Friday, 22 November 2013

Caught on Webcam

I've run out of wily ways of getting spankings. I'm running on empty, ideas-wise. I mean it's not as if I don't get spankings because I do, but I don't get enough of them and certainly not of the type I crave.

I have for years treasured the occasions when I've been spanked for something real, something I've done and deserved to be spanked for. The trouble has always been getting my husband to catch on, buy in, decide himself that I've overstepped whatever mark and gone too far and need a damned good spanking. Then do it efficiently, no asking me about it, just get on and deal with me, no sex, just a foolish girl put in her place. Is that asking too much?


I've contrived and schemed, I've put my point across subtly at candle-lit dinners, I've been objective and discussed such feelings as if it was some third party we were talking about, I've emailed short stories about what's happened so some women (I don't care if they were true or not), none of it has really worked or not sustainably. I can't become really bad because I hate the idea of causing real damage and bad feelings, but I do want the comeuppance that goes with bad. I wonder if I could be a proxy for all those bad girls who know they're bad but don't get dealt with, for whatever reasons their partners just don't. Perhaps they could send their offences to me and I'll pass them to my husband and he can spank me for 'their' offences and then send back to confirm he's spanked me properly for what 'they' have done. Their husbands could warn them to behave or he'll send a note off and Ronnie will be getting spanked for it. I mean how terrible would those girls feel when they got a report back from me saying 'yes I got thirty with the paddle because of you' or 'bitch, I got a good caning because of you and now I can't sit down'. Nah, it wouldn't work but I can dream.

What I did do, and this is reality, was sit in front of my webcam and practise a few different ways of asking for a spanking and then play them back to see which was best (god I must have been desperate) and then our doorbell rang and it was a friend from down the road and she came in for coffee. The laptop went to sleep and I forgot about it. When P got home he moved it and must have touched a key and my face was there. He pressed play and was treated to five different me's asking for a spanking. I went so red in the face, then I started laughing, P did too. He said I needn't have gone to all that trouble, I could have just asked for one. I said no no, I didn't need one (liar) but he said too bad because I was going to get one anyway. Two minutes later I was bare arsed across my husband's lap getting what I needed. 

Funny thing was, he never even asked me why I'd done the webcam stuff. I bet he'll take a look from time to time now though, how embarrassing.

Still it got me spanked:)

Have a good weekend.



Jenny Sunshine said...

That's funny Ronnie. I am glad it was him and not your guest that saw it.

Roz said...

Hey Ronnie, thank goodness it was P that saw it and not your neighbour!

Hopefully this may help reinforce your desire to him and at least you got what you needed in the meantime :) Nice evenly spanked bottom I must say!


MrJ said...

Quite an effective try-out - congrats!

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, this post had me laughing so hard. Maybe it's because I've been there. Most of the spanking I get is erotic, but there is also punishment when called for. R has been good about this and when she sees I'm getting stressed out or my temper is getting short her comment is "do you need a spanking". When I hear those words I know she's talking punishment, and what is funny I know punishment will help me and every time I look down and say yes. And believe me there is no sex after punishment.

PK said...

I loved this Ronnie - now just know P seems to be way ahead in coming up with 'reasons' to spank that Nick's ever done. But here's hoping he finds even more reasons.

Michael M said...

Nicely spanked bottom and with those inviting knickers it is not surprising he took you over his knee.

Hermione said...

OMG Ronnie, what a funny story! I would never try that because I would hate to see my face on camera. I hope you got exactly what you wished for, with more to come.

I hope you saved the video. P might want to refresh his memory.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Only you, only you, would have that happen. Too funny. Perhaps you have the way to connect the computer to the TV and when urge hits and the show is boring, you click the source from TV to computer and He hears " We interrupt this program to bring you this special message. This woman, picture of you, needs a spanking for ________".

Anonymous said...


So funny Ronnie, a very unique way to earn a spanking.

I do not try to earn spankings, but I manage to get into trouble all of the time with my friends.


George K said...

Ronnie, that is too funny! Glad you got what you asked for. Maybe I will have to give it a try!


Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

OMG Ronnie. Never thought of that. Glad it worked, wouldn't work here we work off separate computers. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Have a great weekend.

ronnie said...

Jenny - Oh and me. That would have been so bad. Thanks.

Roz - I'll tell P you admired his handywork:) Thanks.

MrJ - A girl has to try:) Thank you.

Archedone - Your wife knows you well. Thank you.

PK - So do I. Thanks.

Michael - One of my favourite pair of knickers:) Thank you.

Hermione - Yes all saved:) Thanks.

OBB - LOL. Brilliant. I may have to try that. Thanks.

Joey - I didn;t think it would get me a spanking so soon:) Thanks.

George - Do try this at home:) Thank you.

SG - It was my laptop he moved and spotted them:) Thanks.


an English Rose said...

Oh Ronnie, that is exactly how I feel , I am going to read this to hubby in the hope ( faint or otherwise ) that he catches on. Glad you got what you needed,
love Jan.xx

Alex said...

So embarrassing... it's hot somehow : )



Red said...

Ronnie: What a wonderful photo of your extremely beuatiful rosy bottom!
I think your idea was delightful, practicing how to ask, and being able to see yourself when watching it.
However, I think more fun is in store for you in the way of another stronger spanking (which will be even more delightful)! The implications will quite possibly become clear to P that your friend might have accidentally seen the video, if she had said."oh, let me check the weather for this weekend" and touched your computer screen, while you were out of the room for a moment.... Does he really want your friends know about your being spanked?
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

So identify with this.When I'm brought up short it makes me feel so keenly loved and cherished. It's not as if he doesn't have me in his radar, but a sound spanking emphasises the point. A kind of 'it's you and me against the world and your behaviour is not cutting it ' if you know what I mean???? Oh blimey, I'm so tired Sarah

Daisy Christian said...

I love it too funny.. your butt looks nice and spanked though good for you

Anastasia Vitsky said...

I'm laughing so hard! Too funny. Thank goodness your husband took it in stride.

I know what you mean, though. It's such a rush when it's for something "real" but it's not good to be bad for real. Such a dilemma for a good girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ronnie, I think your blog is the best there is. It amazes me that you really think "none of it has really worked or not sustainably." Because from an outsider's viewpoint you are getting exactly what you described! You are getting your comeuppance quite regularly, wheter it is over weight loss or lewd behavior or poor work performance. If you could read back through your blog as if you had not written it, you would see how frequent it really is!

sarah thorne said...

Well now, looks like you found a way!

ronnie said...

Jan - Glad someone knows what I'm talking about:) Thanks.

Alex - My bottom was after. Thanks.

Red - Thank you. No chance of my friend using my laptop so safe on that one but stronger spanking, yes, hopefully:)

Sarah - Hello. I know exactly what you mean. Thanks.

Daisy - My bottom was a hot bottom after:) thanks.

Ana - Exactly, you got it perfectly. Thanks.

Anonymous - Thank you, very nice of you to say. I do get spanked (but of course I want more:)) but its the real punishment spanking I crave:)

Sarah - Not quite sure on that:) Thanks.


bobbsroom said...

Hello Ronnie

The is what roleplay was invented for. I have done it quite a bit and sometimes elaborately at that. It is a great way of believing you have done something you would never ever do and get punish for it.
Of course i don't mean to be forward but as a connoisseur of a pert shapely bottom yours ranks extremely high for shape and color. Probable need to lose the knickers and add a few stripes #justsaying hehehehe :D

Have a great weekend


Fondles said...

i was laughing so hard! i sent bikss a copy of that paragraph.

nice pic. and i'm a little envious of the red bottom. lovely knickers too!

Baxter said...

Well you did get what you wanted so maybe you should put other stuff on your laptop and hope he 'catches' you and spanks you again and again and again. Your butt certainly got spanked. Congratulations.

Lea said...

Well, whatever works! :-)

ronnie said...

Fondles - He is rather a good spanker:) Thanks.

Baxter - Good idea. Thanks.

Lea - Too right. Thanks.


Kenzie said...

Lol, this was too funny! I was laughing throughout the post!

ronnie said...

Kenzie -:) Thanks for stopping by.


Terpsichore said...

I say keep dreaming and hoping and plotting... :-) Glad he did take you over his knee for some spanking fun. :-) Hugs

ronnie said...

Terps - Missed you there Terps:) So was I:) Thanks.