Friday, 13 September 2013


...from our hols.

How are you all?  

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments.

Had a great time and yes I'll let you know how it went when I get chance to write. You'll have to bear with me as I have work to catch up on and a wedding to attend tomorrow. 

Have a fun weekend.


Picture found on eBay.


Michael M said...

OK that was quick -looking forward to your tales.

bobbsroom said...

Happy you had a great time and looking forward to the writings.

Have a nice wedding at a great weekend :D


Daisy Christian said...

Welcome back!!! hope you got your clothes back on hehe!!!

Can't wait to here all about it

mostly mouse said...

Welcome back !!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, you were missed. Love the beach picture. A happy lady getting a love spanking. Have fun at the wedding.

DelFonte said...

Spanked on a beach and nobody else bats an eyelid... if only that was the real world :)

Elis said...

Take your time, I'm just glad you're back. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Roz said...

Welcome back Ronnie!

Glad you have a great time and looking forward to hearing about it when you are ready.


bob said...

Welcome back, glad you had a great time on vacation.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend.


Kenzie said...

Welcome back. :) Glad you had a great time, looking forward to hearing about it!

ronnie said...

Michael - Quick, what do you mean?

Bob B - Just what the doctor ordered:) Thanks.

Daisy - LOL. Thanks.

Mouse - Thanks. Lovely to see you.

Archedone - Ah, lovely of you. Thanks.

DelFonte - Didn't get my spanking on the beach. Thanks.

Elis - It went too fast. Thank you.

Roz - Did have a great time. Thank you.

Bob - Thank you.

Joey - I think I'll be ready for another holiday after the weekend. Cheers.

Kenzie - Why do holidays go so quickly. Thanks.


Terpsichore said...

welcome back :-)

MrJ said...

Welcome back - looking forward to your stories!

sunnygirl said...

Glad you're back and had a fabulous time. Can't wait to hear

Hermione said...

I'll echo the others and add that I'm glad you are both home safe and sound.


ronnie said...

Terps - Time went far too quickly. Thank you.

MrJ - Thanks.

SG - As soon as I find time to write, I'll share. Thanks.

Hermione - Thank you.


kiwigirliegirl said...

welcome back

Anonymous said...

Oh how nice to have a wedding after your trip away rather than descending into post holiday blues. J's playing music for a few weddings now. This is a double whammy as he gets some pocket money and I get to turn the pages for him and stare dreamy eyed at a bride without P laughing at me. Sarah,LD, UK

ronnie said...

Kiwigirl - Thanks.

Sarah - The bride was gorgeous and we danced late into the evening. Good for J. Thanks.