Wednesday, 25 September 2013


My husband sent me this picture, there was no message just a 'nice' in the subject line. Man of few words, my husband.

I didn't respond but later in the day I asked him whose handbags they'd been advertising. P looked at me as if I was talking in an unknown language and seeing the quizzical look on his face I prompted 'You know, the handbag the girls were carrying, well one of them was, the naked ones, remember?'

'Oh, sorry, didn't see a handbag, was it nice?' asked P.

'Well you must have thought so because you put 'nice' in the subject.'

'Yes I do remember, I just couldn't remember seeing a handbag.' Then he turned back to work. Men



bobbsroom said...

if it is any consolation, i didn't see the handbag either. NICE hehehe


Irishey said...

Baiting the man like that, R?! Chuckle!

Michael M said...

It took a while to see the handbag. Gorgeous bottoms.
I loved the recent posts - particularly the Spanish spanking.
The web site access at Whitehall to birchplace was an eye opener. It would not have happened in Mrs T's day.


DelFonte said...

If this is a gender test, I can confirm - I saw the handbag first :) It is very nice too.

Anonymous said...

Strange, I thought it was a commercial for perfect cheeks. But the hand bad is nice.
Just that the cheeks are better LOL.

garyntboy said...

I think they might be twins, their hair styles are similar and their breasts and bottoms are almost identical.....Didn't notice any handbag though.....
Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

I did not see the handbag until you pointed it out in your post.

Thanks for the eye candy.


Elis said...

A man, you are definitely married to a man.

Hermione said...

I thought they were twins too, but where is the second handbag?


Daisy Christian said...

Lol your funny. it is a nice pic

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, typical! Funnily enough, I spotted the handbag straight away. Very nice :)


Anonymous said...

If men noticed just the handbag, would women enjoy that more?

Terpsichore said...

too funny...yes, I saw the handbag...I will have to share with my hubby and see if he notices it...I gather not... :-)Hugs

ronnie said...

BOB B - You men are all the same:) Thanks.

Irishey - Who me:) Thank you.

Michael - Thank you. Goodness, definitely not in Mrs T's day.

DelFonte - And I still don't know who the handbag is by:) Thanks.

Archedone - LOL. At least you noticed the handbag. Thank you.

Gary - You too:) Thanks.

Joey - Typical male:) Thanks.

Elis - Don't I know it. Thanks.

Hermione - I wondered the same. Thanks.

DaisyC - Thanks:)

Roz - It is rather a nice handbag. Thank you.

Anonymous - Hello. Not most of the time. Thanks.

Terps - I bet he doesn't:) Thanks.


sunnygirl said...

They definitely are a different breed. Thank God for the difference.

maryanne said...

oh, how i'd love to have a handbag like that. sigh. what a fun post. :)

an English Rose said...

Nice handbag, what else is there to see lol,
love Jan.xx

Kenzie said...

Colin would do/say something exactly like that, lol. Men! ;)

Anonymous said...

I ever I saw my wife doing such a thing, and with a friend, both would be having a very red bottom. They then would walk with the handbag displaying their very spanked bottoms.

Enzo said...

OK I must admit I saw the handbag. Was not the first thing I saw, perhaps the third thing, but I saw it.
I blame this on the fact that I am/have been in a relationship with ladies who are very particular about fashion.

ronnie said...

SG - Wouldn't change him for the world:) Thanks.

Maryanne - :) Thank you.

Jan - Except the water, looks inviting:) Thank you.

Kenzie - They are all the same:) Thanks.

Anonymous - I wouldn't blame you. P would probably do the same:) Thank you.

Enzo - Quite good marketing. Thanks.


sexuallysubmissivewoman said...

I'm a woman and I didn't even notice the bag :)
Very hot picture!

Natalie said...

One of the best photos you uploaded. Can I repost this on my tumblr account?

ronnie said...

Sexuallysubmissivewomen - :) Thank you.

Natalie - Feel free to use the picture. I am not sure where P found it. Thank you.


Lea said...

Ha! It is a fancy looking handbag.