Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Smile of the Day

Well, the WI ladies at the church removed my biscuits from the cake  sale..... again!

I  don't know what their problem is – I just used a dog bone biscuit cutter...cut  them in half and decorated them!! I thought they looked rather cute!!

They have no sense of humour.  

Courtesy of Sarah. She's the lovely spanko friend I've met. Thanks Sarah.



Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, the bikkies are cute, can't imagine why the ladies had an issue with them :)


Cat said...

Thanks for sharing Ronnie...I would buy those cookies...they are adorable. Those WI ladies are just a bunch of narrow-minded biddies! :D


Enzo said...

I would have bought the entire lot. In fact I am sure they could have started a bidding war!

By the way, what does "WI" ladies stand for?

abby said...

Bet they would have been best sellers....and thanks for the great idea!
hugs abby

Wilma Rubble said...

Wow what a lot of work for whomever decorated them! They look fantastic.

Terpsichore said...

so cute...and I think I actually have a dog biscuit shaped cookie cutter...hmmm :-) thanks for sharing Hugs

PK said...

Lovely cookies. I wonder what my church would have said. So glad you got to meet with Sarah.

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

OMG, what a great creative idea. I can just imagine the church ladies' reactions. Bet their hubbies would have loved them though.

ronnie said...

Roz - Neither could I:) Thanks.

Cat - There's younger blood in the WI these days (well in some areas) Thanks.

Enzo - WI stands for Women's Institute. Basically was statrted around the 1900's to encourage women to become more involved in communities and during the war. Thank you.

Abby - Are you going to make some? Thanks.

Wilma - Cute and decorated so well. Thank you.

Terps - You could make some then and put them in your hubbies lunchbox (is he takes lunch in to work:) Thank you.

PK - You know how much fun it is to meet a fello spanko. Thanks.

SG - Fun biscuits. Thanks.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, these biscuits are so cute, I love them. I might have a go at making some!
love Jan,xx

Hermione said...

I love them! I'll bet they're delicious too.


1manview said...

They look delicious... I hope she got spanked for that. :)

peace and love

1manview said...

Ronnie, thanks for the flash back with you and Sarah.
That was when my computer was down and I missed a lot. Did Sarah ever start that blog?

Ami Starsong said...

The biscuits are wonderful and I shall definitely look for a biscuit cutter and make some. Our WI ladies would love them! They are all the sort who would willingly take their clothes off in the interests of a charity calendar. They have great senses of humour. Golly, they are just so cute!


ronnie said...

Jan I hope you take a picture and share if you do decide to makes some. Thanks.

Hermione - Yes, bet they are yummy. Thanks.

1MV - Sadly she didn't. Thanks.

Ami - Sounds like a fun bunch in your area. I know there is a lot of new new blood in the WI's but not all areas. Thank you.


Kitten54 said...

Hah, yes I can't imagine why. No sense of humour at all! They do look fantastic though, I think I'd be emptying my wallet to get all of them. They look so delicious.