Monday, 3 March 2014


This lovely picture caught my attention, pictures with split drawers and bottoms on display tend to:)

At first sight I thought 'Oh he's spanked her and now he's applying some balm, she's in Heaven, what a nice man' but on closer inspection I couldn't see evidence of any spanking so maybe he's not such a nice man after all, I mean why wouldn't there be evidence if he's done what any decent red blooded man would surely have done, and if he hasn't spanked her why not?

I showed the picture to my husband who is a font of wisdom on such matters though his words are few. 'Delicious,' he said, 'rear entry or spanking, probably both, in reverse order. No idea what he's up to with the cream.'

So I'm none the wiser but if anyone knows where they sell undergarments like that do please let me know, as P seemed to have an immediate and uncompromising view with regard to them.

Have a good week.


Let me know if the picture is yours.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, no idea about what has happened or is about too or where you get drawers like that. Am totally useless this morning. Probably owing to the fact that hubby kept moving over to my side of the bed so much I had to get out of it and come sit with the cat for a bit of peace!! The girl in the pic looks asleep to me ( said with a great deal of envy).
love Jan.xx

Anonymous said...

I am just mightily jealous too.We've lost our mojo here and like passing ships in the night. Hoping that P can factor in a day off sometime soon or I will go crazy. Sarah,LD,UK

Michael M said...

Applying some arnica cream before the strapping maybe? Or just a nice massage oil?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Michael, I feel he's applying cream before spanking to add a little more sting. Sorry I can't help you with split bottom drawers.

PK said...

I don't know what's going on, but like you I love the picture.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing the photo. Perhaps it is some kind of warming oil to enhance the burn of a spanking.

Lots to imagine.


Hermione said...

What's that standing in the corner? It looks like a switch in a pitcher. Maybe he's letting the wood soak up water, then when she's all drowsy and comfy from a nice bum massage, he will apply it with force to her unsuspecting backside.


DelFonte said...

Switch in a pitcher? Maybe it is a warming balm, something to take the edge off at the start? Love the drawers :)

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Have no idea what he's doing but it looks as if it might be fun.

As for the drawers, once when I was researching a story, I googled old fashioned lingerie and there were quite a few sites that offerred this option.

ronnie said...

Jan - Sorry, I laughed at your comment but I've had to do that though it's normally me that takes up most of the bed and covers. Thanks.

Sarah - It is a shame life has to get in the way TTWD. Hopefully P will oblige before you do go crazy:) Thanks.

Michael - Yes, before I think. Hoep all's well. Thank you.

Archedone - I've had the before cream and yes it does add to the burn. Thanks.

PK - Doesn't matter really. Just caught my attention and I liked it. Thanks.

Joey - I think you could be right. Thank you.

Hermione - Yes, I did see the switch and also part of something that could be a strap. Thank you.

DelFonte - Let me know if see any of those drawers on your travels:) Thanks.

SG - Thanks. I'll get looking:)


Cat said...

Hey Ronnie...I would say that he's putting a cream or oil on her tush to 'enhance' the spanking! LOL

Oh and here are a couple links you might want to check out for the bloomers:

Hugs and Blessings...

Anonymous said...

Hi...been lurking for a your blog (and many others)...thinking of telling my own story but don't know how to start...

1manview said...

About a year and a half ago, we went through this.
(Remember?) I was looking for the same thing. I had found a place, but they were custom made and expensive. But I was going to buy them anyway for XMAS, but my computer went down with the adress on it. I'm waiting to buy a new computer before I pull any info from my old computer hard drive. Like P, I love the idea of the back easily opened, and she is a person who get cold easy, so the legs were goingt o be longer then the ones in your pic. L has lost so much wait on a diet her doctor put her own, so know I have to wait for her body to adjust to the diet, because they take your measurments to make the bloomers just for you. I did find some on the net in the U.K.
But I didn't like the look of the material. They came up with a search for Victorian split Bloomers.
You have to make sure they say, open crotch or rear split. There's some front split and a lot of bloomers for sale without any split. That's why I was going with the custom made, because the crotch can be too tight or too long for your body.
Belive me, when my computer went down, I was a unhappy camper because i had done a lot of looking for those darn bloomers. :)

1manview said...

Ronnie, check this one out.
This is just one they have...
Pretty soft Victorian style short leg Bloomers. Easy to untie for a good spanking! Short leg with pretty gathered cotton lace detail Drawstring waist line that fastens at the back for easy opening Open crotch from the front right through to the back drawstring ties You get them made to your size

Did that get your attention. :) ... Front page address ...

ronnie said...

Cat - Lovely. Some gorgeous ones. Thank you.

Anon - Thank you. I hope you stop by again. We are a friendly bunch and always willing to help.

1MV - Certainly did get my attention. Yes, I remember, I kept the links but had my laptop wiped clean so have lost all saved items. Little expensive and not sure if I want to go the "made to measure" route but I just may. Thank you.


1manview said...

Yes, they are pricey, even more for me. The one's I was looking at in the USA was very pricey too. But you are the undies queen, so I have faith that you will find us a good price and quality too ... :)


Red said...

Can't wait to see a hoto of you wearing those panties, and P would certainly reward you with a fabulous spanking
bottoms up

sixofthebest said...

I love such photo's of old-fashioned split knickers, that makes it easy for one to cane such nostalgic corporal punishment scene.

ronnie said...

1MV - The good quality ones are far too expensive to even consider. I may just have to take a look on ebay:) Thanks.

Red - Who said I would be showing a picture with me in them:) Thanks.

SOTB - I know you like those type of bloomers. Thank you.