Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Any Questions?

A few readers emailed asking if I would be joining in the March questions. I wasn't going to as I think most of you know a lot about me through memes and posts but if there's anything my new readers (or my loyal ones) would like to ask, go ahead - I'll happily answer. If you have one for P ask, but I can't guarantee he'll respond:)

Please leave your question/s in comments.

Out for lunch and shopping with a friend today.



1manview said...

Greetings Ronnie, I hope your week is going well..
I think you might have touched on this before, but I read so many blogs that I sometimes lose track of what was said by whom. I was wondering if you had giving thoughts to maintenance spankings? A lot of blogs I read are doing that. But I think you might say no, because you like pushing P button to earn that spanking... :)

peace and love

bobbsroom said...

Hello Ronnie

Have you ever wished (or asked) P to push your limits more than you are comfortable with, i.e. have you ever felt like a harder more prolonged punishment than you would normally take?

Hope your well


Anonymous said...


Are there any other types of kinky activities that you want to try?


PK said...

If you ever convinced P to retire, how do you think the two of you would spend most of your time?

Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

I know you like the cane, so I was wondering how many strokes are the maximum you have ever received at one time?


SirQsmlb said...

Hehehehe. LOVIN March :-)

What was your first experiences with kinky activities (together and individually). Do you have other kinks other than spanking? What is a fantasy that you have that you would love to live out? What's your favorite kind of food?


Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Such great questions and I can't think of one. I will enjoy reading the answers though.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

What's with 95% of the mass of the universe being something called dark matter because they know it's there but can't find it. Is this where socks go?

Is there spanking after death? I need to know soon, as I am closer to death than 25.

Does P needed a longer/thicker cane?

Ami Starsong said...

Hi Ronnie,

Can't think of anything kinky to ask, so "What is your favourite comfort food, and have you tried Adnams Gin yet?"


Anonymous said...

I also can't think of a question but you have some great one's asked and I'll love hearing the answers. I could comment on my aspect along those same lines.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, have you had the unreasonable caning yet? Whose idea was the spanking in the first place yours or P's? It seems to fit into your lives so well I just wondered if you struggled at first or did everything fall into place?
lovee Jan,xx


Moral dilemma question - You have to choose between giving up spanking and sex for one month or a puppy dies, which do you choose?

Note - no actual puppies will be harmed because of this question. It's just a bit of fun.


Janey said...

Have you/ would you ever agree to a spanking in front of others? Or have you ever fantasised of such?

Terpsichore said...

Did you have fun shopping with your friend? What did you buy, if anything? :-) Hugs

Baxter said...

What is your favorite spanking implement and why?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie
Love your blog. Has anyone guessed your identity, friend or stranger? How would you feel if you were outed amongst your social circle?

ronnie said...

1MV, Bob, Joey, PK, Hermione, Fiona, SG (neither can I), OBB, Ami Archedone, Jan, Pref, Janey, Terps, Baxter Jake - Super questions, thank you. I will be answering them over the coming weeks.


Katie said...

Hi Ronnie, :) What is one of the sweetest things that P has ever done for you?

Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Cat said...

Wow Ronnie...lots of really good questions here! I will give you a break for now and just enjoy your answers when you get around to answering all of them. LOL


mrandmrsb said...

If you had to choose one spanking that P gave you, which one would it be?

Does role play and dressing up/down play a part in your spankings?

ronnie said...

Cat - Thank you. Hope you will pop back to read the answers.

MrandMrsB - Thank you. Will answer in the coming weeks.