Friday, 23 May 2014

Planting Time

It's that time of year again when it's safe to add a bit more colour to the garden without much chance of frost damaging any new plants. P always helps, he treats it like a military operation, he comes with me to the garden centre, helps choose, keeps me from getting distracted (there's plenty of non-garden stuff in garden centres), pays, humps the stuff for me, puts it where we want it, which means where he thinks it should logically go, and I adjust later after he's got bored and gone to do something else.

So this is uneventful, an annual happening, why am I telling you this when lots of you probably do similar around this time. Well the reason I'm telling you is one small but significant purchase P made at the garden centre made my heart jump....not right away, at first I was just curious and asked him why but then he told me and that was when my heart jumped and I held his hand.

He threw a bundle of canes onto our trolley, must be about 50 in the bundle, the green whippy ones

all about four feet long. He told me he needed a few for plant support and the rest he'd use for disciplinary purposes. I said he didn't need so many, we already have a cane, well more than one actually but he said these were versatile and could be easily adjusted to fit the occasion, he also remembered they were very very sharp and he liked that. He also remembered that they had a tendency to break when used hard, he reminded me he'd broken more than one over my backside in the past so now he'd have several spares and wouldn't have to abort a good caning in the middle thereof if there was a breakage....he'd just select another implement and resume until the caning had been carried fully.

They'll probably end up in the shed gathering dust but it's the thought that counts and maybe I'll bring a couple into the house and position them in plant pots which don't need them but where they won't look out of place, just to remind him they're there if he needs them. Helpful aren't I:)

Have a fun weekend.



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, i am not sure about helpful, I think the word is bonkers!!
have a nice sunny weekend
love Jan.xx

DelFonte said...

They ought to rename garden centres as distraction centres :) I can just imagine canes lying around your house now, sticking out here there and everywhere.
Have a good BH weekend.

Anonymous said...

It's thoughtful that even in a garden center P is thinking of ways to make your bottom sore. I have to agree a spare is always handy in case one breaks, you wouldn't want to end a spanking before it's really over. It's also nice of you to put a few around the house so he does not forget to use them on you.

MrJ said...

Yes, you are. May it be thoroughly rewaded really soon. ;-)

PK said...

You are a good helpful wife! And in this case I'll be one to really appreciate the thought way more than the actual use. But I'm glad you're happy.

Roz said...

Ronnie you crack me up. I'm with Jan lol :) Now I too can imagine canes all over your house :)


Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Ronnie, I'm so proud of you "going green". You are a brave girl. Hope your flowers provide as much color as I'm sure those canes will.

ronnie said...

Jan - 2 down, 48 to go:) Thank you.

DF - LOL. I do have a few canes now:) Weather not looking good for BH here. Thanks.

Archedone - I've already made use of two of them:) Thank you.

MrJ - I'm a good little wife:) Thank you.

PK - The cane is like the belt to you:) Thanks.

Roz - LOL. Well P has four canes under his side of the mattress and I have now put two of the garden canes in my house plants:) Thanks.

SG - If P has his way my bottom will be brighter than my flowers:) Thanks.


abby said...

Sticks for your plants??LOL I am debating between helpful and foolish!
hugs abby

Dee said...

Which garden centre did you visit?? :)

Dee x

Cat said...

LOL Ronnie...better you than me! If you don't have plants in every room, you might have to visit the nursery and pick up some more so that you will have a stick in every room! ;) Have a great weekend.

Hugs and Blessings...

Michael M said...

I am sure that you would barely notice these on your bottom. Maybe good for a warm up before the real thing. Next time you are in the garden centre buy a length of the 1/2" black irrigation tubing, the rigid plastic type. Now that does sting. Enjoy your weekend in the garden.

Hermione said...

How thoughtful of P to buy a generous supply. Four feet long, hmm? He could cut then in half and have double the number!


bobbsroom said...

Hi Ronnie

Very helpful and thoughtful i would say. It is almost a shame to have to use one on such a solicitous person but P knows best. They say you can have to much of a good thing but not when it comes to caning :):):)


ronnie said...

Abby - These are quite tame compared to our other canes, really. Thank you.

Dee - A local one to us and they have plenty of canes:) Thanks.

Cat - Never thought of that, a cane in every room, love it. Thanks.

Michael - Hello to you. I think I'll pass on the tubing:) Thank you.

Hermione - Don't tell him that but then knowing P, that's probably why he bought the long ones:) Thanks.

BOB - I prefer these green ones to our other canes but don't tell P:) Thanks.


Terpsichore said...

very considerate of you to be so helpful to remind him :-) Hugs

ronnie said...

Terps - Isn't that what a wife should be, helpful to her husband|:) Thanks.


Red said...

It is wonderful when your partner decides to purchase something and states it can be used for disciplinary purposes. Definitely shows his mind is on the right track... and certainly gives a thrill immediately. Now don't be putting them in the flower vase in the bedroom, a tad too obvious :)
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Red - I have put two in two indoor plants:) Thanks.