Wednesday, 5 February 2014

54 Things - The Meme

Saw this meme over at Ana's and you know me, can't resist a meme but this one I thought there's no way I could think of 54 things that make me happy. Then I spotted it on Hermione's so thought I'd take the challenge and you know what - I did manage 54.

So here they are - 54 things that make me happy.....

1. Being over P's lap (well most of the time:))

2. Chatting over a long dinner with friends.

3. The smell of bread baking.

4. Finding a bargain (doesn't happen that often)

5. The ocean and walking along the beach.

6. A vase of fresh flowers - especially daffodils.

7. Ticking off something on my bucket list.

8. Family and friends.

9. Weekends.

10. Reading my comments (thank you) and my blogger friends.

Seeing my son grow into a strong, independent and lovely person.

12. Settling down to watch a soppy film even though I know I'll end up crying.

13. Looking at old family photos. (Recently found lots of albums when we were clearing out P's mom's house, what a joy to find)

14. Going for long walks with P

15. Buying our Christmas tree and decorating the house ready for Christmas.

16. Closing the curtains on a dark dreary winters night and lighting my candles.

17. Time enough to have a long soak in the bath.

18. Seeing someone smile when I've been able to help them.

19. Finding just the right present I know the person will love.

20. Getting tickets to see one of my favourite artists live.

21. Volunteering at the local charity shop.

22. Hula hooping.

23. The start of a brand new day.

24. Pottering about in the garden and planting my Spring/Summer plants.

25. Freshly painted toenails.

26. P
art of a wonderful community.

27. The smell of freesias

28. Feeling P's hand on my bottom.

29. Dark chocolate.

30. Listening to Bagpipes (yes, really)

31. Working with P.

32. Playing chess and scrabble.

33. Snuggling under the duvet with P.

34. Lingerie shopping (especially for knickers)

Listening to classical music.

36. A smile from a stranger.

37. Hearing children's laughter.

38. Singing and dancing to music while I'm doing my housework (when no ones around to see me of course:))

39. Our neighbours who kindly take in parcels when we are at work so we don't have to trek to the Post Office for them.

40. Packing for a trip.

41. The smell of washing after its been drying outside.

42. Watching Wimbledon.

43. Sunshine.

44. Finishing a task I've been struggling with.

45. Getting a call from a friend I haven't spoken to for a while.

46. Coming home after a long day and having a cup of tea.

47. Mashed potato.

48. That my family and friends are in good health.

49. Seeing a show at the theatre.

50. Donating - clothes, canned food and toys to good causes.

51. Being Chrossed.

52. A bowl of freshly made soup with warm crusty bread.

53. Giving and receiving a massage. Love P's massaging.

54. Doing this meme.




Anonymous said...

You have a nice list, and I'm sure P is happy that a number of times you mentioned spanking. Is someone in need of one now?
I know I am.

PK Corey said...

It makes me happy to have friends that will take the time to think of 50 some things that makes them happy. Sometimes its easier to think in the other direction.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, what a lovely list, except for the mashed potato! yuk
love Jan.xx

abby said...

A wonderful list....I laughed at the mashed not have them often, but love them!!! We have many in common.
hugs abby

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the meme. You are a very kind and loving person.


Terpsichore said...

very nice list...thank-you for sharing things that make you happy. Hugs

ronnie said...

Archedone - Yes I could. Going to have to ask for one later:) Thanks.

PK - I could think of a few more:) Thanks.

Jan - Thank you.

Abby - Mashed potato was my thing when I was pregnant and I still love it now. Comfort food. Thanks.

Joey - So are you. Thank you.

Terps - Thanks.


Hermione said...

Ah, another bagpipe lover. I also love the smell of laundry fresh from the outdoor line.


ronnie said...

Ihermione - lovely sound but P doesn't. Thanks.



You and Hermione both like bagpipes! Don't you think that you are both taking masochism a bit too far? :)


Anastasia Vitsky said...

I love this list. :) I should add an item to mine: watching friends get enjoyment from making a list of their own 54 things.

Cat said...

Great list Ronnie...I agree with a lot of it...especially mashed potatoes (with garlic!) and dark chocolate! ;)


1manview said...

Excellent list Ronnie, other then being a man, my list would pretty much be like yours...

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - LOL, no, really do like to hear them and the men wear kilts when playing:) Thanks.

Ana - I'm happy I spotted it. Thanks.

Cat - Mashed potato and garlic yum but wow never tasted it with chocolate. What do you serve it with? Thanks.

IMW - Thanks for stopping by.


Cat said...

LOL Ronnie...think we have a bit of a miscommunication...I love mashed potatoes with garlic and I love dark chocolate! Never had them combined...however, I do have a recipe on my blog for chocolate gravy that my grandpa used to make for us grands. Try might like it. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

Katie said...

Fun to read your list Ronnie!! Number 11 is especially neat- how true!! Homemade soup and bread- YUM!! Thanks for sharing! Many hugs,

<3 Katie