Monday, 3 February 2014

Cosy Cotswolds Spanking

A country pub with lots of history, too many low beams for tall people, horse brasses and worn leather tack and an uneven stone floor quite unsuitable for heels. Smells of centuries gone by, wood smoke, spilled ale and polish on thick scarred wood.   

I love those kind of places and I love them even more when they have accommodation and I'm staying over in one. Especially when the weather's crap but they have a log fire burning inside and even if I can't get near it because of all the other (nuisance) customers it's still nice to see. And if they happen to have an innovative kitchen team serving up nice food well that's a bonus and it means I can enjoy a bite to eat and share a glass or two of wine with my husband knowing we don't have to drive. Once we're inside of course the cold rain or hail can beat against the windows as much as it likes, in fact the more the better and a few thunder claps and some lightning flashes don't go amiss. 

We were in such a place a few days ago, P had business in High Wycombe which was a motorway trip there but a Cotswolds return journey complete with unnecessary but delightful stopover. He had to meet an academic there, an arrangement made through his old Chinese partner who now lives in Seoul, if it sounds complicated it is, and if I told you it involves a new beauty product recently developed in Korea (not the nasty half), which is totally un-related to anything P has previous experience of and the reasons behind the meeting, it might even sound tenuous. So I won't tell you but maybe.......a big maybe.....P/we might get involved at some level, we'll see. 

Anyway, aside from business, I always hope for an opportunity to get spanked when we're away from home, yeah I know nothing new there then, and places like aforementioned pub with all the accoutrements get me nicely into the appropriate mood for a sound bottom warming. I got one too, I'm delighted to say.

The UK weather didn't let me down, the wind was gusting fiercely against the window when we entered our room at the end of the evening, it had an old fashioned cast iron radiator which was on so it was cosy, and I asked P not to draw the curtain so he didn't and it sounded nice and I loved it as he draped me across his thighs on the the bed, took my knickers down and spanked me thoroughly for nowhere near long enough although he told me it had been at least twenty minutes allowing for pauses. I told him he could have carried on till dawn and he laughed (but I was serious) and he got a couple of plastic, yuk, glasses and we shared a mini bottle of Malbec in bed before going to sleep.

In the morning the rain had stopped, the wind too, and P got out of bed to fill the kettle and put the shower on before pulling the duvet back and snuggling his head between my legs. I'd hoped he might spank me again when I heard him leave the shower running but he didn't. I wasn't disappointed with what he did do though and it was as well he'd put the shower on because I became a little noisy:)

Have a good week.

(The picture isn't the pub by the way, it was on google)     


Michael M said...

Just what the Cotswolds were made for.
I bet those cute village greens saw plenty of maidens whipped and whalloped.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, oh lucky you, we have lots of those pubs round here where we live. My husband is never very keen on spanking away from home because of the noise!
love Jan.xx

Roz said...

Oh that sounds delightful Ronnie, a wonderful overnight stay and a spanking. Perfect!


PK Corey said...

Sounds just wonderful! So nice when even the weather is on your side!

Hermione said...

Lucky you. What a lovely getaway!


Anonymous said...


I love those cozy places as well.

Glad you had some fun in the morning.


Terpsichore said...

sounds lovely :-) Hugs

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Every thing sounded absolutely wonderful. Glad you had a wonderful little getaway.

Kimberly Pinkcheeks said...

Sound like a cozy night away. I love being able to have a weekend away from home!

ronnie said...

Michael - And I was one of them:) Thanks.

Jan - I love some of the Cornish pubs for stop overs. Thanks.

Roz - I love those type of stop overs. Thank you.

PK - Trouble is now - I want another one. Thanks.

Hermione - It was. I love to see a fire burning. Thanks.

Joey - We do have a lot of those cosy pubs around the UK. Thank you.

Terps - It was. Thank you.

SG - I'm ready for a longer one:) Thanks.

Kim - So do I but doesn't happen as often as I'd like. Thank you.


Enzo said...

I actually like the picture you painted with your words vs. the photo shown. Quite a lovely scene. Enjoyed hearing about all of it! Even if the spanking wasn't long enough for your taste, it sounded as if you weren't neglected either.

Baxter said...

What a great diversion from life, even if just an overnight. and of course the spanking. that is the way life should be. Thanks for the mental picture.

ronnie said...

Enzo - It was a perfect overnighter. Should have more of them:) Thank you.

Baxter - My pleasure. Thank you.


Jackie Berlant said...

Read this and envied you while I ate McDonald s pancakes and sausage with plastic cutlery in my cube at the nysdot but you painted a pretty enough picture, I could have been in the next room. Thank you. Jackie

ronnie said...

Jackie - Hello and thanks. Never tried a McDonald pancake.