Friday, 6 September 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For

Marriage guidance counsellors, psychologists, relationship therapists, doctors - the young couple had tried them all in their quest to make their dream come true. Dissatisfied and frustrated, they came at last to the narrow alleyway leading to the ramshackle dwelling of Levi Westron. The cracked and weathered sign swinging above the door said, 'Wizard and General Handyman. I can fix your plumbing and make all your dreams come true.'

"Hey - this sounds exactly what we're looking for, Betty."

His wife peered wide-eyed at the sign. "Oh Arthur - do you really think he can make all our dreams come true?"

"There's only one way to find out." Arthur knocked on the door.

A voice from within bade them to enter, so Arthur pushed open the door and into the dim interior they went. A tall, bearded figure rose from a chair by the hearth, and the glowing embers of the fire illuminated his gaunt and shadowed face. Dark eyes glittered in the gloom. The figure stepped forward, its form enveloped by the folds of a swirling cloak, and perched on the top of his head was a pointy hat.

"He looks like a wizard," whispered Betty.

"Well of course I do," snapped Levi Westron. "What did you expect me to look like - a plumber?" He shook his head. "There's not much demand for plumbing these days. Most of my work is wizardry, with a bit of gardening now and then. So - what can I do for the pair of you?"

"Can you really make dreams come true?" asked Betty.

"It's my speciality. Tell me more."

Arthur cleared his throat, shuffled his feet, and began. "Well, not long after we got married, Betty realised she, er, preferred women to men. She lusts after other women most of the time, especially the ones with big bottoms. She also longs to spank them, you see."

"It's true," said Betty. "I can't help it."

"So what do you need the services of a wizard for?" Levi Westron stroked his beard and looked carefully at his visitors.

"It's simple. Make me into someone my wife will love and spank," said Arthur.

"Hmmm," said the wizard. "I can do that easily enough. But are you absolutely sure that's what you want? Because once the spell is cast, it cannot be reversed."

"Oh yes, please!" enthused Betty.

"That would be perfect," beamed Arthur. "Just as soon as you're ready, if you please."

"Very well. It will cost you five pounds and half a dozen duck eggs. I'm very partial to duck eggs."

"Sounds very reasonable indeed," said Arthur, handing over the money. "Betty - be a sweetie and nip to the shop for the eggs, will you?"

Betty hurried away to buy eggs, leaving the wizard muttering to himself as he made up a potion for Arthur. Arthur crinkled his nose in disgust.

"By Golly, that stinks something awful. I hope I don't have to drink it."

"If you want the spell to work you must drink the potion. Come on now, be a man and knock it back." The wizard handed over the potion to Arthur.

"Ugh!" Arthur pinched his nose with one hand to avoid inhaling more of the foul stench. Tossing his head back, he swallowed the potion down in one big gulp. "What happens now?"

"We wait a minute for the potion to take effect," said the wizard. "It will be quite painless." A wolfish smile creased the corners of his mouth. "Come and sit by me on the sofa." He seated himself and patted the vacant space next to him.

"I don't feel anything yet," said Arthur, taking his seat next to the wizard. "Oh - I say - my voice sounds a bit funny. It's all squeaky."

"Nothing to worry about."

"Are you sure? Oh! My voice sounds very peculiar!"

"It's just the spell starting to work," reassured the wizard. "Sit still and let it do its job."

"Eeeeeee! What's happening?" Arthur jumped up and began waving his arms about frantically. "I'm itching all over. This is terrible!"

"That's quite normal. You'll feel a whole lot better if you remove your clothes."

Arthur hopped about, disrobing and scratching and squealing all at the same time. "My skin feels different." He scratched some more.

The wizard nodded. "It will do. It is different."

"Good heavens. I have a pain in my chest. I must be having a heart attack!" wailed Arthur, scratching his nipples. "Oh - and now my arse is prickling. It feels like an army of ants. Ow! I don't like it!"

"You're making good progress. Almost finished now," said the wizard, licking his lips at the sight that had unfolded before his eyes.

For there stood Arthur, and he was transformed from a thick-set middle-aged man to a woman in her early forties with strawberry blonde hair and a cute smiling face. She had a gorgeous hourglass figure - big boobs crowned with pretty pink nipples, a narrow waist that flared into the generous curve of her shapely hips, and a pair of lovely legs that went on forever.

Arthur's eyes bulged as he looked at himself. "No! It can't be!"

"You've turned out even better than I thought," said the wizard. "Turn around a little. Let me have a look at that arse. Oh yes. Oh yes, yes, yes."

Stunned, Arthur turned and showed his bottom to the wizard. He waved it from side to side, his buttocks full and round like two giant ostrich eggs, tantalisingly swaying in front of the wizard's face.

"What an incredible arse you have. I simply must spank it," announced the wizard, as he grabbed Arthur and hauled him over his lap.

"Hey! You can't do that!"

"Want to bet?" quipped the wizard, and began spanking the luscious orbs.

Arthur kicked his legs and wriggled and howled as the wizard peppered his backside with a staccato symphony of spanks.

"What's going on?" demanded Betty as she confronted the pair on the sofa. "Who is that? Wow - what an amazing arse. And where is Arthur?"

"I'm here dear," said Arthur. "Damnable spell has turned me into a woman."

"Perfect!" Betty danced about the room clapping her hands. "Darling - how can I not love you now? You look exactly like me!"

Betty stripped off her clothes and pulled Arthur to his feet. She looked into his eyes and saw herself reflected there. "You are the most gorgeous woman, Arthur. I think we'll call you Andrea from now on. Ohhhhh I can hardly wait to get my hands on you," she purred.

"Really?" said Andrea Arthur.

"Yes really." Betty snatched up one of the wizard's old carpet slippers. "Get over my lap at once. I'm going to spank that bottom of yours until it glows. And then - oh boy - then, we are really going to have ourselves some fun."

"Hey - mind my duck eggs," said the Wizard.

But it was too late, for Betty sat on them as she pulled Andrea Arthur over her lap for a sound slippering. The first blow thwacked onto the naked rump in an immensely satisfying way. Oh well, thought the wizard, a small sacrifice given the unexpectedly entertaining afternoon in store. He sat back to watch the show.

Flopsybunny/AKA Lucy Appleby. Be sure to stop by, Lucy has some great stories.

Thank you Lucy.

Have a fun weekend.



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MrJ said...

Nicsly weird story withj an important morale: it is the skin's nature which makes a person suitable for being spanked.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story Ronnie. I'm sure they lived happily ever after with lots of spanking taking place.

Roz said...

Great fun story, very creative. Thanks Lucy, thanks Ronnie for sharing.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Cute story.

Have a terrific weekend.


Hermione said...

What a funny story. Lucy is so talented. I don't know where she gets all those ideas for stories.


an English Rose said...

Great story, magic in fact
love Jan.xx

Minelle Labraun said...

Fun story, thanks Lucy and Ronnie!

sunnygirl said...

Lucy is such a creative writer. Thanks for the story Lucy.

Hope you are having a great vacation Ronnie.


That was great. It's like Terry Pratchett had decided to write a spanking story.


ronnie said...

Mr.J, Archedone, Roz, Joey, Hermione, Jan, Minelle, SG Pref - Lucy is very generous with sharing her stories and a very talented writer. Thanks and thanks to Lucy.