Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Clark Gable Spanks ?

Made me smile.

Who's the girl? Anyone know?



Michael M said...

She looks happy about it and pretty too.

mostly mouse said...

Totally not sure but is it Joan Crawford from the 1936 film foresaking all others?

The hair is similar...

Funny don't recall the spank but it's been like a century since mouse has seen it.


Roz said...

Very nice Ronnie! Not sure who she is, but I agree, she looks fairly happy


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, no idea who she is, but they both seem happy enough :)
love Jan.xx

MarQe Smith said...

A cheeky little smack .. always fun !! Hope you are well Ronnie .... been so long since our paths crossed ..

MarQe x

Elis said...

That's cute - sure does make me want way more. When he played Rhett Butler I really wanted to see Scarlet over his lap.

Hermione said...

How cute! I'll bet she gets a few more off camera.


Anonymous said...

Thanks ronnie. I love the expression on the female's face.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I thought that since Bacall has watched damn near every B&W movie made she would know. mostly mouse guess looks right. See this

MrJ said...


Simon said...

I'm also sure that mostly mouse is correct and that is a quite young Joan Crawford. Although she later became famous for playing tough and stern women, in her earlier career she often played flappers and other young women who might be considered in need of a spanking.

ronnie said...

Michael - I thought that. Thanks.

Mouse - Couple of others think Joan Crawford so you are probably right. Thank you.

Roz - We think it is Joan Crawford, Thanks.

Jan - I love her smile when she turns around. Thanks.

MarQe - Hello to you. I hope you are well. I do visit but lurk more than comment. Thanks.

Elis - Oh so did I:) Thank you.

Hermione - I wonder if he was actually into spanking off camera. Thank you.

Joey - So do I. Cheers.

OBB - Will take a look. Thank Bacall for me.

MrJ - Thanks.

Simon - Hi. I don't think I've ever seen a young Joan Crawford. She was very pretty. Thanks.


Daisy Christian said...

Lol I think she does like I don't think any of us would mind if he spanked us

sunnygirl said...

I don't know who she is, but she sure looks like she wants more. But then, it was Clark Gable.

Tomsrose said...

Very cute and from Clark Gable...

bobbsroom said...

Hello Ronnie

Yes every one is right, it is from a 1933 musical called Dancing Lady. She was 29.

Top marks to everyone :):)

Michael M said...

Maybe they could do a modern version of Dancing Lady and upgrade the spanking scene.

Any suggestions as to who should play the roles?

ronnie said...

DaisyC - If he was in the role of Rhett, yes:) Thanks.

SG - I think everyone agrees Joan Crawford. Thanks.

Tomrose - Hello - Quite tame but nice. Thanks.

BobB - Not seen the film. I take it Clarke didn't sing? Thank you.

Michael - Will have to see the film first. Thanks.


Kenzie said...

Lol, she seems very happy about that smack. ;)

ronnie said...

Kenzie - Think I would be as well:) Thanks.


Red said...

fun to see, and exactly how a woman should take a pat on the bottom as a compliment...
bottoms up