Friday, 12 July 2013

The Audience

I wonder what's the story behind the picture. Do you think the girl know she's being watched?

Have a fun weekend.



Please let me know if the pictures are yours or if you know the artist.


Irishey said...

Hmm, there are those diagonal shadows - hinting of glass between the seated couple and spanker/spankee. Two-way mirror? Is that a smirk on the spanker's face?

Yes, I think she knows she's part of the show, she just can't see her audience. I wonder if the seated couple are next up in the window box show, or is this foreplay for them?

I like this set, Ronnie. It emotes.


Dee said...

Hmm these pics are intriguing actually when you ask those questions. I don't think she knows she's being watched but as Irishey says, possible glass in-between or they're sitting in the shadows. And I definitely think it's foreplay for the couple.
Have a nice weekend :)

Dee x

Anonymous said...

I agree with Irishey, it appears to be a two way mirror, and I feel she knows someone is watching from the look on her face, she just does not know who. Good post Ronnie.

Anonymous said...


Wow. The two pictures are very erotic. It looks as if it is a punishment caning, but she is dressed in very sexy clothes. I think she knows there are onlookers.

Are the onlookers her parents watching her punishment? They seem concerned.

Love the pictures.


PS The pictures sent a shiver down my spine as I think about my "appointment" on Saturday.

Roz said...

Hey Ronnie,

Great pics! I'm not sure if she does or not, but agree it looks as though there may be 2-way glass in between the spanker/spankee. Definitely looks like foreplay for the couple to me.


bobbsroom said...

I am pretty sure the pictures are from a Janus mag and I agree with joey I find them very erotic as well. Then again it is a pretty girl, in a perfect position and a cane. I know it is only a drawing #just saying :):):)

Hope you have a great spanking weekend Ronnie.


Hermione said...

Yes, she knows. That's why she is eager to submit to the cane.

I'm jealous of Bob, who recognizes pics from Janus. I wish I could have had a subscription back then.


Ami Starsong said...

It definitely looks like glass, and from the way the seated woman has put her hand on the seated man's wrist, they are finding it very exciting to watch. Personally, if the spanker is lifting his arm as high as that, the spanking must be very intense, and I think I would have crawled over the other side and away across the floor before that many stripes found their way across my bottom!



PK said...

I think she know, but I don't think she's too pleased about it.

sunnygirl said...

Love the first picture, not so much the 2nd.

The first is sexy, the second looks too ouchy.

ronnie said...

Irishey - Agree about the mirror. The couple can see but the girl can't. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks.

Dee - Maybe the other lady is next. Thanks.

Archedone - I like to think she does know she's being watched. Thanks.

Joey - Definitely a punishment caning. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Thanks.

Roz- The top certainnly seems pleased with himself so maybe he's just told her she's being watched. Thank you.

BOB B - :) Was wondering if it was from a Janus mag but who is the arist. Cheers.

Hermione - There's a blog that posts a lot of stories that have appeared in Janus and some of the pictures. I'll see if I can find it and send you the link. Thank you.

Ami - I think the lady has been told by her husband that she's next. Thank you.

PK - The caner certainly seems pleased:) Thanks.

SG - I prefer the second one:) Thanks SG.


Michael M said...

Maybe the female CEO is showing him what happens to her misbehaving staff if he should join the company as VP of Marketing.

Kenzie said...

I love these two pictures, there's just something about them!

Monsieur Fessee said...

Dear Ronnie,

I asked my wife, she is a great lover of spanking art, and she told me that she thinks that this art van Hardcastle.

Yours, Monsieur Fessee

Minelle Labraun said...

I agree about the mirror or window setting. I definitely think she knows. However I read that she is in trouble...not that things won't continue after...but she doesn't appear happy or excited to me.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Hot, hot hot. I have watched Bacall being spanked, flogged a few times. That was hot for all of us. I should blog about that.

ronnie said...

Michael - That's a different take and I like it. Thanks.

Kenzie - I know exactly what you mean. Thank you.

Monsieur Fessee - Hello. I did wonder if it might be one of Hardcastles. Please thank your wife for me and thank you to you for stopping by.

Minelle - A punishment spanking indeed. Thanks.

OBB - Now that I would like to read. Cheers.


MrJ said...

I'm sure her Top has somehow made that clear.

bobbsroom said...

I am pretty sure it is one of Hardcastle's as well. From memory he did not sign all of his.

ronnie said...

MrJ - I think so too. Thanks.

Bob - I think your are right. I thought it looked like his work. Cheers.


sixofthebest said...

For the naughty woman being corporally punished, and also being observed is pure humiliating agony. The pain that she feels emerging from her naked rear end plus the attentive audience would hurt her twice as much. And should.

bobbsroom said...

Hi Ronnie.

Found it.

The story is called behind high walls part 2. Part 1 and The Return to Balcombe Manor is also part of the same series.

The girl in question is Annabel Filton.

As some has already quest they are watching behind glass but the ones watching are the young ladies husband and for want of a better word the headmistress. The person caning is the head servant at the manor.
Three very good stories and can be found at Janus Worldwide, home page under spanking stories.

Thanks for finding the pictures Ronnie, brings back vivid memories of reading the stories in the 80’s

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


ronnie said...

SOTB - I wouldn't like to be watched being caned. Hope you enjoyed your birthday. Thanks.

Bob B. Fabulous, thanks so much. I'll see if I can find the story. I wonder if I will be able to share it.


bobbsroom said...

Hi Ronnie

If you want i can have a word with Jon at the Janus Archive. I am sure he and the boss will be alright with a link back.
Just let me know


ronnie said...

BobB - I've found the stories you mention on British Spanking Magazines (couldn't find them on Janus Worldwide) and was thinking of posting part II. Not sure if it's right to just copy and paste so maybe best to ask Janus. If you know them I would appreciate you asking them if they would be give me permission to post part II and link to their site.

Thanks Bob.


Red said...

fun ideas to think about.. foreplay for both couples I hope
bottoms up