Monday, 26 August 2013

Weekend Warning

Friday evening almost ready to leave the office, I tidied my desk and went to the loo, when I got back there was a note on my desk, from P, I got my phone out and snapped it exactly as it was. Scrawled on my own notepaper (it was a free offer from vistaprint) and with my own pen, I don't know where he got the candy cane from.

You can probably figure out the bits of the words obscured by the, consequences, case you can't.

I hadn't forgotten about the weekend, it's a public holiday long weekend here in the UK and I'd promised to help P with finishing (hopefully) jobs at his mom's house, I posted about it a while back and now it's upon me. Well by the time you read this the weekend will be over, just the public holiday Monday still to go, and I will have co-operated or not, and been rewarded or consequenced (I know that can't possibly be a real verb)

I'll let you know.

Have a good week.



sunnygirl said...

I hope the consequences are just what you expected.

Michael M said...

I am sure you will cooperate and get a good girl spanking in return.

saffy said...

:D sounds like you are having/had a good weekend . ((hugs)) saffy

MrJ said...

Ronnie, how precisely may we understand the distinction between reward and consequences. I mean: could in your case also the reward include an un candied cane?
Just helping. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I hope the weekend went as expected and if things went right maybe you had a good girl spanking and other rewards.

Roz said...

I hope the weekend went exactly how you wanted it to.


Anonymous said...

I hope you had an excellent weekend of rewards and lots of consequences.

Since you have teased our curiosity with this post, we do expect a full account of both. :)


Daisy Christian said...

Awww hope u had a good weekend...cute post and yeah where did the candy cane come from? Lol

ronnie said...

SG - A little more. Thanks.

Michael - Or maybe I didn't and got a good bad girl spanking:) Cheers.

Saffy - Busy weekend, I can say that. Thanks.

MrJ. Thank you for your help:)

Archedone - What do you guess? Thanks

Roz - Wouldn't say exactly:) Thanks.

Joey - I'll be sure to tell:) Cheers.

Daisy C - I haven't asked yet. Thanks.


Minelle Labraun said...

Hope it went well!

Hermione said...

The bit at the bottom looked like "Your penis" and I started to wonder what P was thinking until I realized it was "Your pen's" ;D


Julia said...

Love the note and the notepad it was written on. :)

Janey said...

Oh yes I thought the same as Hermione when I first read that.
What a thoughtful reminder, I hope it served its purpose!

Riley said...

Well that is quite a note. Love it! I hope all went well over the weekend :)

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I thought of you this morning, I was remembering your bank holiday pouting post. Hope it was a good one.
love Jan.xx

AngelBrat said...

Love your notepad! And love seeing the note just as you did!


Cat said...

Hey Ronnie...Very cute note...hope your weekend went the way you hoped it would. ;)


ronnie said...

Minelle - Went too fast:) Thanks.

Hermione - LOL. I would have been wondered what he meant had it said penis. Thanks.

Julia - I have a few fun notepads. Thank you.

Janey - Hello. A good reminder. Thank you.

Riley - A busy busy weekend. Thanks.

Jan - Ah that was nice. no pouting this weekend. Thanks.

Tracy - I like fun notepads. Thanks.

Cat - Different weekend. Thanks.


Red said...

Such a wonderful man to offer a reward for helping him... and do you really have notepaper with your blog and this photo on it... Someone must have seen it by now, besides P and yourself... which should mean another spanking... delicious
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

You are one lucky woman, I wish I would get notes like yours!