Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Second time in 10 days

.....that my husband has sent me a saucy email

He asked me if I'd got any fashion shows coming up (I do occasionally) and then said he'd come with me if there were any showing retro underwear.

I told him I didn't think so.

"That's a pity, " said he. "That sort of lingerie is definitely the way to go. You've got some knickers similar to those, you should wear them more often.....with the accessories of course," he said with a lecherous smile, "it makes me hard just thinking about them."

"Last time I wore underwear like that, I seem to remember getting caned," I said with a false note of concern.

"That makes me hard as well," he said.

I must have a sort through my undies drawer in the next few days.



bobbsroom said...

Just for the record.

It is making me hard as well :):):)


sunnygirl said...

Hope you find those "knickers".

Michael M said...

Those deep knickers and fullsome bras do it for me. Definitely Domme.

Anonymous said...

....and she looks as if she is enjoying the moment ! Sarah,LD,UK

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie. I agree, she does look she is enjoying it. Ooh, good luck finding those knickers!


garyntboy said...

I'm with Bob on this one, definitely hot hot hot.
Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Now I can't imagine why you wearing something like that would make him hard. And to think of being caned while you have something like that on. I bet you have found them already and have felt the cane.

Elis said...

You are such a wonderfully obedient wife. Maybe you could do a fashion show yourself, ending in his favorite panties. I'm sure your end would be happy about it.

Anonymous said...


Methinks you have a caning coming in the near future. We expect a full account. LOL. You cannot tease us and not share.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

What are you doing here? Get those knickers sorted out.

Red said...

It appears to me that you should have already found them, but the next shopping trip should involve buying more sexy lingerie.
Please give my congratulations to P for using email to spice up both of your day. It certainly must have raised your spirits even higher than whatever they were before you opened the email.
bottoms up

foothills1981 said...

Retro lingerie and knickers do deeply powerful things to my subconscious. I am already an 'ass-man', but the lingerie takes it up to the next level for me.

Ronnie, if you do your sorting, whatever you do, don't get rid of anything. Though some outfits may get your caned or spanked, at the end of the day, you know you don't mind ;)

foothills1981 said...

Your husband can thank me later for my comment :) Be sure to tell him I said "you're very welcome". I do what I can to help

ronnie said...

BOB - Behave:) Thank you.

SG - I know just the ones he's talking about. Thanks.

Michael - I wonder if that's most men. Thanks.

Sarah - If you got it, why not flaunt it:) Thanks.

Roz - I know they must be in my underwear draw. Thank you.

Gary - Behave yourselg as well Gary:) Thanks.

Archedone -Already felt the cane but not for wearing the knickers. Thanks.

Elis - Now why didn't I think of that:) Thanks.

Joey - What another one:) Cheers.

OBB - All in good time. Thanks.

Red - Its good to spice it up an I will pass your congrats on to P. Thanks.

Foothills1981 - I'll be sure to tell him:) Thanks.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I know I am a bit late to the party. by now I expect you have had those knickers on and P has had the cane out. He definitely seems to be in the mood at the minute doesn't he?
love Jan.xx

Anonymous said...

Ronnie: If that is not an invitation I do not know what is. My husband has made similar remarks as I have to him and for both of us it is wonderful as are the rewards.
Rachel & aj

ronnie said...

Jan - I've got as far as finding them but hey, the weekend is nearly here:) Thanks.

Rachel and AJ - Hello. An invitation I'll be accepting:) Thanks.


Hermione said...

Ron loves that look too.


MarQe Smith said...

Dita, that woman sure knows how to Sashay!! MQ x

MrJ said...

I guess this response comes too late to include an encouragement to go through the drawer right away! ;-)

MrJ said...

I guess this response comes too late to include an encouragement to go through the drawer right away! ;-)

ronnie said...

Hermione - Seems a lot of men do:) Thank you.

MarQe - She sure does. Thanks.

MrJ - Found but not worn yet. Thanks.


Minelle Labraun said...

I love old fashioned clothes...especially underclothes.
They are harder to get out of...however!

ronnie said...

Minelle - I love some of the old corsets and yes you definitely struggle to get out of those:) Thanks.


Devlin O'Neill said...

Looks like we were on the same sheer wavelength yesterday, Ronnie. Great find! :-)


ricky said...

Mmmmmm . . .

ronnie said...

Dev - Always lovely to see you here. Can't take the credit for this find, have to thank hubby for it. Will pop over. Thanks.

Ricky - :)Thanks.