Monday, 28 October 2013

Fifty Shades

Those who visit my little blog from time to time will know I sometimes post a snippet from the weekend press if I think its relative to our shared interest, be it funny, shocking, academic even artistic sometimes.

Yesterday I read in the Sunday Times that Jamie Dornan is going to take the male lead in Fifty Shades 'the movie', (some of you probably know that)  it was accompanied by the photo below which was from an advertising assignment he undertook for Calvin Klein (apparently Eva Mendez featured in the same ad series)

Now, as I haven't read the book myself I'm probably not qualified to make a judgement here although I've read loads of comments from others who have waded through it and exchanged views by email with many. I just thought when I looked at the torso, admittedly fit, covered in oil or whatever, that I couldn't imagine by him. I did a quick google to see if I could find any pics to persuade me otherwise but not really. I found one with him wearing a jacket at some celebrity reception, a bit warmer but still not really.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned.

Have a good week.



Roz said...

Very nice pics Ronnie! Hmm, not entirely sure, but could be convinced. Depends how he 'scrubs up' for the role LoL :)


Elis said...

I'm terribly afraid it's my age - who wants to fantasize about being disciplined by a boy? Christian Grey was young but still...

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Here's to being old fashioned. I have no interest in spanking the young celebrity gals. I guess they have the parts, but the presentation is not attractive.

Dana said...

I look at him and think, hmmm and he's how old? And he is missing that special something we all hunger for, and it's the air of authority, dominance, HOH, whatever you call it, He ain't got it, and playing the part is just well, boring...

Anonymous said...


I find it fascinating to read about the debate regarding who should play Christian Grey.

So, who is your fantasy spanker from TV or the movies?


Cat said...

Nice pics Ronnie but just can't imagine being disciplined by him.

He actually looks like the sub rather than the Dom in both of these pics. ;)


Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

He just doesn't have that look that makes you go weak in the knees, body notwithstanding.

ronnie said...

Roz - Not having read the book but heard a lot about the character Christian. I just can't see Jamie in that role.

Elis - How old was he supposed to be in the book? Thanks.

OBB - I know what you mean. Thanks.

Dana - Hello. "He aint got it" exactly but others may differ. He's 31. Thanks.

Joey - Not read the book and probably wont watch the film. For me now it would be Sean Connery. Cheers.

Cat - I wonder what the writer thinks of the choice. Thank you.

SG - Not sure who I'd go for but aas I said, haven't read the book. Thanks.


Erica said...

He's cute. He's kinda sexy. That being said, still don't wanna see the movie! :-)

t1klish said...

It's probably not easy finding an actor these days who is naturally suited to play a Dom. A popular actor with a masculine in charge confident stride? Not one. I consider it a miracle I've found a man with that quality at all being out here in La La Land.

Hermione said...

He looks way too young for me, oiled six-pack notwithstanding.


ronnie said...

Erica - Yes cute but not right for the part. I'll be passing on the film as well. Thanks.

t1klish - Maybe they should have gone for unknown actor. Thanks.

Hermione - Yes that;s what I thought but then I'm not sure what age Christian is supposed to be. Thanks.


TL Bucko said...

I must admit I don't get it either, but then again I wasn't a big fan of the book either.

ronnie said...

TL Bucko - Have to wait for the reviews. Thanks.


Ami Starsong said...

He needs to be more "craggy" looking, with steel in his eyes - the sort you'd want to pick a fight with. Also too oily and not enough body hair to rub against your soft bits! I couldn't imagine sitting naked on his knee whilst he was dressed in a business suit - and believe me, I've learnt it's even better when your bottom's rosy and tingling! LOL!


ronnie said...

Ami - I agree, yes you got it, more craggy.

I take it you've read the book.



Irish Lucky said...

I couldn't agree with you more! He doesn't seem alpha at all to me, too pretty maybe. But doesn't do a thing for me. Sigh.

ronnie said...

Irish Lucky - Hello. A little on the tame side:) Thanks.