Friday, 7 March 2014

Unreasonable caning

Don't worry about whether I'm all right because it hasn't happened yet, in fact knowing my husband it might not, but it has been threatened. It was threatened in bed the other morning, when I was nice and snuggly and too near alarm clock time and I felt a hand on my thigh, I was awake enough to know it wasn't a dream but didn't know why it was there, didn't care either, not at first anyway. But when the hand sensed I was awake and started moving around I got interested.

The hand took hold of my hand, caressed it softly with its thumb and guided it a couple of feet across the bed, to the warm side where my husband sleeps, and laid it gently down on a very erect penis. Ooh, I gasped inwardly, flash split second thoughts in my brain... was son in or not... does he want a wank (not my son)...I wouldn't mind one... perhaps more...what does he want me to do....should I do the opposite...get spanked...just do nothing and see...not an option not when I've got a hard cock in...oh did it twitch then...yes I wasn't mistaken...and again. I grasped it but my husband dislodged my grip and returned my hand to my side. I made to turn over and face him but he stopped that too.

"I was thinking," he said. Well I'd guessed that. "about those knickers."

"Oh, what knickers, P?" I racked my brain, what knickers had I worn or not worn recently, had we watched something on TV, couldn't think of anything. I tried to move my hand back his way but he still had my wrist, he didn't want it there but christ his cock was so bloody hard it was criminal not to have it there.

"The backless knickers you showed me in that picture, with a man applying cream to a girl's bottom." Oh that picture, OK. "Mmm...I woke with the image in my mind, only in my mind's eye the girl had red stripes across her exposed buttocks." At this point my husband's hand moved back to my thigh, the inner part where his little finger could tease through the dampening cotton of my pants. "And she wasn't asleep. She was sobbing into her pillow."

Pause to register and savour.

"Oh god, why was she doing that?" I asked a bit breathily. The little finger had found me out and moved inside my pants, other fingers with it. Fuck I wanted to touch that cock and my hand made a move again, now that P's was busy. But his other hand wasn't and he warned me off.

"Because she'd had the cane." Pause from him now........."Yes she'd been a naughty girl, something or other in front of guests, misbehaved, you know the sort of things (No, P, please give me list of them some time), and her husband had had to take her upstairs, disrobe her, well as good as, and give her bottom a sound caning."

Pause to whimper and raise groin against the now wet fingers working away inside my pants.

"How sound was it, I mean, to have her crying like that.." I was going to get off if this carried on much longer.

"Oh it was very sound, had to be, you see it wasn't the first time she'd been naughty, she transgressed often and her husband frequently had to deal with her. Trouble was, it made her poor husband get all heated when he had to attend to his wife in such a fashion." I was slick with womanly precum by now, my husband's fingers were sliding, probing, holding my lips apart rubbing me, my hips were undulating with them, I was going to start bucking soon I knew I would and I wanted to.

"How heated did he get, P, as heated as I'm getting?" I thought why not.

"Oh easily that heated and more, enough to make his cock want to be inside her in spite of her naughtiness and the fact that he'd had to cane her."

"God if you keep doing that I'm going to...." I didn't finish.

"I hope you're not going to come, are you? Not from hearing of the misfortune of a naughty girl, surely. That would be extremely naughty in itself wouldn't it, and I'd be inclined to take the cane to you. You know that don't you.." No answer from me just rapid breathing as I writhed to get more of his hand. " I said you know that don't you?!"  He was insistent.

"Yes P I know it but it wouldn't be reasonable fuck no, please PLEASE...I'm COMING....!!!!!" And I was and did right into my husband's hand and I had to stuff duvet into my mouth to stifle the noise.

After it was done I cuddled against my masturbator and softly asked him if he'd really meant what he'd said about caning me, my hand was allowed to rest on his cock now. He told me he certainly had meant what he'd said but he might not do it right now if I was a good girl, I could feel his cock twitching again so with another of my little whimpers which I hope sounded like fright, I slid under the duvet and in hardly any time at all became a good girl. With dribbling lips and a wicked smile on her face.

Have a fun weekend.



DelFonte said...

OMG, fans oneself, all this before second cuppa in the morning!
Such naughty talk and roving fingers :)

Anonymous said...

Such a naughty and nice story so early in the morning. Makes one want to go back to bed and live the story. And what a great way for P to wake you up. You are very lucky to have him. And the promise of a spanking to follow later such a great day you will have.

abby said...

WOW..I have not even gotten out of bed yet....and i need! He sure know how to engage ALL of you.
Thanks for soon before you find a pair of those knickers!
hugs abby

Our Bottoms Burn said...

This made me understand P a lot more. You write about this exactly how I like it. Delicious. Just referred it to Bacall. What memories it brought to the surface.

Tomsrose said... wake up like that sounds lovely and delicious and a touch scary!

Hermione said...

What a naughty girl you are, Ronnie. You do deserve the cane. I hope P reads this comment.

You two really know how to start the day off right!


Anonymous said...


Hot. Hot. Hot. Wow.

I am at a loss for words.

Big Hug,

PK said...

Oh wow, and you wonder why some of us are jealous? What a fantastic morning - I hope you do get caned, you deserve it (and you love it!)

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

What a way to wake up and start the day. That was so steamy.

Baxter said...

Wow. what a scene and described so deliciously. I do hope you get the cane and tell us all about it.

an English Rose said...

Blimey Ronnie, what a good start to the day, fingers crossed for the caning
love Jan.xx

ronnie said...

DF - TMI so early, sorry:) Thanks.

Archedone - P does have a way of telling stories:) Thanks.

Abby - I'm working on the bloomers. Some silly prices. Thank you.

OBB - Happy you liked it and I hope Bacall did. Intersting. Be interested in your understanding of P more. Thanks.

Tomrose - Very delicous. Thank you.

Hermione - Me, it was P who started it:) Thank you.

Joey - Not you. Hope recovering is going well. Thank you.

PK - Love it as much as you hate it. A little bird has told me you are trying to send your canes to other people. I'll just send Nick a couple more:) Thanks.

SG - A lovely wake up call. Thanks.

Baxter - If I do I will:) Thanks.

Jan - "Fingers crossed for the caning" - made laugh but yes, have them crossed. Thanks.


Autumn said...

Wow, this story has me all hot and bothered. Good luck with your caning! Hopefully a similar story follows the caning :)

Katie said...

Quite the morning you had there Ronnie!!! Geez! Turn on the fan! Good for you two I say! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Bella Moone said...

You naughty girl, ronnie! You should get the cane! But at least you had a ripping O and a good story for us :-)

Terpsichore said...

wow...what a nice way to wake up...sounds like there will be another story soon... :-) Hugs

ronnie said...

Autumn - Never know if it will happen with my husband. Thank you.

Katie - We have our moments. Thanks.

Bella - I didn't start it:) Thank you.

Terps - Hasn't happen yet. Thanks.


1manview said...

I have been struggling with writing something for this weekend, now I've been motivated. I think this answered the question of you changing your writing style. All of these comments say no, you are erotic enough... What a way to start your day. Thanks for the share ...

peace and love
from across the pond

PK said...

I'm just trying to spread the love!

Red said...

What a delightful way to wake up... and such a wonderful erotic tale of spanking and sex... Certainly had a strong male reaction on my part, but Cindy is on the telephone to a friend in France.... later... I will remember this tale (or tail shall I say), and do hope you get caned...
bottoms up

ronnie said...

1ManView - You are sweet. Thank you.

PK - Mmmmm. I'll be watching:) Thanks.

Red - I hope you enjoyed the afternoon:) Thanks.


kiwigirliegirl said...

Very hot, very naughty and the cane very much deserved

Fondles said...

oh i DO so love the way you write!

Enzo said...

Wow ! That was excellent!
Excited from hearing of the misfortune of a naughty girl - without doubt worthy of a caning.

Thanks for sharing.

ronnie said...

Kiwi - P started it:) Thank you

Fondles - Lovely of you to say, thank you.

Enzo - My pleasure. Thanks for stopping by.