Wednesday, 26 March 2014

More questions answered

Ami - What is your favourite comfort food?
Mashed potato, yes, really. I could eat a whole plate of it.

Have you tried Adnams Gin yet?
No. I'm not a spirit girl but do like the odd gin and tonic in summer - Hendrick with tonic and a slice of cucumber.

Pref - You have to choose between giving up spanking and sex for one month or a puppy dies, which do you choose?  (Note - no actual puppies will be harmed because of this question. It's just a bit of fun:)
Mmmm, does that mean no pleasing myself either?  Have to say sex.

Janey - Have you/would you ever agree to a spanking in front of others? Or have you ever fantasised of such?
I think P would like to see someone else spank me but not in public. I have wondered (never fantasised) what it would be like to be spanked in front of others. Would I agree, doubtful but you never know. Never say never.

Terps - Did you have fun shopping with your friend? What did you buy, if anything?
We didn't do any shopping in the end we sat down to lunch, chatted and chatted and before we knew it, it was time to go home:) That normally happens with this particular friend.

Baxter asked - What is your favorite spanking implement and why?
Without a doubt the rose leather paddle. 

We've had it for ages.   Because it's cuddly and really well made and I love leather and I love the rose on the front and even when it's hurting I can still think of that rose being applied to me....lovingly......and it makes me feel good...if a tad sore. Bet you thought I'd say the cane:)

Jake - Thank you. Has anyone guessed your identity, friend or stranger?
Not that I know of.

How would you feel if you were outed amongst your social circle?
Well it would depend who the person was and whether it seemed likely that a believable explanation/denial could work and whether we thought the discovery might spread and cause any damage. After weighing things up, it could result in breaking contact with the person (tactfully) or just outright saying 'yes it's true, why don't you try it' or various in-between possibilities depending on the facts at the time. Overall though, it would definitely be something we would not want to have to address any time soon.

Katie -  What is one of the sweetest things that P has ever done for you?
P has done a lot of sweets things for me over the years. My friend reminded me only the other day about one, it goes back ages to when I had not long been going out with him, my friends got tickets to see one of my favourite groups and I couldn't get one, when he found out he went out of his way to track one down and I went to the concert. I still don't know how he did it but there was no Internet back then, I think he must have made someone an offer they couldn't refuse:) 

MrandMrsB - If you had to choose one spanking that P gave you, which one would it be? Now that's a hard one to answer and to be totally honest sorry, I don't think I can. Different spankings, punishments, erotic, or for fun all have their own merits.

Does role play and dressing up/down play a part in your spankings?
Yes depending on the occasion or mood or surrounding circumstances. Not as much as we used to. Sometimes I'll wear something overtly sexy or even a tad sluttish if I think it will get me noticed in the way I want to be noticed, other times I'll make sure I'm wearing certain underwear (sometimes his) which if/when spotted will most likely get me spanked.
On occasions I wear jodhpurs, white shirt and boots, even though I don't ride, it's a pretty clear signal. (One fantasy is to be spanked in a stable)
I've got a schoolgirl set too although I don't think P's that impressed with it, also secretary/boss gear which is easy to do but, again, it's not one P seems too bothered about. If I've been told I'm going to get spanked for some particular reason, and it can't be done on the spot, then I nearly always check my underwear if I've got time, even if I think it's going to be a disciplinary spanking, and if it's scruffy I change it, I know that's weird especially as it's likely to be coming down.

Fiona - Have you ever Spanked (or swatted P's bum?) 
Swatted it many times. Spanked, well in the early days I suppose you could say we switched a bit but not in a determined way and really it just faded out, it didn't work for us. There was an occasion not quite so long ago when I did spank P light-heartedly, I mentioned it on here at the time, and I noticed an erection and made a mental note of it but never followed it up.....and nor did he. Perhaps there's a bit of latent spankee in all of us, who knows.

How did you choose your screen name? 
Quite simple, I wanted something close to me and the name Ronnie is used by a few family and friends and soul from blog name. My avatar - P choose it. He said the picture reminded him of me as my hands go straight to my bottom when I'm told I'm going to get spanked and definitely after he's spanked me.

Do spankings typically act as foreplay for you? 
No, not always. Depends on the spanking. I love just being pulled over P's lap, spanked and told to get on with whatever I was doing with no sex on the table (no pun intended) at all. It usually has the effect of making me want sex all the more, depending on the reason for the spanking, and even after a punishment spanking I still want the contact with him some time after and that often eventually leads to sex but it might be the next day. I have to say the sex can be very urgent and deeply satisfying after a delay for whatever reason post spanking. Also sometimes he gives me an orgasm before a spanking which I don't like but it excites me immediately when he says he's going to do it and I orgasm easily in spite of knowing what's going to happen after. I must be wired wrong:). I would add that it seems to excite P when he does it that way, he knows it hurts more because there are no sexy little urges to help me through and sometimes, not always, he'll take me afterwards and I have to admit that can be arousing. 

Ami, Pref, Janey, Terps, Baxter, Jake, Katie, MrandMrsB Fiona - Thank you for the great questions.

Still taking questions.



Roz said...

Great answers Ronnie, I enjoyed reading this. I love mashed potato too and yes, I did think you would pick the cane as your favourite lol.

Love your answer to Katie's question, how wonderful of P to do that, and I agree, the different kinds of spanking (fun, erotic, discipline) all have their place.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ronnie. I never would have guessed mashed potatoes as your comfort food.


PK said...

Some excellent questions and answers here. But I laughed at the first one. I remember as a kid we'd go to a restaurant for an afternoon treat - everyone got ice cream but me, I got mashed potatoes!

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Terrific q & a session. Mashed potatoes, huh - interesting.

ronnie said...

Roz - I think a lot of my readers would have thought the cane. Thank you.

Joey - I'm just weird:) Thanks.

PK - So you liked mashed potato as well? Thanks. Have a blast with SG.

SG - As I said to Joey, I'm just weird. Thanks. Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't:)


Blondie said...

Great questions, your answers really showed some insight to who you are. Those questions and answers really started me thinking

Enzo said...

Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed the the thorough answers.

Your answer to dressing up/down caught my attention in particular the part about switching out your underwear. I don't think it is weird at all.

I actually have often instructed my sweet to switch out her panties prior to a spanking. But then again, in my opinion, panties play such an important role in spankings.

Terpsichore said...

great answers...
the leather rose paddle is very nice... :-)
Mashed potatoes are yummy with gravy - but I wouldn't choose them over ice-cream like PK :-)

Minelle Labraun said...

Great answers! Mashed potatoes? my hubs would probably love that too.( not me!)
I always think about my panties.....depending on whether I have time or I am not caught off guard by the spanking!

Anonymous said...

Very sexy photo.


abby said...

Mashed potatoes is the perfect comfort food. I have been wanting one of those rose paddles....think you just pushed me over the edge.
hugs abby

Baxter said...

Yeah I thought you would say the cane as your fav implement, but I had to ask,just in case. Yeah that looks like a good paddle. I volunteer for a go with it.

Cat said...

Hey Ronnie...loved your answers. Mashed potatoes are one of my go to comfort foods also!

Your rose paddle is pretty but I would never have guessed it was your favorite...I would definitely have guessed a cane. ;)


ronnie said...

Blondie - I've enjoyed answers these questions and reading others. Thanks.

Enzo - You are right, knickers do play an important role in our spankings Thank you.

Terps - I think everyone should own one of John's leatherthorn paddles:) Thanks.

Minelle - Mashed potato stems from when I was pregnant. Thank you.

Hedone - Thank you.

Abby - I think you should definitely get one. Thanks.

Baxter - I thought you'd think I'd say cane. I do love/hate the cane but the paddle is a love, love:) Thank you.

Cat - So I'm not weird with my love for mashed potato:) Thanks.


Hermione said...

Ronnie, I think Prefectdt should be spanked for making you choose between giving up spanking or killing a puppy.


kiwigirliegirl said...

good questions, great answers, thanks for sharing Ronnie :) xx its always good to get a little insight into fellow bloggers :)

ronnie said...

Hermione - His question did make me smile but yes, I think he should be spanked as well. Thanks.

KG - Hello to you. Thanks. I enjoyed answering them.