Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cabin Luggage

P asked me if I knew the overall sizes and weights for Ryanair cabin luggage, he'd read somewhere that they'd changed. I said I didn't think they had but I checked anyway, then I had a ghastly thought and said "P, why are you asking me about cabin allowances, you know we need hold space, we tried to get a week's gear into cabin space once before and ended up buying more stuff at our destination than ever, way more that the paltry saving involved." He said he knew that, he was just trying to work out what implements we'd be able to take, for instance he didn't think the a cane would fit even diagonally.

"Why are you even thinking of carrying stuff like that in your hand luggage?" I asked.

"Not mine, yours," he said.

"No way, not a chance, I always get searched," I said, 

"the hold bag will accommodate anything you can think of just fine."

"Ah but if luggage goes astray, which does happen, it's always the hold luggage, not the stuff you carry on board obviously, and I wouldn't want to lose any," he said.

I told him I was sure he's find something over there if necessary, he always has previously and anyway his hand is always a reliable and effective fall back. He didn't seem convinced and later when I was in the spare bedroom I noticed our large travel bags which we keep on top of a wardrobe had been displaced, presumably P had been measuring up.

I'll let you know what P decides to take in the end.



Disciplineand Love said...

As a Brit with an American husband, I remember this scenario so well..... My husband had a theory that, if my luggage were to get searched, the powers that be would brush it off as my 'kink', whereas if the same items were carried by a man, they night be seen as weapons of assault. (Strangely enough, we refer to them light heartedly, as least when I'm not feeling them, as WADS, or "Weapons of Ass Destruction").

I packed them in my main luggage rather than my carry on because, like you, I always seem to get searched. If they were ever discovered then nothing was said.

Possibly the combined greatest risk and irony for me is that I work for the UK government who does the searching....


Daisy Christian said...

Our men always thinking about the important things...taking care of us is a full time now is the time to do what u can't lol he's distracted...just teasing have fun

bobbsroom said...

I do like a man that gets his priorities right. I would always air on the side of minimal cloths to maximise implement storage.

WADS hehehehe :):) I like that :D


Fondles said...

WADS is hilarious!

Enzo said...

I have to agree with P as well as with Ross' husband that the same implements are perceived differently based on the gender of the person carrying them.

As an aside, I do think it must be an enjoyable perk of the job to search the luggage of certain hand picked passengers ;)

Michael M said...

A riding crop is probably a better fit or perhaps just a nice pair of leather soled sandals. You can practice before you go off.

Roz said...

Love this Ronnie. Yep, gotta love a man who has his priorities right :)


Anonymous said...

Not sure if I'm lucky or not. We don't fly. Whenever we travel it's by car. And would you believe R can always find room for all the implements she needs to keep my bottom red and bouncing, and no fear of anyone seeing them. Unless we have an accident LOL.

Anonymous said...

I packed my toys in my carry on luggage last year when I attended Shadow Lane. No one checked.

I had a cover story prepared, but did not have to use it.


PK said...

I just love this! P's thinking ahead, even to the point of you being embarrassed rather than him. I would tell you to be sure not to get burnt on this trip - but I have a feeling you will be.

DelFonte said...

Riding crop and Ping-Pong bat, you can always claim they are your hobbies and they are easy to accommodate. Probably best to pack two bats, one might look suspicious :)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Not carry-on, it was an auto trip. My crop did not fit into any case we had, so I carried it my hand when we checked into the hotel. I rather liked the effect. Who knew that I would not be riding.

SirQsmlb said...

How exciting!!!! Even him pushing and telling you they would have to be in your luggage, but the embarrassment!!! If its a crop, get some equestrian magazines to go with your luggage. You're in trouble with the flogger :-)


Hermione said...

I like Bogey's idea. P should carry the cane, and perhaps wear a cravat and top hat as well.

Have a lovely trip!


Minelle Labraun said...

I think you will be having a VERY enjoyable time! However watch that wine...I remember the last time you were away and.....! LOL!

Red said...

P is ever so considerate, increasing the suspense as to what implements he might take. Have a smashing holiday
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Ros - Hello. Weapons of Ass Destruction, love that. Just wondering, If you found something in a case that was obvious to you a spanking implement would you for amusement ask what it was and what it was used for or as a spank - just let it pass through as not to embarrase them? Thank you.

Daisy C - I don't mind him taking any implement as I know I'll be spanked not matter what I just don't want them in my hand luggage:) Thanks.

BOB B - You sound exactly like P:) Cheers.

Fondles - Yes funny, will have to remember that one. Thanks.

Enzo - I wonder if you are a spanko security bag checker you would look a little harder through people luggage to see if you could find anything. Thanks.

Michael - P will be taking his leather soled sandals but hoping he doesn't think of using them:) Thanks.

Roz - He's kind like that:) Thank you.

Archedone - Great to pack all sort of implements if travelling by car as you can easily sneak them in and out of the hotel. Thanks.

Joey - What was the cover story you had prepared? Cheers.

PK - Bet it will be the thin green garden cane and the leather rose paddle. Thanks.

DelFonte - Riding crop a possibility but whatever P decides to take they wont be going in my hand luggage:) Thanks.

OBB - What if they asked where are you riding about in this area? Thanks.

Fiona - Flogger for shooing away the mosquitoes:) Thanks.

Hermione - LOL. Cravat yes but top hat, no:) Thank you.

Minelle - I know, I do like a glass of red or two:) Thank you.

Red - He always finds something there to spank me with. Thank you.


sunnygirl said...

He's always thinking and worrying about your well being. Isn't that sweet?

Disciplineand Love said...

Hi again Ronnie,

For myself, I think I'd recognise a spanking implement for what it was and, except for the possibility of some understanding eye contact between myself and the carrier, I would be unlikely to say anything about it.

On the other hand, I have some male colleagues with a particular type of sense of humour who I'm pretty sure would take delight in "innocently" asking what an implement was for..... In any case, in the grand scheme of things and based on some mild playful (or occasionally not so playful) interaction I've seen over the years between couples in public, I suspect that many more people are into some form of spanking than we know.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, reading this has filled me with dread, We are off on holiday in two weeks. I don't care what he packs in the hold but anything more than a hairbrush in the hand luggage and I would die on the spot. I reckon he will take something wooden but it better be in his case not mine. And I would pretend not to know him if someone searched his bags.:))
love jan.xx

Dee said...

:) I'll bet Ryanair have seen worse.

Dee x

Anonymous said...


If I was asked about the implements, I was going to say that I was a guest speaker at a conference discussing 50 Shades. Of course, I needed some items for show and tell.


ronnie said...

SG - Not always:) Thanks.

Rosalind - Thanks. I make sure I don't carry anything that security wants to know what it is. Have learn from past experience.

Jan - I don't mind having any implement in my checked baggage but not in my carry on. Good luck and enjoy your hols. Thanks.

Dee - Hello. LOL. That's who we are flying with this time. Thank you.

Joey - Good cover story. Thanks.