Monday, 10 June 2013

Equestrian Aladdin's Cave

We were visiting some care homes on Friday and our travels took us through areas not all that far from where we live but where we hardly ever go. As we passed one line of small shops I spotted a horse standing outside and caught the signage containing the word 'Equestrian'. P was driving, I wasn't going to mention it to him because he has other things on his mind than my little kink so I was pleasantly surprised when he asked me if he'd been seeing things or had there been a horse standing outside the little shop we'd just driven past.

I told him I'd spotted it too, and joked that he might like to buy it for me and a nice saddle to go with it. He smiled (yay!!) which he hasn't been doing so much recently and said we'd stop off if we were making good time on our way back and take a look. So that's what we did and I went in the little shop, and what treasures it contained. Apart from new stuff and stuff available to order, they had lots of used riding gear and accessories, some of it really old and well worn, I'm talking hand crafted leather now, high quality jodhpurs worn thin where you'd expect them to, boots, whips, bridles, stirrups, oh I could have rummaged for ages but knew P would be getting impatient. I asked about saddles, used of course, they didn't have any but they do get them.

I'll be back, I've got their numbers so I can check when saddles become available, but I'll probably go in person, on my own so that I can spend a bit more time rummaging. Some of the things I saw would adapt beautifully to spanking, and they had history, they had connected with horse flesh and sweat and bottoms, they had known stress and exertion and excitement and disappointment, I could imagine all sorts of other things too (I have a mild kink about all things equestrian as many of you know).

So just to finish off here's a little equestrian related story for you. (It's rather long)

Caroline's Caning.....

"So that's confirmed then, Miss Robbins, 8.00am a fortnight this Saturday and Mr van Eyck said he'll be looking forward to putting you through your paces."

I could hardly believe I was doing it, I hadn't told the girl this visit wasn't in connection with my job but the truth was my editor had lost interest, decided there wasn't anything juicy enough to justify my further paid time and expenses. 

This visit was private.

I asked her if I should wear any particular clothing but she just told me casually to bring my normal riding gear. I didn't like to tell her my normal riding gear was likely to consist of jeans and a t-shirt, I mean I hadn't ridden for years and even then I'd never kitted out properly. I thanked her and told her I'd be there. When I put the phone down I stomped the floor and scrunched my fists up, I'd done it! I was going back, I was excited as well as nervous at the prospect and for just over two weeks I think it played on my mind more than anything else.

When the day came I was up at 6.00am, showered, hair washed, Standing in front of the mirror my Pepe jeans on. Polo t shirt laid out on the bed which I thought was appropriate, sports bra which I knew might show my nipples and several pairs of knickers all of which I had tried on, turning and twisting this way and that before deciding which were most suitable. Suitable for what, I thought to myself as I dabbed perfume here and there, I mean I was going to a country riding stable for goodness sake, horseflesh, manure, sweat, country air and all that and there was me fussing about knickers and perfume. I was too nervous for breakfast, I just had juice and coffee, besides the Pepe jeans were new and a tight fit and I thought a bowl of cereal might make me uncomfortable. Stupid me, I should have swapped the Pepes for a well worn pair of Levis and had the breakfast.

I left home just after 7.00am, smelling like I would for a night on the pull, dressed in my finest posh casual, I took a small travel bag with me with a spare shirt, towel, second choice knickers and some drinking water. With only light traffic on a Saturday morning I entered the school drive twenty minutes early.

I remembered the trees, the morning sun filtered weakly through their dense foliage, there was no one riding. Perhaps I'd got the wrong day, perhaps I should turn round at the end of the drive and go back home, I could call and apologise, say my editor had an urgent last minute job for me. Then I was in the clearing and bright sunlight at the end of the leafy tunnel and a smiling girl waved to me, I'd been recognised, too late to turn round. I thought about calling her over and explaining that I'd just had an urgent phone call and needed to leave immediately and could she please apologise to Mr van Eyck for me, but she was running up towards the car anyway, pointing to where I should park. It was Joanna, the girl I'd interviewed, she was so bright and welcoming I wanted to get out of the car and give her a hug and ask her how she was and how things were going but I didn't. Instead I let the window down, cowardice was getting the better of me, I was about to utter my pathetic story about the urgent phone call when a black Range Rover pulled into the clearing. It was Mr van Eyck.

"Miss Robbins!" He beamed as he climbed down from his vehicle. "How lovely to see you again, I'm so glad you decided to come and join us." He took my hand as I got out of my little Volvo and nodded approvingly as he noticed my travel bag. "Excellent," he said, "Joanna will show you where to change, plenty of time, beautiful morning." And then he was off, I noticed he was already wearing jodhpurs and riding boots and he made an imposing figure as he strode across the gravel towards the office building adjacent to the stables.

Joanna took me by the arm. "Come on, I'll show you the dressing rooms," she said and we followed Mr van Eyck to the office building, taking a right turn once inside along a short corridor which led to a large girls changing room with showers and toilets. There was similar facility for boys on the other side of the building, she told me, but it didn't get used much. Joanna opened a locker for me and told me I could leave my clothes in it and keep the key although the risk of theft was virtually nil. She seemed surprised when I told her I didn't have to change, just my travel bag and handbag to store. "Oh dear no, Sir won't like that, someone will be in trouble, let's see what I can find," and off she went leaving me on my own and hoping it wasn't me in trouble.

Joanna returned a few moments later, a bundle of clothing over her left arm and a pair of riding boots and helmet dangling from her hand. "Try these on," she said, "I'm about your size, they should fit." I told her I couldn't possibly take her gear even though it was a very kind thought but Joanna insisted, saying they were a spare set she'd just fetched from her car. She then opened her own locker to show me was telling the truth. "And in any case I'm not riding this morning, Caroline is using my pony, in fact she should be out there already but that's another story." I was finally convinced and accepted her offer gratefully, kicking off my trainers and wriggling out of my jeans in favour of Joanna's jodhpurs, jacket and boots.

There was a knock on the door before we could chat much, Joanna shouted come in and Mr van Eyck entered the changing room, two crops in his left hand left hand, his right arm extending towards me, his head bowed theatrically. "Come then, Miss Robbins, allow me to escort you and join you for a pleasant morning ride." I joined him and as we left he looked over his shoulder to Joanna and said "Tell Caroline, if and when she deigns to grace us with her presence, I want to see her in my office at 9.30." This will be the third time in as many weeks she's been late. Htt!" I remembered his little speech habit, I wondered if it happened when he was nervous, under pressure or perhaps angry. I didn't think it meant anything good for Caroline and wondered if he might expel her.

My mare was fourteen hands, he told me, placid and old enough to be sensible; he said I could just climb aboard and leave it all to her if I wanted. It was the nearest Mr van Eyck had come to making a joke and I smiled politely. His own mount was quite a bit bigger, both were saddled ready to go and, after a few basics in a small paddock for me to demonstrate I wasn't a complete novice,

Mr van Eyck opened a gate and we rode into an open field where Mr van Eyck took the lead, walking, trotting and finally cantering when he could see I wasn't hanging on for dear life. He certainly had an air of authority sitting astride his horse.

"Take the lead Miss Robbins, please, at your own pace, I'll keep up I promise." It was another of his little jokes, I knew he could keep up, still I took the lead and on the other side of the stream and when path turned into a large meadow I gee'd my pony on to a canter, raising myself up from the waist, hips moving with the horse, then raising my bottom out of the saddle and arching my back slightly as I leaned my upper torso forward for a gallop, as I'd been taught. I was exhilarated, I wondered if Mr van Eyck was impressed, I wondered if he was watching my backside as it undulated with the motion of the horse, then he was aside me, riding easily and signalling me to slow down which I did immediately, "Excellent Miss Robbins but take it easy first time after so many years, we don't want you falling off on that pretty bottom of yours."

I'm sure I turned beetroot red, I hoped he'd assume it was the rush of air from the short gallop, he didn't comment, just said it was time we were getting back and he'd show me a different route, which he did with us riding abreast and chatting where space permitted and single file where it did not.

Back at the stables Joanna and another girl were waiting for us. We'd been out just over an hour, the time had flown. We dismounted, Joanna's companion took care of the horses and Mr van Eyck asked me if I'd care to join him for coffee in, say, half an hour if I had time. I asked Joanna if we might watch some of the other girls going through their routines, I could see there were four or five girls practising and a couple more watching from the sides, but she said oh no, they would all be coming in within ten minutes, there was a brief meeting scheduled for 9.45am which all girls were required to attend. She told me I could come too and I'd just have time to change first.

I didn't bother showering, just got back into my jeans and trainers, gulped some water down, checked my phone for messages and handed Joanna's stuff back to her. It was nearly 9.45am, "Come on," she said, "we mustn't be late." I asked her where the meeting was and she told me in the training room, which was also used for hospitality on open days, it was equipped for lectures, videos, presentations etc with a small stage and could seat about twenty people although we wouldn't be seated today, it would only be a short meeting she said shyly. The room was past reception and Mr van Eyck's office, the door was open when we arrived and ten or twelve girls were congregated inside, their excited chatter stopped as Joanna and I entered the room, I assumed it was my presence, new kid on the block, but that wasn't the case at all. Their attention was focused behind us and I turned to see Mr van Eyck enter the room accompanied by a striking dark haired girl who looked nervous and avoided eye contact. She might have been southern European judging from her skin and features but I couldn't be certain, she certainly had the curves prevalent in girls from those climes and she deported herself well.

Could someone near the back please close the door," said Mr van Eyck as he mounted the low stage carrying a riding crop, "Thank you," it was Joanna who closed it and returned to my side.

"You all know why we're here," he said clearly and concisely, "Caroline has let us all down by being late for practise for a third time in little more than two weeks. In so doing she has inconvenienced others and disrupted our schedules. She has shown no genuine remorse and the reasons given for her inconsiderate behaviour are spurious to say the least. She is to be punished." Mr van Eyck was already moving towards a wall mounted cupboard at the back of the stage as his pronouncement was made. There was shuffling and fidgeting amongst the assembled girls but no one spoke. Mr van Eyck turned back from the cupboard and instead of the crop he was holding a long crook handled cane, I could hardly believe my eyes.

"A chair if you please, Caroline." He flexed the cane between his two hands as he waited for the unfortunate girl to follow his instruction. I lost sight of Caroline's head as she bent down to lift a light framed chair which she carried onto the stage and placed in front of Mr van Eyck with its back facing out to the room .

"I'm sorry, Sir," I heard her say meekly. The room was silent now, you could have heard a pin drop.

"Sorry for being in this position no doubt," said the riding school proprietor, "and you will shortly be a lot sorrrier. Stand against the back of the chair, then bend over palms flat on the seat, I'm going to punish you and then you will apologise to your colleagues for your inconsiderate behaviour."

There was no protest and not a sound in the room as Caroline stood at the chair back for a moment then bent forward and down so that chair top was wedged against her hips, her bottom, which I noticed was voluptuous and bulged slightly obscenely in her strained jodhpurs, thrust out towards us.

Mr van Eyck positioned himself to her left and told her it would be four strokes and not to move until he said she could. I heard one girl gasp. I thought about reaching into my jeans for my phone and trying to snatch a couple of shots surreptitiously but then I couldn't remember if the flash was on and if it was I'd be caught. Then I thought even if I managed some shots and my editor liked them, would I really want them published? It would mean I could never come back here. I didn't get the camera, I was completely distracted from the idea when I heard the whoosh of the cane and the terrible splat as it landed across the bending girl's plump cheeks followed by her ooohh arrghhhh! and the tiny shuffle of her feet. I was shocked, as if frozen to the spot when I felt Joanna's left hand reaching for my right, which she found and clasped lightly, firming her grip as she saw the cane raised for a second time and squeezing as it thrashed down followed by more cries from the girl. Whether to comfort me or herself I had no idea but the contact was warm and almost conspiratorial in an odd way. I think I squeezed back at the following two strokes which were delivered fast and had Caroline cry out loudly and stomp her feet making her bottom wobble and left her crying in great heaving sobs.

I was too stunned to say anything, there was a murmur in the 'audience' although I couldn't catch words. Then Mr van Eyck's voice, strong and clear, "Get up now Caroline and turn around, I believe you have something to say to your colleagues, Htt!"

The punished girl stood slowly, I'm sure her poor bottom must have felt terrible and I should think she would rather have fallen through the floor than faced her colleagues. When she did turn round she straightened to her full height and lifted her head proudly, brave girl, we could see her face tear streaked and her lip was quivering as she tried to speak and hold back the sobs at the same time. No words came out and Mr van Eyck spoke again, surprisingly softly, "Go on Caroline, you'll feel better for it," and after a while Caroline managed to get out "S-s-sorry...I'm so sorry to all of you" before the floodgates re-opened and she was sobbing again.

"Htt. Let it be a lesson, my girl," said Mr van Eyck as he replaced the cane in the cupboard and left the room. The girls immediately surrounded Caroline, sisterly empathy, commiseration, admiration, perhaps even excitement, I wasn't observing objectively, caught up in the general frisson it was impossible to think clearly. Then I remembered my coffee date. Oh my goodness, I said to Joanna perhaps I should just go straight home instead but she said no not at all, I should go along to reception and have my coffee, she assured me it would be business as usual for Mr van Eyck. She smiled warm encouragement and I went to reception a few minutes before ten o'clock, trembling slightly and quite ridiculously as I waited for my host to arrive.

At precisely top of the hour Mr van Eyck entered the room, the coffeee machine was already on and he went and poured two cups, remembering from our last meeting how I liked mine. We chatted casually, not one reference to the caning, just talking about the ride, my proficiency, how he thought I could improve, whether I liked the girls and the set up in general and then finally, close to ten-thirty, about whether I thought my trip would provide anything of interest for my editor. He was smiling, I was not, as I explained to him that I'd made the appointment outside of my duties as a reporter and that I would not be making any kind of report or in fact comments of any sort to my editor. I was about to apologise when he beamed, "Well that's splendid, Miss Robbins, you won't feel compromised by your professional instincts and you can answer me plainly when I tell you I'd be delighted to have you join us as an intermediate student if you'd be so inclined, I really think you have the ability to do well." I was taken by surprise his invitation but not by the idea of enrolling in the school which had already occurred to me on the ride.

"I think I'd like that, Mr van Eyck....Sir," I realised what I'd said and felt myself blush.

"Excellent, I'll have Joanna attend to the details." He shook my hand and went to leave.

"Mr van Eyck," I said, "one more thing, that girl just now, is she.. er.. expelled?"

"You mean Caroline? Good heavens no, not at all, fine young rider, we're all very proud of her, she'll represent our school one day, just needs a little discipline. Good day, Miss Robbins."

I think some of my readers may remember the story. Hope my new readers enjoyed it.

Still not going to be around blogland much this week but will read and comment when I can.

Have a good week.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


A few weeks ago, my wife and I were at a large antique show. One of the items offered was an English riding saddle!


Anonymous said...


Excellent story. And, I loved the photos of the girls in jodhpurs. They are really sexy.

You have my pulse racing as I think about the swish and sting of the cane.

Have a terrific week.


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

What a wonderful find that shop was!

Great story, I don't remember reading this before. Thank you for sharing.


sunnygirl said...

I do remember the story, but good reads never bore. Thanks for sharing.

MrJ said...

Great story, Ronnie!

PK said...

I'm glad you and P got to stop at the store, you can both use the distraction. The story was great - very English you know! LOL!


ronnie said...

Joey - Was making my pulse race re-reading it:) I'm keeping my eyes open for a saddle. Thanks.

Roz - Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.

SG - That's a great compliment coming from you who writes stories so well. Thanks.

MrJ - Why thank you kind Sir.

PK - Very English LOL. Will be going back. Thanks.


kiwigirliegirl said...

Great story ronnie. I love wandering around saddleries. Do you have a horse?

Hermione said...

I too enjoy browsing in tack shops. The horse looks like it is wearing a bondage mask:)

I recently got rid of my old saddle. What a shame - I could have given it to you.


ronnie said...

KG - Only in my dreams:)Thanks.

Hermione - Bondage mask:) Oh yes, what shame about the saddle. Was it English leather or maybe German? Thanks.


Ami Starsong said...

Loved the story! (I could drop a few NAMES in here who, shall we say, carried on years ago on the circuit, a certain person beginning H-S was a big contender.....)

Didn't know you were interested in horses. I'm sure I have one or two old saddles laying around if you want one. (PS. Is it a silly question to ask what you want a saddle for, or am I reading too much into this?!)



Red said...

Hope you find some special spanking implement when you visit next time... and maybe give the clerk a sly wink... if he is of similar age and not a teenager...
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Ami - No, it's a perfectly fair question and the truth is I'd just love to to be spanked or cropped over one, I have a thing about leather and I've always had a thing about riders and jodhpurs, Masters of the Hunt, naughty stable girls and boys, haughty mistresses, that sort of thing so you see Amy my true interest goes beyond the horses, they're just a front:) Thanks so much on the offer of a saddle,really kind of you. May just take you up on it. Thanks.

BTW was that Harvey you alluded to? I seem to remember some press stories ages ago.

Red - I'm sure I will:) Thanks.


Ami Starsong said...

Yes is was! And there were one or two others in the backs of their lorries! Do you remember Graham Fletcher?

I no longer ride as the falls got harder to take and the damage was getting greater, but we still have a couple of liveries to keep the grass down, and lots of riding gear and tack everywhere. Funny - can't seem to find any of my schooling whips or crops - I wonder why that is.....