Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Brazilian Bottoms

We were talking the other day, it was after seeing Roy Hodgson interviewed in Brazil, and I mentioned to my husband that perhaps we'd get some shots of Brazilian girls on the beaches, he'd like that, I said.  Mmm, might be more entertaining than some of the football, said P with a smile.

Then a bit later he sent me this picture with a message "Never mind the World Cup, it's the 2016 Olympic I'm looking forward to:)" the smiley was his.

I laughed when I opened it and said "She's got a big bum though hasn't she?"

My husband said, "I can't see much wrong with it and she's certainly got the right attitude. Besides, she's got two years to work on it and I hope there'll be plenty more like her."

I'm sure there will, P. Little things (or big things) please little minds.



Anonymous said...

Watching summer Olympics have better outfits for watching bottoms. My wife admitted that is why she likes football. So many nice bottoms to look at and they bend over so nice.

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, oh yes. Rick enjoys the summer Olympics too. Especially Women's beach volleyball! lol


PK said...

Nick's really into beach volley too. Great picture here!

Anonymous said...


Women's beach volleyball is one of my favorite Olympic sports. LD played in college and also loves watching the girls play.


Hermione said...

Brazilians are fortunate to have beautiful, ample bottoms. The Summer Games should be a treat for the eye.


Florida Dom said...

Beach volleyball is always easy on my eyes.


Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Oh yes, beach volleyball always gets Ray's attention.

Red said...

definitely agree with P. A great facet of women's figure skating at the Winter Olympics were the cute bottoms wonderfully displayed
bottoms up

foothills1981 said...

Sign me up to move to Brazil!

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I reckon beach volleyball must be the favourite sport of all HoHs everywhere
love Jan.xx

Lola Bumstead said...

My HoH never misses the women's beach volleyball. And I know he would appreciate that butt. He loves big butts

1manview said...

My little mind is already watching woman indoor track and field :)

Enjoy the rest of today's Hump Day

Baxter said...

that female's butt is excellent and I hope there are more just like it. a fat bottom like that is good.

Cat said...

LOL ex would have said something like "now that's what I call spankable!" Men and their fixation on tushies! ;)


bobbsroom said...

Quite a nice shape but it is a bit to big for me Ronnie. I would say Jessica E has got the right athletic body for me, oh and my wife of course:):)


ronnie said...

Archedone - I know what she means:) Thank you.

Roz - The ladies in these hot countries certainly have lovely bottoms. Thank you.

PK - Plenty of beach volley ball in Brazil. Thanks.

Joey - Seems beach volleyball is a favourite amongst males:) Thanks.

Hermione - I hope we get to some some nice male bottoms as well. Thanks.

FD - I bet it is:) Thanks. The ladies in these hot countries have lovely bottoms. Thanks.

SG - Beach volley ball gets another vote:) Thanks.

Red - Some of the men's weren't too bad either:) Thank you.

Foothills - Get in the queue:) Thank you.

Jan - Seems it is:) Thanks.

Lola - I think we'll be seeing plenty of big bottoms at the Brazil Olympics:) Thanks.

1MV - Men's gymnastics for me. Thanks.

Baxter - Happy you like the picture. Thanks.

Cat - I would say it is probably very spankable:( Thank you.

BOB - Jessica Enis, interesting. Glad you didn't forget your wife:) Thanks.