machine. Thank you.

OBB - I like the word petulant. Thanks.

Hermione - I was a lucky girl. Day was lovely and the evening stil ahead of us. Thank you.

PK - A very good week. Thanks.

SG - If you didn't know me better I say it was the washing machine:) Thanks.

Renee - Hello. I was. Thanks.

Meredith - Thank you.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, hope you are having a lovely Bank Holiday, lucky you, new washing machine and a spanking, your cup runneth over!
love Jan,xx

Red said...

Wonderful to read. A well deserved spanking,and some (not all) are more thrilling due to the unexpectedness. Glad it ended your drought, and hope you have a fun holiday.
I can remember when you were totally against discipline spankings, and am happy for you that you have changed your mind.
bottoms up

Baxter said...

You are right about your husband and his car and getting right on it. My wife's Jeep has a squeak in the brakes but I have put off taking it in. However when my Jeep had a chugging sound, I went right away to get it looked at. Suffice to say my wife was not happy and She may well give me a red bottom for ignoring her Jeep. I hope so.

Christina said...

My washing machine did the same thing one time - got me spanked! Enjoy your holiday weekend! :D

Christina said...

My washing machine did the same thing one time - got me spanked! Enjoy your holiday weekend! :D

ronnie said...

Jan - I'm not complaining, NOW:) A lovely weekend. Hope you had a good one. Thanks.

Red - It was certainly deserved. Thank you.

Baxter - I think she should. Thanks.

Christina -


Jay said...

Hi Ronnie,

Just thought I'd stop by and say I loved your story! Glad to hear the drought is no more!


Autumn said...

This is awesome! This is such a *domestic* discipline story--being spanked because of a washing machine and then being told to pull up your pants and go do the laundry :) Love it!

ronnie said...

Jay - Hello and thank you for stopping by.

Autumn - :) Thank you.


Terpsichore said...

glad to hear your drought is over and a new washing machine, too! :-) Hugs
By the way in response to what you said about "men are so casual about things they don't have to use" every year, my hubby always tells me he doesn't think the summer weather is "hot" enough to warrant putting in the air conditioner - I respond by telling him easy for him to say since I am at home all day with the kids and he is in an air-conditioned office... so far it hasn't gotten me spanked though - sigh :-)

ronnie said...

Terps - Thanks. Typical, they are all the same. I hope he changes his mind.

Have a great weekend.


Katie said...

Enjoy that new washer of yours, Ronnie!! Sounds like so far it has brought you quite wonderful results- and clean clothes all at the same time! Wonderful!

Gosh those hand spankings sure can sting. I like them the best though I think. :) Many hugs,

<3 Katie