Monday, 29 July 2013

Spanked for Sulking

Bank Holiday weekends always used to be fun but recently, I suppose by recently I'm referring to the last 3-4 bank holidays which have admittedly suffered bad weather, they've been dull. There have been other reasons apart from the weather, which I won't go into, but even so they have been dull (no pun intended). I told my husband about this and reminded him we've got another long weekend coming up in about 4 weeks, why not book a few days somewhere, see if there are any concerts, shows, exhibitions etc that might be of interest.

You see our son's already made arrangements to go away, he's spending a couple of days in London with old uni friends then flying to Jersey to visit a mate who's working in the banking industry there. He seems to have more fun than we do these days and whilst I wish him all the fun in the world I must admit it makes me a bit envious. It must have shown through because P said I should ask him if I could go with him if I felt so strongly, 'I'm sure you would be welcome and I'll muddle along just fine'. Ha! very funny P, I'm sure our son's friends would really love having a mom tagging along, young thinking though I like to think I am, and I wouldn't even dream of actually doing it anyway and I'm sure P knows that. He was intentionally missing my point, I want the travel or the concert or the exhibition or whatever to be with him, not with our son, much as I love our son.

P said we couldn't go away because he couldn't spare the time because he has work to do on his mother's house, he's made arrangements with his brother and he intends to stick with them. I know what he said was true but I wasn't happy, he could just get someone to do the work, they'd be quicker than him anyway and I told him so. He told me he was hoping I'd be helping him, he liked having me as an assistant he said, I had visions of constantly sweeping up and clearing after him and making lots of cups of tea, not my idea of a great bank holiday.  

Well to cut this short, I went into a bit of a sulk and later in the day P asked me what was wrong. I told him bluntly and he listened, I could see him weighing it up, I thought he might actually agree with me and say to hell with the planned work, we'll go and have some fun but he didn't. He just went quiet for a while and I though a mood might set in which would have been the worst possible outcome, but luckily it didn't happen; instead he took me upstairs and gave me a damned good spanking. 

Hard and efficient and very un sexy and I deserved it and it brought me to the edge of tears and I deserved that too even though they were caused more by the lecture I received than the spanking. He told me I was being unreasonable and ungrateful and that a week after the Bank Holiday we were flying to Spain and that he'd made a lot of effort to make that possible because it was my birthday and he knew I needed a break blah blah blah. But he was right and it made me feel bad.

I stayed in the bedroom after he'd spanked me, I wanted to actually cry but couldn't. Then I started re-thinking the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend..... empty house, working close with my husband, physical work not brain work, maybe a spanking or two if I didn't perform my tasks to his satisfaction, torrid sex, shared showers after sweaty work, snack out too busy to cook, yep I supposed there were possibilities, and it's true we're going on holiday shortly after so that will sate my travel lust.

I put my sulk behind me, well P had pretty much taken care of it really a good spanking usually cures that sort of nonsense, and went downstairs touching my bottom on the way down, it was still very warm. P was on the phone when I entered the lounge, I went up and pecked him on the cheek then I made a T sign with my fingers and he nodded, so I went and put the kettle on.  

Have a good week.


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Minelle Labraun said...

I totally get the sulks...I am glad however that the spanking settled it all. Now you have 'two' holidays to look forward to enjoying!

Daisy Christian said...

It's nice with A good spanking the sulking is behind u and u were able to see the good in the weekend instead of all the bad...hugs

sunnygirl said...

Actually, sounds as if you will have good fun on the bank holiday after all, even if it is at home.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful how a spanking and scolding can make things better. I had just messed up and was punished by R along with a good scolding. My bottom was tender for half a day yesterday.

Katie said...

Hi Ronnie, :)

Nothing like a spanking to put it all into perspective!! Enjoy your staycation and your vacation!! I kind of love it when Rob and I have a night alone at home. Have a wonderful time! Hugs to you!

<3 Katie

Jason Girl said...

I totally understand the sulkiness but also understand why sometimes a good spanking sets us right! I hope you enjoy your time together.

Anonymous said...

Gotta hand it to him. The guy knows how to handle his woman. Interesting how after the spanking, you not only corrected your attitude, you actually had a new perspective and could see the nice possibilities of staying at home. You're stubborn, but not too stubborn, aren't you? :)

Roz said...

Hey Ronnie,

I totally understand the sulks. Glad P was able to banish them though, and that you can see the positives out of it rather than the negatives.

Sounds like you could be in for a fun bank holiday after all and the vacation to look forward to as well.


abby said...

Sure fire way to get rid of the sulks....
hugs abby

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Sounds like P got you sorted out. You just needed some attention.

ronnie said...

Minelle - A no nonsense spankings always works for me:) Thanks.

Daisy - Puts us back on track:) Thank you.

SG - If all goes to plan we should. Thanks.

Archedone - And like me, I bet you felt much better after. Cheers.

Katie - Staycation, like that word:) Thanks.

Jason Girl - Hello. A spanking certainly put us right. Thank you.

Mick and Lynda - Hello. LOL. No not TOO stubborn. Thanks.

Roz - Lets hope the BH goes as planned, well goes to my planing:) Thank you.

Abby - Only way to get rid of my sulks. Thanks.

OBB - Ready for more:) Cheers.


PK said...

I would have loved for you to have gotten your way, but it's still post like this that make me extremely jealous! Enjoy the weekend (sounds like you have some good ideas) and look forward to Spain.

Red said...

What a wonderful way to put sulking behind you :)
A spanking always changes the mood for the better, and now you can think of the bank holiday as a little prelude with a spanking or two, and then a holiday just one week later..
Always happy to read about your bottom being spanked.
bottoms up

Fondles said...

glad you got your anti-sulk spanking.

I needed an anti-pout/frazzle/stress one today too.


an English Rose said...

Glad you are over the sulks now, we too haven't got anything planned for bank holiday, hubby has to work. I feel a bit sulky too. I've just had a spanking for "petulance and pouting". Maybe it is all this hot weather we are finally having!!
love Jan.xx

DelFonte said...

We often think of doing something for the BH, then remember why we don't - traffic, rubbish weather, crowds, everything expensive. So we stay here and chill.
Spanked for sulking... it clearly works for you! Not forgetting putting on the kettle is a cure all :)

Hermione said...

I think your upcoming Bank holiday could be fun. And then there's the trip to Spain - lucky girl!

Our outings are usually to the local cheese factory, 1/2 hour away. Exciting, no?


Anonymous said...


I loved the story. A good spanking can cure a sulky mood for sure.

I hope your bank holiday meets your expectations.


ronnie said...

PK - The ocean has been calling me for a while now. Spain here I come:) Thanks.

Red - Spanking certainly helps with my moods. Cheers.

Fondles - Hope you got one. Thank you.

Jan - I really shouldn't have been sulky when a week after BH were off to Spain. Hot weather could be the reason. Thanks.

DF - Spanking and then a cuppa who wouldn't snap out of a sulk:) Thanks.

Hermione - That would be exciting for us. P would love it. Thanks.

Joey - If not, Spanish trip not long after:) Cheers.


Anonymous said...

You know what....I'm just so very glad that you are going to get to Spain after all.Sarah,LD, UK

Kenzie said...

Aww, don't you love how a spanking can cure sulking and things like it? That's one part of TTWD that I love!

ronnie said...

Sarah - You know what - so am I:) Thanks.

Kenzie - That's one of the things I like as well. Thanks.


Michael M said...

I am sure that you sulked just a little bit so that you would get your spanking. I can imagine you pushing and pushing against the barriers until you are upended and whalloped hard.

ronnie said...

Michael - That has been know but not that time:) Thanks.


Lea said...

Sometimes a spanking just causes more sulking, but it sounds like you ended up alright. Hope you enjoy your upcoming trip.