Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Great online Cookie Exchange

The Great On Line Cookie Exchange organised by JZ.

Made these Mini Christmas Cakes 

from a recipe I found in a supermarket magazine. Turned out OK so sharing the recipe for the Cookie Exchange.

Takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes with cooking time and makes 9 little cakes.

So lets get started.....

As always - kettle and apron on while you gather the ingredients.

500g (1lb 2 oz) dried fruit
10ml (2tsp) Lemon Extract
30ml (2tbsp) orange flavour liqueur (optional) (I used brandy:))
75g (3oz) dark brown sugar
15ml (tbsp) treacle
2 medium eggs, beaten 

 I know I've used it before but it makes me smile every time

115g (4oz) plain flour
1 baking powder sachet (if no sachets, you will need a level teaspoon of baking powder
10ml (2tsp) ground cinnamon
225 (8oz) Marzipan
30ml (2tbsp) smooth apricot jam
Icing sugar for dusting
Pack of ready rolled icing white
9 baking molds or muffin tins

To decorate:
Silver gold balls
(Or anything you have in your cupboard)

Here's the method:

Preheat oven to 170C, 325F, gas mark 3.
Grease and line th3 tins
Mix the dried fruit with the lemon extract and orange liqueur (if your using the liqueur, if not just the lemon extract),
Set to the side

In a bowl, beat the butter, sugar and treacle together until soft and creamy then beat the eggs.
Sift the flour, (be careful with the flour),

Baking powder and ground cinnamon on top and add the fruit mixture.
Carefully mix all the ingredients together and then spoon half the mixture into the prepared tins to half fill them.

Divide the marzipan into 9 pieces and shape them in to discs to cover the cake mixture in the tins
Spoon over the remaining mixture and smooth the tops.
Bake in oven for around 25-30 mins until lovely golden and firm to touch.
Cool for 10 minutes, loosen gently with knife and turn onto a wire rack for further cooling,
When cool make sure you wrap the cakes well and store for about 24 hours before decorating.

To decorate:
Brush the tops of the cake with the apricot jam
Dust work top lightly with icing sugar and unroll the icing
Cut out discs the same size as the cakes and secure on top of each cake.
Decorate top of icing how you want.

Haven't decorated mine yet, leaving them until a bit nearer Christmas.

That's it but before I finish, just want to remind you to make sure you clean up properly. You don't want to end up like this girl or do you? 



Cat said...

Well dang Ronnie...didn't realize I was supposed to provide graphics with my recipe. LOL

The picture of the spanking eggs always makes me it as much as you want!

Am gonna have to give your recipe a try...looks very good.

Thanks and Blessings...

MrJ said...

Thank you Ronnie. Very useful in this festive month. I will surely pass on these well-illustrated instructions.

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, love the pics, who knew baking, or reading recipes could be such fun? :)

These look yummy! Thanks for sharing.


Michael M said...

Lovely cakes and inspired images at the same time. You obviously enjoy Christmas preparations.

Jz said...

And we have another winner from ronnie!

Looking quite yummy.
(you decide which bits I mean!) ;-p

Thanks for playing along again!

Anonymous said...

Treacle???? i can't do recipes that have ingredients that i've only seen before in books... now i have to go google that.

Great illustrations! Thanks!!


Hermione said...

I liked the spanking eggs too. The cakes look lovely in the picture and sound delicious!

You might be interested to know that in Canada, baking powder doesn't come in sachets; it comes in tins and is measured out. We have yeast in pre-measured packets, though.


Tom said...

Love the recipe... and the pictures :)

Sillyone said...

Great recipe! Thanks!

Bleuame said...

These look so fancy! I can't wait to try this one :)

Blondie said...

Those pictures have me laughing. Yummy sounding cookies

ronnie said...

Cat - You know me and pictures:) Thank

MrJ - I liked the size of them. Thanks.

Roz - I tried one and they are quite good. Not decorated them yet. Thank you.

Michael - Only part of it:) Thanks.

JZ - Thanks for organising it. Look forward to next year. Some great recipes, I've read some but will get around the others when I can.

Sofia - Did you google it:) Thank you.

Hermione - We have baking powder in tubs as well as sachets. Thanks, you reminded me to add the amount of BP to use if anyone doesn't have sachets.

Tom - Glad you liked it. Thanks.

Sillyone - Better than a large Christmas cake. Thank you.

Bleuame - They turned out quite well.

Blondie - Thanks. Leaving them to nearer Christmas before I decorate mine.


Terpsichore said...

Love the photos :-) Now what is treacle? :-) looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Loved the photos!!


Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I love how you bake :-)

(That bum in the first pic is lovely!)

I had to google treacle and learned that it is a British term for molasses. The little cakes sound like what we call fruit cakes.


ronnie said...

Terps - Thanks you. Sorry I should have said what treacle was. Its a thick, sticky dark syrup made from partly refined sugar; molasses.

Joey - My pleasure.

Hedone - Yes, fruit cake but with icing on the top:) Thanks.


chickadee said...

Oh, ronnie! Way too much work for me but they're beautiful and the pictures made it fun.

chickadee said...
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Ami Starsong said...

The recipe looks just great, Ronnie. Where d'you get the pictures of all these "fat bottomed girls" from?! I remember the eggs from last year - brilliant!

These cakes look so professional I may request you send me a sample - just to give an opinion on, mind...


Misty B said...

This made me laugh and I wouldn't mind ending up like the girl in the last photo ;)

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing, Ronnie!!! Sounds delicious! I will add the recipe to my files. :)

Your pics were very... DESCRIPTIVE!!! LOL! Yes it is always best to clean up after making a huge mess in the kitchen. Yikes! LOL! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

Chickadee - I like my pictures:) Thank you.

Ami - Pictures are just lucky finds. The picture of the cakes aren't my actual cakes (picture from the magazine) that's why they look professional:) Thanks.

MistyB - She doesn't look too distressed:) Thanks.

Katie - Think the single Xmas cakes just a nice size. Thanks.


rose said...

oh, now i want a spanko cookbook!

-r x

ronnie said...

Rose - Great idea. I think somebody should come up with one:) Thanks.


Ashly Star said...

You definitely have the best pictures to go along with your recipes. ;) The little cakes sound good, I'll have to file this one away as well. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by! :)