Friday, 28 June 2013


My husband has a birthday coming up, I always buy him two cards; one which can be displayed and one which is between us definitely not for display.

Last year I found this one with a Spanish theme (you may remember it)

I loved the artist's style, full of movement, the senora struggling and you can almost hear her cries but to no avail as the strong and determined caballero does what he has to do.

A Spanish reader, Marita, kindly commented with her take on the scene:-

Hello Ronnie
I’m Marita, from Spain, I participate in the blog “azotes y nalgadas” and I would like to tell you something about this men, he is called a ” bandolero”, a bandit, a kind of Robin hood. These men lived in the nineteenth century, hidden between the mountains, they were very poor, and they assaulted carriages and they robbed rich people. There are lots of stories about them, but I never imagined one of them as a spanker. What a wonderful surprise!!
Thank you for sharing this lovely picture.

I loved her interpretation. I'd thought he was perhaps a matador but I like him just as much as a mountain bandit, perhaps even a little more.

How am I going to beat that as a birthday card. Better get looking! 

Have a fun weekend.



Daisy Christian said...

That's very interesting Ronnie..Tylers bday is soon too..hmmm what shall we get our wonderful husbands that work so hard at everything all yr long :) happy bday to your hubs

Anonymous said...

Good luck ronnie. I hope you find the perfect card.


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

Love the card, and the wonderful story behind it from Marita.

Hmm, sure is going to be difficult to top that. Good luck! Happy Birthday to P!


PK said...

I like that interpretation, perhaps he tried to rob her and she was condescending and arrogant. Hmmm... nice picture.


sunnygirl said...

I have great faith in your ability to find just the right card.

Enjoyed the story about last years card.

Have a great weekend.

Hermione said...

That was an interesting interpretation. I love the card, no matter what his title is.


ronnie said...

Daisy - And to Tyler. Thanks for stopping by.

Joey - Haven't found one I like yet. Cheers.

Roz - Its proving quite difficult. Might have to reuse an old one but that will get me spanked:) Thank you.

PK - Yes, so he spanked her, like it. Thanks.

SG - To be honest I'm struggling this year, left it a bit late what with everything going on. Thanks.

Hermione - I wish I could put it on display. Thanks.


Florida Dom said...

Loved the card and it may be difficult to top it. Have you thought of making your own on the computer?


Ami Starsong said...

What an amazing card! In all the years we've been going backwards and forwards to Spain I've certainly never seen one like that, although I've been at many a fiesta where I've thought the ladies doing the dancing SHOULD get a spanking! Talk about attitude sometimes! I'm sure if you look in some of those interesting little shops you will find something appropriate! (Ahem!)



marita correa said...

Hello Ronnie. I'm agree with Florida Dom, there are marvelous images on the net. You can make your own card, can't you?
Anyway, I know, you'll find the perfect card and you will triumph again


Terpsichore said...

I am sure you will find something...or you can always make something... :-)

ronnie said...

FD - I'm not very craft and I haven't much time left. Cheers.

Ami - I know what you mean about some of those senoritas. Thanks.

Marita - Hola, lovely to see you here. I agree about marvelous images on the net but they wouldn't be quite so personal as this one:) Spain is very special to me. Muchas gracias

Terps - I have an idea:) Thanks.


Kenzie said...

Nice card! I like Florida Dom's suggestion about trying to make one on the computer? I bet you could come up with tons of cool ideas!

Red said...

Try, and either print it to give him, or send as an email... Your reward should be a spanking... definitely a win win
bottoms up

Underling said...

A spanking from a Spaniard! That certainly is a nice drawing, and I don't think I've seen it before.

Interesting to ponder whether she's a reluctant robbery target or a bungling fellow partner-in-crime. I like to imagine the latter. Perhaps he's scolding as he spanks: 'How many times, Juanita! You don't use my real name during a hold-up!'

Hope you found the right card for this year, Ronnie. If you give me some notice and you'd like me to draw you a custom card for hubby's bithday next year, I'd be happy to do it. :)

ronnie said...

Kenzie - P's birthday guarantees me a spanking:) Thanks.

Red - I'll take a look at that site. Thanks.

Underling - I like your take on the picture. That is so very very kind of you Underling, thanks. I will take you up on that, maybe a Christmas card:) Thank you.


Malcolm said...

Great picture, Ronnie, one of the best I have ever seen. much better than most of the pansy stuff we see on tumblr and spanking sites. I'm saving it.

ronnie said...

Malcolm - Hello. Yes it is rather lovely. Found it on ebay. Thanks for stopping by.


sixofthebest said...

Yes, the Robin Hood of Spain, or Banderlero, sure is a Hero, to us menfolk. For he wishes all of us could have a 'spanking good time', on a naughty ladies bare bottom, like he does.