Monday, 30 September 2013

Walnut Whip after S&M

No that's not my suggestion (although why not?), it's the suggestion of India Knight, a prominent columnist for the Sunday Times. I like her writing generally, she's a sensible down to earth woman with a keen eye for unusual and often amusing stories. She's also not afraid to speak her mind without regard for the political correctness of the day.

The article she wrote was about a sleepy little Cambridgeshire village called Trumpington, which had its 105-year-old village hall, 

normally noted for Brownies meetings and cake sales, booked by the local SandM Club for a one day course covering such topics as how to truly get a bottom's attention with canes, bondage, 

erotic hypnosis and domination. The fee per session was £10, which included tea and biscuits, served by Sarah the Maid (very English). Unfortunately the group have been 'busted' and their booking cancelled by the Trumpington village hall trustees in spite of a local councillor being in favour of the event, especially as they were even laying on catering. The councillor, Sheila Stuart, said Cambridge had a diverse community and she was not surprised by the aborted meeting, especially given the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey. Ah well, clearly Fifth Shades was not a hit with the Trumpington trustees so there'll be no hanky spanky in the village hall for the foreseeable future.

India Knight did make a tongue in cheek comment to wind up her article, suggesting that probably half the villagers had read Fifty Shades, the doors would have been locked, they were all consenting adults and nobody was being forced to watch so what was the problem. She said the trustees should give the spankers back their booking and maybe join them for a nice cup of tea and biscuits afterwards:)

As I said, I like India Knight.

Have a good week.


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garyntboy said...

I know and it was so annoying too. I was going to offer my services as a bottom as well...huh !!!!
Kind regards,

Michael M said...

Only in the UK could such a thing happen. You couldn't make it up really. You will probably need an SM licence and a Health and Safety Risk Assessment to hold this tyoe of party at a hall in the future. They should have tried the village of Six Mile Bottom in Cambridgeshires. I bet India Knight could give a chap a good spanking if he crossed her.

Anonymous said...


Interesting. In the US, my local BDSM group has to be very discreet and private about where we meet. Best not to advertise to much.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone didn't care for adults learning and doing what they like. Maybe their activities could be moved to someone's house.

DelFonte said...

I saw this on the BBC News website. LoL at Michael's comment. Six Mile Bottom could do with some excitement!

Roz said...

I'm with you Ronnie, I'm liking India Knight too. Shame the PC brigade got in the way. Perhaps they should have joined in instead. You never know what you may discover.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, My hubby told me about this, he heard it on the news. Bloody people, of course they should have been allowed the booking.. Who cares what we all get up to really. We could have all gone and met up!!

ronnie said...

Gary - Would have been interesting to go along. Thank you.

Michael - Makes me smile every time I see Six Mile Bottom. I wonder where it got its name from. Thanks.

Joey - That's what I think they did, advertise with leaflets. Cheers.

Archedone - Maybe they should have advertised it as an adult learning course:) Cheers.

DelFonte - I was surprised to see it on their website. Thanks.

Roz - Probably shouldn't have advertised it with leaflet handouts:) Thanks.

Jan - That would have been a good idea to go and meet up. Have to look out for another one:) Thanks.


sunnygirl said...

Good for Ms. Knight and thumbs down to the uptight council. They paid the fee, closed the doors and if you were inside it was because you chose to be. Nothing else should matter. Maybe the council needs a life.

Hermione said...

Such a bargain at 10 (my keyboard doesn't have a pound sign:) Beatings, bondage and biscuits!

They could book a hall anywhere here, as long as they won't be serving alcohol. If they do, it's a complicated procedure to get a permit.


Kenzie said...

Lol, Hermiones comment says it perfectly.. beatings, bondage, and biscuits!

MrJ said...

Is that according to the rule of law in Britain?
I guess not. So yes, let them join. And indeed: tea and cakes only after...

ronnie said...

SG - A lot of our small town councillors are stick in the muds. Thanks.

Hermione - Don't forget the tea:) I think if they hadn't advertised it as they did they would have been OK. Thank you.

Kenzie - Perfect combination:) Thanks.


Anastasia Vitsky said...

Wow, that is amazing! I mean, not what happened but what India Knight said. She's probably right, too. :)

foothills1981 said...

Haha, a very funny story. Somebody should make the Trumpington village hall trustees suffer spankings. That would be poetic justice.

ronnie said...

MrJ - No, just down to each individual council. Thanks.

Anastasia - She probably is. Thank you.

Foothills - Some of these local councillors should get a life. Thanks.


Red said...

would have been a fun event to attend... would increase tourism..
bottoms up