Friday, 5 July 2013

The Cane is like Fine Wine

Some of you will know that I have a soft spot for the's called my bottom (joke)

I don't always want it and, on occasions, when I get it I really don't want it at all, but when I don't get it for long periods I kind of miss it. I'm in a long period right now and so I was happy to read a story emailed to me by a reader about a girl's first caning.

I can't repeat the story because I don't have permission but it was well written and believable except for the way the caning, which was quite strict, was entered into, with absolutely no preconditioning or warmup of any sort. Now there's nothing wrong with that per se, in my opinion, but the girl in question finds herself at the end of the story dissecting her experience and already having longings for her second caning. Can that be, I ask myself, as one not unaccustomed to the sting of rattan over several years.

I suppose it's possible but most people I hear from who've tried the cane and rejected it find it too harsh, too much of a shock and I always wonder if it's been applied too forcefully by the user, perhaps inexperienced, and therefore made a bad first impression which is hard to get over. It maybe a pity for some who don't persevere because, given time and patience on both sides, the cane really can be quite seductive if a little scary.

P once told me it was a bit like olives (it's a joke between us) it takes a while to get used to so start off with mild ones and build up. Personally I think it's also like fine wine, it gets better with age and should be chosen carefully to fit the occasion.

If I get permission, which I've asked for, I'll post the account.

Have a fun weekend. 



sunnygirl said...

I like your analogy, but I'm still chicken.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

The cane is simply marvelous. I agree it's use should be reserved for special occasions. Of course, we should not forget Beaujolais nouveau. So a mademoiselle might find the experience intoxicating and look forward to a return engagement.

bobbsroom said...

I certainly hope you get permission Ronnie, I like reading accounts like that, I think it helps me understand how the mind off bottoms function to some degree.
The craving for the second caning I also find fascinating and touch on it about a week ago in my last post. I think if you have got that type of wired brain it is a bit like craving rigorous exercise, the body needs more of the chemical rush it produces, if that makes sense.

Now you have brought it up, might just get the cane out myself

Have a lovely weekend

BOB B :)x

Fondles said...

if i get a chance to choose my implement tonight that's what i'm choosing! Heck, that's what i ALWAYS choose.

I think it's a case of whether it's applied in a single "swoop" or if it's built up (like you say) with a bunch of continuous light tappety taps first before falling back into a slower steadier thwack.

but i LOVE how BIKSS uses it... and I'm with you - I think it might be a favourite!

Ami Starsong said...

Well Ronnie, as someone who has tried olives in all their variations over the years - I still don't much like them, and Starman simply adores them!

I've never yet had the cane - but then, we don't possess one. I hadn't had a long perspex ruler until a couple of weeks ago when he suddenly produced it - and that was a bute I can tell you!

I also just want to throw in here, that the rose paddle came into play this morning early - and I am sitting on a soft seat. It does everything it is supposed to do - and more! It was applied hard and fast and took care of my stress and attitude in record time! It is funny how such an implement can be delectable one time, then a "must to be avoided" another time.

Enjoy your day!



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

I hope you get permission to post the story. I would be interested in reading it.

Love the analogy. Neither of us like olives and we have a love/hate relationship with the cane .. that is, I hate it, he seems to love it LoL.

I mostly find it harsh. However, when he uses it very lightly (very rarely I might add!) it can be quite seductive.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I don't mind the cane but having said that I don't think Hubby puts much force into it, the wooden paddle is much worse:(
love Jan.xx

Hermione said...

I like the olives analogy. I doubt that someone would love and crave a cane after a single, very harsh experience with it. But then, everyone's different, and the account was very likely somewhat fictionalized.


Anonymous said...


If I had to pick just one implement, I would pick the cane. But, an experienced Top will always warm me up first.

When I top, I want a female bottom's first experience with the cane to be not very strict so they want to try it again. P is right, it is similar to learning to enjoy olives.


Minelle Labraun said...

You make the cane sound appealing, but I do not think that I would enjoy it still. However I imagine being warmed up and having it used with proper intensity makes for a better experience.

bob said...

Good story, but the only way Bobbie would agree to that is when pig's fly and I don't see that happening any time soon although I do keep checking the sky's just in case. LOL


sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, the caning of a naughty woman is like a fine rare wine. Once she tastes its sting, she wishes for more of the same. So say I.

ronnie said...

SG - I think you should try it. What's your favourite wooden implement? Thanks.

OBB - It takes practice to use the cane properly. I've read so many tales about he picked up the cane told me to bend and whack, whack whack. Cheers.

Bob B - I hope so too. I'll pop over and read your last post. Cheers.

Fondles - I never thought I'd ever ask for the cane, how wrong I was. Thanks.

Ami - Keep trying them, they will grow on you as they did with me but did take a while. Now the rose paddle a different kettle of fish, that is my all time favourite implement. Everyone should have one of John's paddles:) Thanks.

Roz - Don't you like it just a little? That's what some people don't understand, the cane doesn't have to be used harshly. I think more bottoms would enjoy it then.

Jan - We don't actually have a wooden paddle (other wooden implements) but I'm getting one so I'll be able to feel the difference:) Thank you.

Hermione - It seemed like a very true account but you could be right about some of it being fictionalised. Thanks.

Joey - P sometimes uses the cane without a warm up which I actually quite like:) Cheers.

Minelle - Yes, a warm up before the cane is totally different than taking it cold.

Bob - LOL. You never know. Cheers.

SOTB - Naughty girls should always have the cane:) Thanks.


Daisy Christian said...

Lol see I don't like wine fine or not so I'm sure I wouldn't like the cane lol...Tyler has used a blind rod. its quiet..I've been told the blind rod and cane are about the same so if that's the case No thanks lol.. I prefer the leather paddle we have..the blind rod does leave a longer lasting impression :)

Erica said...

Caning gets a bad rap, I think. People see the pictures where it's been used brutally, or experience someone who doesn't know how to wield one properly. Like other implements, it's as good or as wicked as its user.

I like it, in a love/hate sort of way. It has a unique pain and bite, but sometimes, it's a pleasant change from more impacting implements. And, used lightly and rapidly, it can be amazingly sensual.

Anastasia Vitsky said...


I can't say enough bad things about the cane. I am sure the way it is used makes a difference, nothing can take away the fear factor.

I always say to let the Brits have the canes...ALL of the canes in the world. I don't want 'em. :D

bobbsroom said...

Hello Ronnie

Thanks for the comment and yes it makes complete sense. It seems very common amongst a lot of the girls I see and talk to. A lot say they do not like the cane but when I give them a choice at the end of a session they always choose more with the cane. Fascinating subject don’t you think?

BOB B :)x

Dee said...

The cane is only as 'severe' as you want to make it. I agree, it can be very seductive and enjoyable. This is a totally different implement from any other I have been 'lucky' enough to have been on the receiving end of. The sting is so distinct from any other implement. I fear it slightly too though but also find that 'fear' exciting.
Mitch wields it with respect and with care and I think that's the most important thing to remember, especially for those with less experience with it.

Dee x

ronnie said...

Daisy - Never had a blind rod so can't give an opinion as to the same as the cane. Thanks.

Erica - Right there, many a top (well in my opinion) don't use the cane correctly. Thanks.

Ana - LOL and let our American friends keep the hairbrushes. Thank you.

BOB B - Yes, fascinating. I love hearing people's thoughts on the cane.

Dee - That's it Dee. The cane should be used with respect. I have a slight fear of it still now. Thanks.


saffy said...

Olives.... love them. Canes , i am now learning to love them again... Its hard, because one of my worse experiences in this lifestyle is an ex Master ( and i use that title loosely) broke one on me when He used in a fit of anger because i hadnt done something that i was meant to ( i still have a scar). For years they remained a red area for me , until i met my Master who has a love of wood and canes ( including a nice dragon cane) . i now tolerate them and am learning to relax with them.... i would like to love them again and maybe once day i can post that i do . He has found finding different textured ones and thickness's has helped.
Hugs thanks for the post

Lea said...

I think the cane is like sushi. If one has a bad first experience, they'll avoid it forever. But if the first time is quality, you'll keep coming back for more. :-)

kiwigirliegirl said...

Its not my favorite implement nor is it my most hated. I really hate it when sir does the little tap tap taps before a big swoosh. I had a little cane on sunday its been a while and it stung despite being gentle. I miss the after effect and the stripe marks as opposed to the caning itself.

kiwigirliegirl said...

PS. Live the picture. I hope you get permission to print the story

ronnie said...

Saffi - Sorry to read about your bad experience of the cane but hopefully with your new Master you will come to love then again. Thank you.

Lea - I like that better than olives:) but I know what you mean. I had a bad experience of sushi and wont try it again.

KG - I wouldn't say my favourite but I sure miss not having it and yes I know what you mean about the after effects. Thanks.


Red said...

Ronnie: I totally agree.. specially since I now love black olives, whereas first completely disliked them. An experienced spanker can fine tune the implement.. an inexperienced simply whales away with zero thought processes whatsoever. I experienced that once, but never again.
bottoms up