Friday, 16 August 2013

Strictly Speaking Spanking

Click pictures for larger image.

Spotted on eBay. Would have been an interesting magazine to read.

A Scarletthill publication. Thanks Barbara.

Have a fun weekend.



sunnygirl said...

I agree with you. Would have been good reading.

Erica said...

I have a couple of those!

Michael M said...

Hi these magazines were published by Shadow Lane and there were M/F, F/F and F/M variants. Before the internet this was exciting and stimulating material. Hard to believe that now, when there is so much available at the click of a mouse. Shadow Lane has moved with the times - see

Erica said...

Wellllllllll... actually, Shadow Lane published Stand Corrected magazine. These magazines were published by Scarlett Hill Enterprises, a competitor at the time (although their stuff was never as good!).

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I agree it would be fun to read. The first photo appears to be an older couple maybe the parents of the girl being spanked watching, and not at all upset over what they are seeing.

Roz said...

Great pics Ronnie! Oh yes, these would definitely have been fun to read.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


Hermione said...

I would have loved to have that magazine way back when. Isn't it amazing how it's all available now with the click of the mouse.

I wonder how much the magazine sold for on eBay.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I read a few of them. You did not miss much.

Anonymous said...

Scarletthill is still in business. I don't know if they sell hard copies but you can buy Emags. I am sure it would be easy to find their website on any of the search engines.

smuccatelli said...

They are indeed from Scarlett Hill which is still in business. I think you can still get print copies of back issues as well.

ronnie said...

SG - Thanks.

Michael - I was going to say I don't think they were a Shadow Lane publication but Erica beat me to it:) Thanks.

Erica - Thanks for letting us know who published the magazine. I didn't think it could be a Shadow Lane publication.

Archedone - I think you are right about the first picture. The parents are spankos themselves. Cheers.

Roz - I did have a couple of spanking magazines (not like these) and wished I had kept them. Thanks.

Hermione Too much info sometimes:) Not sure what it sold for as I forgot to keep the link. Thank you,

OBB - Still like to read one. Cheers.

Smuccatelli - Thanks, you are a star.


Kenzie said...

certainly would have been an interesting read! Thanks for sharing. :)

Mickey said...

It looks like an adult coloring book! I have an urge to draw on her butt with the fire engine red crayon.

Anonymous said...

Very nice vintage magazine.

Minelle Labraun said...

I love the old mags and stories!

PK said...

I guess the internet has taken the place of all these wonderful old magazine. Nice that we have so much to choose from, but it's just not the same.

Katie said...

Those looked fun, Ronnie! :). I agree, things are changing and people are buying less newspapers and reading on the web instead. It's not surprising that the same can be said for spanking magazines!!! Hugs to you!

<3 Katie

Daisy Christian said...

Yes would've been very fun to read

ronnie said...

Kenzie - My pleasure. Thank you.

Mickey - Hello, LOL. That would be perfect. Thanks.

Joey - Not sure of the year it was published. Cheers

PK - No, not the same, I agree. Thanks.

Katie - I guilty of reading more on the web these days. Thank you.

Daisy C - Fun read, yes I think so. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Trot across to Scarlethill Spanking

They are a wonderful bunch and have a wide range of excellent magazines - I have bought many magazines from them, safely and securly and had great service from Barbara and the team ... and they are running a promotion at the minute ... have fun and spank safe ;-)

PS I am not affiliated in any way with SH ... I just love great service and like to shout about it ...

Barb said...

Hi All! A fan just sent me the link to this page & I thought I should offer a personal thank you to Ronnie for the post & an official statement that Scarlett Hill & our proudly old-fashioned fanzines have gone digital & downloadable to everywhere now but are indeed alive, well, & still going strong after 23 uninterrupted &, I have to add, unprecedented years of serving & satisfying adult spanking fans of all but M/M tastes.

I hope everyone who remarked that they that this older issue looked like a good read will swing by our site ( & satisfy their curiosity about this issue or any of the other timelessly thrilling vintage & spanking-new full color selections in our nearly 200 title library.

Thanks again Ronnie & to all of you who gave us a kind word! We've never been much for tooting our own horn, but we're always grateful when someone else does.

Sincerely Yours, Barbara Lewis,

Michael M said...

I stand corrected - of course.

Michael M said...

I stand corrected - of course.

ronnie said...

Barbara - Thank you so much for the comment. I will add the link to bottom of post.

Michael - Yu should pop over to I will when I have more time. Thanks.


Red said...

I have owned some of these type publications from Scarlett hill, both of women being spanked, and of men being spanked. They are well written, with good drawings... No longer own any as so much available on the web..
bottoms up