Friday, 7 June 2013


Rare 1987 Spanking magazine.

Click pictures for larger image

Interesting magazine. Spotted on Ebay. Was going to link but listing had ended.

Have a fun weekend.




bobbsroom said...

Nice set of old photos Ronnie.
I have to say looking at those old stills does make me feel a little old.
Have a nice weekend


Michael M said...

Nice reminder of the magazine days.
These US mags often had great photos but limited stories.
On the other hand they were allowed to publish properly reddened bottoms which became illegal in the UK in the 80's.
Have a sunny weekend.Don't get too red.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


I never saw those mags. We are so lucky to have the internet.


Hermione said...

I imagine that magazine came in a plain brown wrapper and wasn't available at the local newsagents (except by special order:)


PK said...

Yes this definitely look like our kind of magazine!


ronnie said...

Bob - :) Thanks. Hope you have a good weekend.

Michael - How did you know it was a US magazine. Thanks. Have a good one yourself.

Joey - Don't think I ever remember seeing a spanking magazine in a newsagents.

Hermione - They used to have plenty of girlie mags in newsagents. Thank you.

PK - I'd like to read it. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I could not contemplate being spanked by a guy with a mullett hairdo (just saying) Sarah,LD, UK

Anonymous said...

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smuccatelli said...

I've seen the work of the illustrator of the "secretary spanking" story before in other mags. Don't remember the name though. Wonderful mags, available largely only by mail order before the Internet...

Ami Starsong said...

I suppose these magazines would have been up on the top shelf in the newsagents, but I've never seen them. Are there still such things around, or is it all on-line these days?

Thanks for sharing them.



Red said...

great find... too bad the first story did not have the description of the happy ending..
Thanks for sharing
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I rcall purchasing those magazines, came from a "sex shop", most had stories, color, mostly females receiving. Very good, but with computers, these magazines were soon gone.

ronnie said...

Sarah - LOL. Thanks.

Smuccatelli - Yes, I've seen the pictures in the first one before but can't remember where.

Ami - Never saw them in newsagents. Don't think there are any new magazines now, not sure. Thank you.

Red - That's what I thought:) Cheers.

Anon - I think shame they have disappeared. Thanks.


Roz said...

Great find Ronnie! Thank you for sharing :)


Rollin said...

That is Kiri Kelly on the cover paired with the boyfriend she had when she first did a shoot for Nu-West in the 80's. I used to have that magazine.

Renee Rose said...

Awesome! For when you need a little 80's hair to go with your spankings...

Kenzie said...

Have never seen any of these before, thanks so much for sharing. Always fun to see classic spanking pictures.

Blondie said...

Good find. You always come up with the good pictures and stories

ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks for stopping by.

Rollin - Thanks for letting us know who the couple are. Shame you don't have the magazine any more, could be worth something. Cheers.

Renee - You gotta love those hairstyles:) Thanks.

Kenzie - Never read one myself. Thanks.

Blondie - Just lucky finds. Thank you.