Monday, 2 December 2013

10 inches of Ouchiness

Look what I received in the post recently. 

A Thanksgiving/ Christmas present from my dear friends Bogey and Bacall.

I hung it on our white board at the office while P was in a meeting so I could take a picture to show you.

Haven't given it to P yet but have given myself a few swats with it and can tell it will be a real stinger. I'll let you know when I've had the pleasure of it:)

Come back tomorrow for something special.

Have a good week.




bobbsroom said...

Hello Ronnie

Looks every bit as ouchy as the one i made about a year ago. Looking forward to the review.
Have a good week.

BOB B :)

Michael M said...

Nice Advent Calendar gift. Hope you enjoy the swats.

Roz said...

Sheesh Ronnie, rather you than me! LoL. Looks seriously ouchy! Look forward to your review:)


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, nice friends you have. I don't know about giving it to P. Maybe you should hide it instead. Bleeping thing looks like it's made of wood!!!!!!
love Jan.xx

Cat said...

Ouch! Wood is no good!!! ;)

Good luck with that sucker!


DelFonte said...

Rather you than me..... I'll stick to leather paddles. Let us know how it goes :-)

Anastasia Vitsky said...

Oh my goodness...someone better behave! :D

Anonymous said...

Ronnie when your friends gave that to you were they mad at you. I'd say P will give you a very red and sore bottom with that. Can't wait to hear how you feel during and after P using it on you.

Natasha Knight said...

Oh wow, wood scares me and that paddle looks really scary!! Best of luck to you and your poor bottom ;)

MrJ said...

Looking forward to hear what's better: anticipation or the real thing.

PK said...

Now that thing looks formidable. It seems you go from one horror to another, what's wrong with leather? Canes and paddles - oh my!

Jason Girl said...

Yeowch! That seriously looks like it'll hurt!

Terpsichore said...

ouch! :-)

Ami Starsong said...

It really does look ouchy! And really, it's the pattern on my bottom that the holes would make that would concern me most! Won't it cause blisters?

Rather you than me!


ronnie said...

BOB B - I'm not so sure of it now:) Thanks.

Michael - I'm sure P will enjoy it more than I do. Thank you.

Roz - Think I'm having second thoughts. Thanks.

Jan - You could be right and now is the time will be too late once its in P's hands:) Thank you.

Cat - I'm normally a leather girl except for the cane. Thanks for the good luck wishes.

DelFonte - I'm wondering why I mentioned holey paddles. Thanks.

Ana - I've already started behaving:) Thank you.

Archedone - LOL. I'll ask him to give his opinion on the use. Thanks.

Natasha - Why I said I wanted to try a holey wooden paddle I'll never know:) Thank you.

MrJ - Always wanted to try a holey wooden paddle but the anticipation could be better than the real thing, yes. Thank you.

PK - LOL. I think the paddle could be far worse than the cane. Thanks.

Jason - I hope not:) Thank you.

Terps - Indeed. Thank you.

Ami - I hope P doesn't use it hard enough to make patterns:) Thanks.


George K said...

Oh my but that does look formidable! Enjoy????


Blondie said...

From a business point of view, I love the shape and the holes of this paddle. What kind of wood is it and what are the dimensions. Hope to hear how much you liked or disliked it soon.

Michael M said...

Here is a movie of someone else who received a Christmas present she wasn't expecting - or was she?

Fondles said...

careful, Ronnie, we're going to start blaming you for paddles too!

Kenzie said...

Eeek! Good luck with that one! ;)


OMG Wood with holes! Start running now and don't stop, until you are a long way away from that thing :)


ronnie said...

George - Maybe I should leave it hidden:) Thank you.

Blondie - I've hidden it at the office but will let you know dimensions tomorrow. Made of pine.

Michael - Thanks. Saw this earlier but the video wouldn't play for some reason.

Fondles - That wouldn't surprise me:) Thanks.

Kenzie - I think I'm going to regret every mentioning a holey paddle to Bogey. Thanks.

Prefctdt - You have me worried. Have you had one used on you? Thanks.


Red said...

what a delightful present, but I thought you did not like wood... we will soon find out
bottoms up

Anonymous said...


Hate wood. Hate wood. Looks nice, but I bet it is nasty.


ronnie said...

Red - I don't normally bit I've always wanted to try a holey paddle:) Thanks.

Joey - Jury's out. Thanks.


kiwigirliegirl said...

All I can say is ... ouchie. Wood hurts . Good luck

ronnie said...

KG - P would say its supposed to:)