Monday, 17 February 2014

Who'd have thought mommy and daddy were so naughty

The other day I was flicking through the Daily Mail while I waited for an appointment. I came to their FeMail section and spotted the headline 'Who'd have thought mommy and daddy were so naughty' - so I started reading.

Apparently, a daughter found love letters sent between her mother and father during the war. Some were quite touching others amusing. Not really naughty in my opinion and I'm surprised she's trying to turn it into a book but good luck to her if she can.

Anyway I found the story online and copied some (not book length, don't worry)....

Katie to Brian
Klagenfurt, Austria [where Katie had been transferred from Graz], May 12
My own dearest darling one,
Oh but I am such a depressed Boofuls! I simply hate this place, it’s completely the bottom and I just spend all my time missing you, wanting you so much.
Darling one, it’s just as well you aren’t here as you would probably have to spank me hard — but what a heavenly spanking!
Yours always, Katie

Brian to Katie

Swansea, June 3
Darling, this morning I went and enquired about nylon fabric [in the local shop — nylon was then a new fabric]. The female seemed to know what she was talking about and said you must wash it like stockings and then said a lot about not wringing it and you were dead right about the tepid iron.
The shop female said that nylon feels funny when used as undies. She said it feels like wet silk against your skin — clammy and rather slithery. From her description, it sounded rather like a fish’s skin. I’m sure you’d look beautifully streamlined in it darling, and if you don’t mind feeling slithery, I promise I won’t, so shall I send some along? She said it wears for years and years so any ripping tactics won’t work on my part.
Your Brian xxxx

Katie to Brian

Klagenfurt, June 11
Sweetest adored one, I loved your description of the nylon but surely with no ripping possible it is going to be very dull for you — or will the Thomas [Brian’s surname] brain evolve some other method! I shall have such fun saying, ‘Rip me!’ when I have my nylon on, knowing that you can’t. I can imagine you chasing me around the bedroom with a pair of plaster shears! What fun it will be!!
Your Katie

Brian to Katie

Swansea, July 12
Darling, you said in your letter that I’d find you a millstone because you’d always want to be near to me. But Boofuls, remember that millstones always go in pairs.
There’s a male millstone on top and (I’m not being low, darling) a female millstone underneath the male millstone and the one can’t work without the other, so we’ll just have to stick together all the time, my darling, otherwise neither of us will be any use. D’you see?
And darling, we’ll have polished floors and old brick fireplaces all over our house and when you slip on one of them (the floors) because I’m chasing you and fall flat on your fanny (we talked of that before and it’s quite polite in America) I’ll stroke it or slap it until it returns to normal again. Goodnight, my very dearest, darling one.
Your own Brian xxxxxxxx

Brian to Katie

Oswestry, August 7
My sweet, sweet, lovely darling,
This is the most terrific news I’ve ever had. I nearly let out a maniacal bellow of joy, darling.
Now I must concentrate, Boofs. You send a cable telling me the day you leave and then I will know to within a day when you’ll make London.
I’ll go and collect the car from Swansea early next week and have it a ready and panting to go from the moment I get your cable.
Send a telegram from on board the ship between Calais and Dover/Folkestone telling me approximately when you reach London. I will start from here the moment I get that.
When you reach London, sweets, jump into a little taxi and go straight to the Dorchester Hotel. You dump your luggage with the porter and leave a little note for me with the bloke who stands behind the desk that has all the keys on a rack behind it.
Boofuls my darling, I suggest that you stay for the night or two nights at the Dorchester. I’ll find a bed somewhere else my darling. For the same reason that we never in Graz did what so many people in our position would have done. [They were saving themselves for marriage.]
Your very own and very excited and very loving, Brian.

Link to the story here.

Have a good week.



Michael M said...

Nothing new under the sun I suppose.

Darren said...

Perhaps you deserve a spanking for reading the Daily Mail..?

Roz said...

Oh my, spanking and nylons LoL. Love the description of the nylons!

These are great! Thanks for sharing Ronnie.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I read the Mail too. I can't see how it will make much of a book
Love Jan.xx

Anonymous said...

I loved reading those. They were so sweet and playful! I once read a loveletter my grandma wrote to my grandpa during the war. They had married when she was only 18. Her letter was long and superfluous describing ever detail of everything. She said, "Well we didn't have a t.v. then." lol

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Tame by today's standards but as someone above said, nothing new under the sun.

ronnie said...
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Ami Starsong said...

The Daily Mail? Hmmmm, not very surprised, but I don't think it will make much of a book either.

Many hugs

Cat said...

Hey Ronnie...very tame by today's standards but very naughty for that time! Can't really see where these will make much of a book but they are interesting...sorta like my grandpa's diaries from WWII.

Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and Blessings...

1manview said...

If we had some standards today, this would be more of a cheap date. But for back then, yes it was naughty. You had to seek into a hotel room if you weren't married and take the risk of being caught. And if you got caught, you were kicked out, or even spanked.. he-he-he ... I can see this becoming a book name fifty shades of naughtiness ... :) But I'm sure they will go for the love aspect to get the ladies to buy it... :) :)

peace and love

ronnie said...

Michael - True. Thanks.

Darren - LOL. Not my first choice of newspaper. Thanks.

Roz - I loved that description. Thank you.

Joey - My pleasure. Thank you.

Jan - Think you can turn most things into books these days:) Thanks.

Sara - I thiught they were sweet. How lovely to have a letter between your Grandparents. Thanks.

SG - Yes. Just thought they were quite charming. Thank you.

Ami - Is it a DM thing then? DM not my choice of reading. Thanks.

Cat - Yes a little naughty for that time. Just thought they were quit quite. Thank you.

IMW - Hi. Not sure about people buying. Maybe there are more naughty letters she hasn't shared. One I'll pass on. Thank you.


Hermione said...

"...if you don’t mind feeling slithery" - too funny!

So they were saving themselves, and enjoyed everything but - including spanking!


Red said...

rather amazing, that they would engage in spanking, but not sex before being married. Can't imagine, but maybe they only excluded intercourse, but permitted a helping hand for each other.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Hermione - Or maybe that's what they told their daughter. Thank you.

Red - Yes, interesting. There were a lot of war babies but obviously they decided to save themselves. Thanks.


Kimberly Pinkcheeks said...

I thought these were cute!

Terpsichore said...

very fun...thanks for sharing :-) Hugs