Friday, 6 December 2013

The Good and the Bad

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to help me celebrate my 5th Anniversary of blogging on Tuesday and again thanks to Cane-iac for the $50 gift certificate.

So to the good news:-

Drum rolls please.....

The winner of my 5th Anniversary draw is DelFonte from A Place of Fancies.

Congratulations DelFonte.

Master or Mistress Cane-Iac will be in touch.

Have fun choosing your goodies and I hope you'll share with us what you decide on and perhaps a review:)

And now to the bad news (well bad and good):-

My husband helped me with the draw after all and I was so pleased that he did, especially as he'd spanked me for what I said in my post on Tuesday and I wasn't sure at the end of the spanking whether he was still my friend or not. He spanked me very hard using the new pine paddle which Bogey and Bacall sent me 

and I can tell you that size doesn't count at all; it's the way it's made, what it's made of and how it's used that counts and on all three criteria my bottom can testify to its effectiveness.
Before spanking me P drew me aside and said he'd read my email and my post and he wasn't at all disinterested in my blog or my anniversary and I shouldn't have suggested publicly that he was. It made him sound bad, he said, and I was going to get a damned good spanking for it. I honestly couldn't tell whether he was seriously offended or not, he certainly didn't sound as if he was amused and I felt that horribly delicious feeling which I get too infrequently these days of butterflies in my stomach which precede a real spanking or one I'm not certain about. His voice was strict and he moved decisively even as he was telling me off, taking me firmly across to the sofa and bending me over his lap.

It was after 11.30pm and I was in my dressing gown, P had been answering some late emails from Korea which he wanted to be with them to read in the morning as they start hours before us. I was taken quite by surprise, my dressing gown was flipped up over my waist and my knickers lowered unceremoniously. 

He must have had the paddle in his rear pocket (so a pre-meditated spanking) because I didn't see it at all until he'd finished with me and told me to pull my knickers back up and take it up to the bedroom with me. I was being sent to bed as well as spanked! I mean come on, I'm not a child.
I'd been worried about the neighbours during the act because they're always in at that time and there isn't much ambient noise about to camouflage disciplinary activity, I hoped they'd gone to bed early. I managed to stop myself shouting but I kicked and struggled and beat my fist into the carpet because that little paddle was fierce, 

maybe because it was so unexpected and I was so relaxed going towards bedtime. Anyway my backside smarted like hell and I made sure to pull my dressing gown down before raising my knickers, even though it made it harder to pull them up, because I didn't want him seeing me down there. That's how bad it felt and how unsure it made me. I stood for a while red faced after he'd ordered me to bed, wondering if he'd stand up and hold me but he just said "Well? I said up to bed didn't I?" He pointed to the door and off I went, stomping on the stairs and slamming the bedroom door.
I got into bed and my bum was burning, it felt worse against the cool of the duvet when I turned face down. I turned on my side but couldn't fall asleep, I was tempted to go back downstairs and say things but I wasn't sure quite what I wanted to say, maybe I just wanted contact (as if I hadn't had enough). Then I heard P on the stairs and I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. Stupid isn't it, one minute I wanted contact and the next I wanted to avoid it. When he got into bed after a few minutes I felt his hand on my bottom and I flinched away. He gave me a sharp slap.
"Don't flinch away from me young lady, you've been spanked that's all."
"But it hurt," I said.
"It will hurt a lot more if I have to spank you again, now be a good girl and go to sleep."
I relaxed, his hand stayed there and within minutes I knew by his breathing he was drifting off. I had the strongest urge not to be a good girl at all but resisted it and eventually dozed off myself.    

Epilogue (the good news bit) -
A good test, I always think, of a spanking's severity is whether it hurts in the shower next day. This one did and I had a couple of light bruises too. P was bright and breezy, away to work just before 7.30am, on his way out he told me he'd be happy to make the draw for me and then the front door closed and he was gone before I could say anything. Then he surprised me in the afternoon by saying we'd eat out. Yippee! The Christmas lights are all on in town and it looks lovely and I like strolling to and from wherever we eat. The spanking wasn't mentioned at all and my bum was still just a teeny bit tender when my husband squeezed it on the walk back to the car.

Have a fun weekend.


Gif is one of Patty's. Not sure where I found it.


bobbsroom said...

and all is suddenly good with the world

I love happy (sore) endings

Have a good weekend


Roz said...

Congratulations DF! You'll definitely have to tell us what you order :)

Ouch Ronnie, that paddle looks mean! The good news is that now you know he does take an interest in the blog :) I totally get the wanting contact/flinching away. Aftercare for me is so important.

Glad it all ended well. Gotta love a happy ending :)

Have a wonderful weekend.


Fondles said...

I suppose you should have known that mouthing off in the blogosphere would have derriere consequunces?

i think i've been too good a girl lately too. no serious spankings happening here. maybe i should ask BIKSS for a proper maintenance the next time i see him.

Anonymous said...

I think you are a sly one. You posted bad things about P and in the back of your mind you knew it would get you spanked. You got the punishment spanking you had needed so bad. I do agree P should have hugged you after. Punishment is just that and then forgiveness follows. And you did have a nice diner the next day and enjoyed the lights. Have a great weekend.

DelFonte said...

Thank you for the voucher - will it or won't it be a cane I wonder....
As for your spanking - timing may have been a little out, but P certainly delivered it!
still a mean looking paddle.

Dee said...

P may not quite follow the same procedure as you have in your head, but he comes good afterwards in his own way huh :)
Sympathies with that paddle though. I have a feeling P likes it.
Have a good weekend :)

Dee x

an English Rose said...

Oops Ronnie, the last post of yours I read you were saying you wanted to be really spanked, be careful what you wish for lol
Have a good weekend
love Jan.xx

PK said...

I understand all the ups an downs here and I'll tell you again, although you already know - I just love P! And again I'll tell you, lose the wood and the cane and go for leather!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Grinning across the Atlantic - that is our smallest and lightest - paddle. It has no effect on me. It's Bacall's fav. Maybe I am not using it right. Shall I send Bacall over for a session with P?

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

The ending sounds lovely.

Congrats to Del Fonte

ronnie said...

BOB B - Until the next time:) Have a good one yourself. Thanks.

Roz - I think i'll be putting the paddle on my not so nice list but think I need another round with it first to make 100% sure I don't like it:) Thank you.

Fondles - What you waiting for:) Thanks.

Archedone - You could be right. Thanks. Have a good one yourself.

DF - He has his moments. Of course its up to you but I vote for the cane. I hope you do share with us.

Dee - I have a feeling likes it too much:) Thanks.

Jan - I wished I hadn't mentioned the paddle to Boy and Bacall. Thank.s

PK - I beginning to agree except for the cane. Thanks.

OBB - We'll do a swap then:) Thanks.

SG - The evening was perfect. Thanks.


Hermione said...

Congratulations, DelFonte!

I love the paddle. Bogey and Bacall have good taste in implements (and so do you!)


Kenzie said...

Congrats DF!

Sounds like a very good ending. ;)

Terpsichore said...

glad for the happy ending to your story :-) Hugs

Cat said...

Congratulations to will have to post a picture of what you purchase! ;)

Hey Ronnie...happy that things turned out well for you. ;)


Minelle Labraun said...

Congrats DelFonte!

Ronnie that wood is....OUCH!
However it all turned out great. I love the way P handles things! LOL

1manview said...

Hi Ronnie, I'm finally back. I see you are still getting those spankings... lol ... I wish you a late happy blog anniversary.... I just got back up running today, I couldn't remember my blog pass word. or any other password. Duh! I missed you and I have to get caught up. I'll be posting soon...


Anonymous said...


I am glad that P did not wait long to use the new paddle. Have a terrific weekend.


ronnie said...

Hermione - I think they do. P thinks its a nice size. I saw a small Jamie Oliver paddle today, was tempted to buy it. Thanks.

Kenzie - It was. Thanks.

Terps - Me too:) Thank you.

Cat - Thanks. I hope she does.

Minelle - Ouch it is. Thank you.

1MV - Hello. I've missed you. I'll be over. Thanks.

Joey - I think he used it to early:) Thanks.


Ami Starsong said...

Congratulations DF!

The paddle looks quite unusual but I am sure I would end up looking like a colander! Did you? But he must've really laid it on for it to hurt in the shower the next morning! I have never had that experience - I usually relish the stinging burn in the shower. Am I weird or what?! Never slept on my tummy either. Just think, I've got all these experiences to look forwards to!

Many hugs Ronnie. I think you got what you really wanted.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Del Fonte! :)

And I guess congrats to you too? I think? :) Paddles are so ouchy! The holes in that one look mean.

sara :)

kiwigirliegirl said...

...and for all hohs out there, that's how its done. I'm very jealous as its seriously lacking in my house. Thank you for sharing this :-)

ronnie said...

Ami - No, no marks that resemble a colander. I love the delicious feeling of having a the sting in the shower next day. Thanks.

Sara - That one is:) Thanks.

KG - He has been spanking for quite a while. Thank you.