Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Smile of the Day

Must admit I take up most of our bed:) What about you?


Let me know if picture is yours.


bobbsroom said...

We have a bed twice that size and i would say i end up with a little less space than the picture shows. Now you have brought it up i can see a spanking on the way for someone :):)


Meredith Malloy said...

I can't help it! I sleep in the middle next to my hubby.

1manview said...

lol ... When L and I was at a hotel with a king size bed, she said we should get one like it. I said why, pay all that money and my corner space will be exactly the same .... That pic is exactly what I get... We do fall asleep together, but my body heat makes her sweat, so I get the heave-ho... :)

peace and love

Cat said...

LOL Ronnie...yup...I'm the bed hog! Thanks for the giggle. ;)


MrJ said...

I don´t ;-))

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie. Nope, not me :)


abby said...

LOL....yup...i need lots of space.
hugs abby

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, no not me I have a very clear space, I don't want any one in it and I don't stray into his.
love Jan.xx

PK said...

In the summer this is exactly right. When it's cold we both sleep on a space the size of 'his side'. I like to snuggle when I'm cold.

Hermione said...

Our dogs take up most of the space and we make do with what's left.


Wilma Rubble said...

I WISH! No Barney is like a magnet, and then he blows his breath on my neck, ( a maneuver my sister refers to as 'the candle blower- I liken it to an air compressor)in loud puffs!

I do like to 'starfish' before he comes to bed though!

Red said...

Cute, made me smile... Cindy always turns over, but takes the blankets and sheet with her... so sometimes quite similar.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

LOL very cute! I think SM and I share the bed equally but I do
roll about a bit and occasionally smack him accidentally in my sleep!

Blondie said...

That is not how it works at my house. I try to keep Ty off my side of the bed. He is always cuddling up to me and making me hot. One time I got up and went to his side of the bed just because he was totally on my side.

ronnie said...

BOB - Oh dear, tell your wife sorry:) Thanks.

Meredith - That's what I'll say to P next time he moans about me hogging the bed:) Thank you.

1ManView - LOL. No matter how big the bed is, I take the space. Thanks.

Cat - Do you hog the duvet as well:) Thank you.

MrJ - I bet you do:) Thank you.

Roz - So it's Rick who hogs the bed space then:) Thank you.

Abby - I don't mean to, it just happens:) Thank you.

Jan - or else:) Thank you.

PK - Spring, Summer, Winter I like my room in bed though P's been known to hog the space:) Thanks.

Hermione - Been there. I had to share with a dog recently at a friends:) Thanks.

Wilma - Candle blower:) love it. Thanks.

Red - I'm a sheet (duvet) hugger as well) Thanks.

Sara - I've done that a few times. Thanks.

Blondie - LOL. Where you still on his side in the morning, what did he say? Thanks.


Autumn said...

This is why we have a king size.

Anonymous said...

That looks like my bed. LOL.


Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Ray agrees but he said it is not limited to the bed, but the dresser, closets, etc. lol

Baxter said...

My wife tends to come to my side because I have mastered the tuck and roll with the covers.

Florida Dom said...

I like cuddling as we fall asleep so it doesn't take up much space.


Kitten54 said...

Hi Ronnie

I loved the picture. I've seen the same one on sale recently and showed M (my partner) who looked at it and said no. His actual reason was that it didn't come in our bed's size but I like to think that he didn't want confirmation of what we already know - that I am definitely the bed hog! *grin*

ronnie said...

Autumn - No matter the size of the bed, I take the most space. Thank you.

Joey - Poor you:) Thanks.

SG - LOL. I have the largest portion of wardrobe as well. Thanks.

Baxter - That would never work with me:) Thanks.

FD - Perfect. Thanks.

Kitten - Hello. A few of us bed hoggers around:) First time I'd seen the bed sets. Thanks.


Terpsichore said...

...hubby sleeps on one side...I sleep on the very edge of the other side...and daughter take the entire middle...


Minelle Labraun said...

No I do not hog the bed or covers....sometimes he does though!
We actually went from a King size bed down to a queen so as to be able to cuddle better. He says I need to come 'oer' and get ya!
We also have two tiny pooches who find their way and push ME off the bed!

ronnie said...

Terps - The joys of parenthood:) Thanks.

Minelle - You'll have to train the dogs to to move over to his side:) Thanks.