Friday, 7 February 2014

Discipline must be upheld

Cat kindly left a comment to my post on a spanking story from bygone times. She asked if Lady Barclay's husband ever found out what she'd been withholding from him? Well we don't really know how much her husband knew, the story doesn't make that clear, but we do know what Lady Barclay got up to and it is understandable that she'd want to keep it quiet as much as possible. Her story is told below and I rather think she deserved the spanking she received whether or not her husband knew the full details:-

....after our wonderful ride through the estate we returned to the house for afternoon tea.

Penelope, Lady Barclay, told us that the Butler, Mr Stevens, had asked to see her regarding a matter of discipline and it was agreed he would come to the drawing room at 4pm to explain his problem. We were still taking tea when I heard footsteps followed by a knock on the door and Lady Barclay motioned us to stay as we were as she called for the visitor to enter, whereupon the door was opened by the tall elegant Mr Stevens accompanied by a younger man, whom I had seen recently around the estate but did not know his name, wearing riding breeches and boots. The younger man was told to wait and Mr Stevens came in, turned and quietly closed the tall door behind him. He approached Lady Barclay and she beckoned him to sit, which he did with a thank you my lady and a polite nod in acknowledgement of us.

Lady Barclay bade him divest himself of whatever matter was troubling him so much as to require an audience, not to mind our presence in the slightest but to speak plainly and she would give her earnest attention. Well the matter took but a short time to describe and it seemed that the young man standing outside the drawing room, Tobias by name and new to the household by only a few weeks, had taken the master's favourite stallion for a gallop as a dare from one of the other staff, an expressly forbidden action which called for an immediate corporal discipline which would certainly by now have been carried out had the master been at home. However he was not and when Mr Stevens had quite correctly, as Butler to the household, told Tobias he was to report to the servants' hall for a thrashing which would be administered by him, the boy had refused. Mr Stevens wanted the matter addressed as good discipline was central to the proper running of all large households and to challenge it was unheard of.

Lady Barclay understood immediately, thanked Mr Stevens for his diligence in bringing the matter so swiftly to her attention and told him to return to his duties, instructing the defiant Tobias to remain outside the door and await her call. To us she turned and told us with a smile that we were to have our afternoon tea somewhat enlivened by a little entertainment but we were to remove ourselves to the adjoining room, leaving the door ajar sufficiently to witness what was to follow. She then called for Tobias to enter the room, close the door behind him and approach her. He was handsome lad, I could see that now, proud and tall with thick black hair and a firm gaze, about twenty I would have said. Lady Barclay began by introducing herself as mistress of the household, although she had no doubt he had seen her about and knew who she was, they had not formally met during the few weeks he had been there. She told him Mr Stevens had outlined the occurrences of earlier that day and she was in no doubt that the young man deserved punishment for taking the master's stallion and, more particularly, for refusing discipline. There were no compromises, the household had run happily for generations on good discipline, service and respect, and there was no question of it being allowed to break down. Lady Barclay laid down the law and then told him he had a choice, it would be given once and once only. He could leave, collect his pay and belongings and be gone within 24 hours or he could accept the same authority which applied to all other members of staff and those before them, accept his punishment and remain and take his place in the household with pride and dignity.

There was no question Tobias wanted to stay in his position and he told Lady Barclay so. ''Very well, you will submit to whatever I decide to settle today's matter but, if at any time in the future you refuse discipline, you will leave and never return. Do you agree to these terms?" I saw him think for a few seconds but I knew he would agree, he would have been foolish not to.” I do wish to stay", he said in a surly manner.

Then Lady Barclay got up and walked to the window, standing at the heavy mahogany desk where her husband kept his papers. She turned to Tobias as she opened the top drawer and withdrew a long rattan cane with a curved handle. She sat against the edge of the desk and told Tobias she was going to teach him a lesson and that he was to address her as Ma'am. She then asked him if he had ever been caned before though by the look on his ashen face it was clear he had not. ''No.... Ma'am'' he said, which seemed to Lady Barclay's satisfaction as she nodded approvingly. Administering a virgin caning was quite an event, I could still remember my own, and especially with so handsome and defiant a young man to discipline. I have to say we girls were getting quite excited.

Penelope then summoned Tobias over to her and ordered him to bend across the desk, stretching to grip the far edge with both hands. His breeches, which were stretched taut across his well muscled bum, would be scant protection against what was to come. Lady Barclay positioned herself to the left of Tobias and without further ado raised her arm and brought the cane down several times in quick succession across both cheeks. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!" her strokes rained down until the poor young man had received a dozen and his bum must have been stinging like the very devil. Penelope Barclay stood back contemplating her work, the last 3 lines of the cane still showing as indents against the seat of Tobias's breeches. ''Well boy,'' she said, ''how did your first flirtation with your mistress's cane suit you?'' Tobias went as if to get up but she bade him answer from his prostrate position.’ I didn't like it, Ma'am, it hurt,'' he replied his voice less steady than it had been. ''As it should, Sir'' said Lady Barclay, ''and now you will resume your grip and I shall give you your second twelve.''
The poor boy's face you should have seen it! He must have been horrified and we saw his muscles tense as he stiffened his resolve and gripped the desk obediently as Lady Barclay moved closer and administered a further dozen good stokes to the boy who this time cried aloud and writhed uselessly against the desk at each one. At the end she told him sharply to get up and turn around, as she moved back to her armchair and sat, resting the cane against the arm.

Tobias rose stiffly and turned slowly, looking down to avoid the eyes of the woman who had just brought him close to tears, but Lady Barclay would have none of it, she knew well enough the perfect time to press her advantage. She told the boy to look up and stand straight as a handsome young man should and asked him if he had ever had been with any of the girls. Tobias must have wondered if this was some prelude to another caning and he hesitated, but Lady Barclay pressed him and he answered yes. And had he been between their legs, she continued, to which Tobias nodded. Lady Barclay then told Tobias to get on the floor on all fours and approach her, she asked him if he had ever served a girl for her pleasure not just his own, but the confused look on Tobias's face was enough of an answer. She smiled and asked him if he had ever watched a cat licking cream and he told her he had as he stopped on all fours at her knee.

''Good'', said her ladyship as she lifted the folds of her gown, ''then you shall be the cat and you shall learn how to serve your mistress after a beating, and it will be a lesson you will thank her for in the years to come. Now bury your head under my silks, right into the warm wetness between my legs and show your mistress how grateful you are''. And for the next several minutes we watched fascinated, our hands between our legs, as the boy's head moved hesitantly at first under the layers of silk, his tight bum receiving the occasional whack to urge him on, and Penelope's moans growing louder as she moved lower in her seat and placed a hand on the ball which was Tobias's head, pushing him harder against her until her crescendo approached and she used both hands to hold his head firm as she rode his face to a resounding orgasm.

When she allowed the boy up he was dishevelled, flushing furiously, his face glistening from his mistress's spend, the bulge to the front of his breeches not escaping the eye of Lady Barclay. ''Now, Tobias, you have been punished and put in your place and made to serve your mistress most intimately too. This incident will remain between us but you may rest assured I shall deal with you no less severely if there are further occasions requiring my attention. You may go now.'' And he was dismissed without another word.

Truth be known Penelope had been acting beyond her authority, we had enjoyed ourselves considerably more than we should have, and we were all hoping it would not be long before we would be on the receiving end of some aristocratic discipline ourselves.

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Michael M said...

Lovely story thanks and right up my street. I shall think about Lady Barclay over the weekend.

Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

Poor Tobias. Something tells me the mistress is going to watch him very closely for any further behaviour that warrants a beating.


Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Thanks for sharing with us Ronnie.

Katie said...

Oh goodness, Ronnie!! Tobias got quite an edumacation!!! Poor guy! Nice story! Thanks and many hugs,

<3 Katie

Anonymous said...

That was a great story. Thank you for both accounts.

Kenzie said...

Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed reading. :)

Penelope said...

Wonderful story (and not just because of the sexy, strict Lady Barclay's name :D) - so atmospheric and erotic! I'm tingling. I could just picture, and feel every single delicious moment. YUM.

ronnie said...

Michael - Lady Barclay overstepped her mark again with Tobia and had her husband found out she would have received a more severse caning that she originally had. Thanks.

Hermione - I think you could be right:) Thanks.

SG - My pleasure. Thanks for stopping by.
Katie - Your'e welcome. Thank you.

Jacy - I like to ring the changes a little:) Thank you.

Kenzie - Happy you enjoyed it. Thanks.

Penelope - It was quite yummy. Thank you, Penelope.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. Have a terrific weekend.


Baxter said...

Very enjoyable story. thanks

ronnie said...

Joey - My pleasure. Thank you.

Baxter - Thanks for stopping by.