Friday, 27 September 2013


I know, we've all seen Spank Me Pants, they're even in mainstream stores, boring boring, yawn.

So when my husband saw the pair I had out on the washing airer outside our villa on our recent holiday, I wasn't surprised he asked me why I'd brought something so 'tacky' as he put it. I told him not to judge too soon, he might get to like them, he obviously didn't notice that there were more red letters underneath the 'me', and that's just how I wanted it to be.

So later in the day, when we came off the beach and I put them on and leaned against the balustrade enjoying the early evening cooler air and lovely views, he had a pleasant surprise. That extra word made all the difference and I soon felt his hand on my backside, beer in the other, as he asked me how much the third word meant. I told him it was kind of open ended, I mean the more you keep reading it....well you know, it goes on and on.

He got the point and seemed delighted to test his interpretation of the message later, and he escorted a very sore bottomed girl out to a very nice restaurant to dine later that evening. I was delighted with the results in spite of being a bit shuffly sitting for the rest of the evening.

Have a fun weekend.



sunnygirl said...

Lucky girl and a good dinner too.

Erica said...

LOL...I thought perhaps the hidden word was "dummy." That would certainly guarantee harder, no? ;-)

Michael M said...

Super tail in all respects.

Anonymous said...

Many times we do get what we ask for. You received two gifts, a hard spanking and diner. I would guess all thru diner you had a big smile.

MrJ said...

Hard, harder, ...

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, I love Erica's comment. Would have loved to seen P if that third word had have been dummy LoL

What a lucky girl you are. A hard spanking AND dinner!


Elis said...

You do lead a wonderful life! A husband that reads and understands. What could be better, oh yeah, dinner.

Hermione said...

What fun! You should have had us guess what the third word was. I love Erica's guess. I would have said, "again".


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Seems P got the message on the panties. Sometimes men need directions from the more verbal women. Stop rolling your eyes! I picture you bent over the balustrade. I know that would be Bacall's choice.

Anonymous said...


Wow. Very naughty photo of you, it must be the warm Spanish Sun. But, very sexy!

Cute panties.


ronnie said...

SG - Can't beat a sore bottom and dinner:) Thanks.

Erica - LOL. Brilliant. Only you would think of something like that. I'll see if I can get a pair printed.

Michael - I know which sort of tanning I prefer:) Cheers.

Archedone - I'm sure people were wondering why I had a big grin on my face. Thank.

MrJ- I was. Thank you.

Roz - I'm definetely going to see if I can get a pair printed. Thank you.

Elis - Seems I often have a sore bottom when we go out to eat:) Thank you.

Hermione - Never thought of that. Lots of words could be added. Thanks.

OBB - Were two of a kind then:) Thanks.

Joey - The Spanish sun always goes to my head:) Cheers.


Florida Dom said...

Nice how the third word affected him. And nice to dine in a fine restaurant with a sore bottom. Sounds like you had a great time.


Kenzie said...

Lol, sounds like a great time! :)

Baxter said...

What a great time had by you and him. Nothing like a sore bottom. Great post.


Minelle Labraun said...

Lovely time! The last word makes all the difference.

ronnie said...

FD - And a big smile on my face:) Thank you.

Kenzie - Just what the doctor ordered:) Thanks.

Baxter - Followed by a lovely dinner:) Thank you.

Minelle - It certainly did:) Thanks.


Irishey said...

Making a few blog rounds, and so glad I stopped in! Love this post. I can imagine the gleam in his eyes upon seeing your surprise. ;-)

Lea said...

Very cute! Sometimes shuffling in a seat is a nice thing. ;-)

ronnie said...

Irishey - Happy you stopped by. I need to bring them out again:) Thank you.

Lea - A feeling I love:) Thanks.


Enzo said...

Great post ! Thanks for sharing and sharing pictures.
I love this description "...being a bit shuffly sitting for the rest of the evening." Shuffly - now that's a word to add to the vocabulary.