Friday, 10 May 2013

How Much Sex everyone really getting?

The title of the article in last weekend's Sunday Times magazine caught my attention, it was by Matt Rudd, who I read because he's often funny and quite perceptive. He took some stats from a survey of 15,000 women and also ran a survey of his own, mixed m/f of about 400. Some of his findings I've printed below:-

The French on average have sex 120 times a year.
Brits are less than 100, actual figure not given.

From Matt's own survey -

30.9% have sex less than once a month.
13.4% do it 'about once a fortnight'.
17.2% manage once a  week.
26.6% twice weekly.
8.4% said it was daily.
3.4% said more than once a day, in fact they were at it like rabbits.

Asked about whether sexual appetite diminishes with age, one woman respondent said not as far as she was concerned, it was the men who were responsible for that belief, the older they get the less imaginative and more uptight they get.

Asked about how they spice things up when everything starts to flag, all sorts of answers were received including fantasising lesbian sex, tickling feathers, blindfolds, dominance, submission, sex toys, role play etc.

So all pretty normal then. But the thing that got me was, I'd honestly say I get more sex now than I did, say, twenty years ago, I would hate to be amongst the ~60% who range between once a week and once a month (I know not possible for some with illness and long distance relationships), does that make me a sex maniac I wonder. Or perhaps my husband just presses the right buttons, I think he'd prefer me to say that.

Have a fun weekend.



Michael M said...

We do something of a sexual nature two or three times a week but it may not involve penetration. Not sure where that puts us on the "Sex frequency table"?
Hope you get yours this weekend. Back to clouds.

Michael M said...

We do something of a sexual nature two or three times a week but it may not involve penetration. Not sure where that puts us on the "Sex frequency table"?
Hope you get yours this weekend. Back to clouds.

Anonymous said...

Happy to report I'm in the same boat as you and the only thing that precludes frequency is time and opportunity.Maybe you feel more confident when you are older...warts and all ? I mean if you don't know one another by now it's a poor show. The survey, however, does not bring in variables like illness and length of relationship. Sarah,LD, UK BTW I'm absolutely sure P would prefer it as you say it !

DelFonte said...

Ah statistics - what lies behind them. Tiredness, illness, shift patterns (I have friends who never see each other as they work different parts of the day), kids the list is endlessly. How often you get it is very different from how often you want it. Perhaps we're a national of sexually frustrated people.
I'm OK. Spicing up definitely works :)

bobbsroom said...

As my wife recovered somewhat from a serious illness her attitude towards sex and spanking has completely changed.

So we would be at it every day if time allowed. All will become clear now I have started to carry on with my blog again more frequently.

Have a good weekend Ronnie


PK said...

First off, of course you're a sex manic and I'm proud to know you! My sex life is much better than it was 20 years ago and thats because I introduced a little kink and Nick was most agreeable.


Anonymous said...


Our sex life is better now, no little ones around the house. Plus, we are better at it these days.

Ditto to PK's first sentence. Well said.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes think that it takes several decades to understand our sexuality, although it doesn't have to. The only evaluation I'd offer for you is that you're both fortunate :)

sunnygirl said...

Happy to say we are in the same category as you.

Roz said...

Interesting survey Ronnie, as the other's have said, there are so many variables though.

I too and happy to say we are also in the same category as you :)


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Dear Sex Addict, We recall our 20-30's when we went at like rabbits, several times a week, sometimes more than once a day. We all age differently, but as I got older my drive went into low gear. Thanks to spanking that can get both of us up for a little frolic.

MrJ said...

Ronnie! You must have realized you are now giving all your readers a sense of being maniacs!

ronnie said...

Michael - Not a complete survey. Doubtful this weekend. In Manchester tomorrow and then out for the evening, Sunday not sure what we have on. Thanks Michael.

Sarah - Yes I mentioned it to P and he said about illness, long distance relationships. Thanks Sarah.

DF - I wonder when people answer surveys regarding sexual habits they tell the truth. Thanks DF.

Bob - Best wishes to your wife. Look forward to reading more from you. Thanks Bob.

PK - LOL. More of a spank maniac. Thanks PK.

Joey - I've enjoyed getting to know you. Thank you so much.

Mick/Lynda - We are that and I'm thankful. Thanks both.

SG - No pressure as we get older. Thanks SG.

Roz - Were very lucky aren't we. Thanks Roz.

OBB - Spanking certainly does add a little extra spice. Cheers OBB.

MrJ - Never thought of it like that:) Cheers MrJ.


Hermione said...

Ronnie, aren't you lucky to have a man like P, who knows where your buttons are, and how hard to press them:)


1manview said...

I take these surveys are suppose to be average healthy individuals. But they all lack age groups, and what not. The last survey I read for the US, the average times of sex was three times a week. My question is that three each sexual encounter or three total period? For me, if the first time was really good, the second is going to be better. And great seconds lead to thirds. But age drops the numbers for us guys. It takes a little longer to get back into the saddle as we age. :) But then there's work and sleep so you tend to save the doubles and triples for the weekend. I found a survey that has more information. It's not updated, I think the latest update is 2010. But it's interesting because it has numbers for masturbation with and without partner.
Average age to have sex, etc. But it has age groups listed for all the categories. Here's the address...

Have a sexy weekend Ronnie

Ami Starsong said...

Ronnie, we are like you as well! I think you get more self-assured as you get older. You know what to ask for and you are not afraid to ask for it, and that goes for both of us. We are much more adventurous than ever before, and though we too used to be at it like rabbits during our twenties and thirties, the sex got better as we aged. It's a case of quality rather than quantity now, but we still average five or six times a week which isn't bad for a couple of 'older ones'!

Have a great weekend Ronnie. I am awaiting the arrival of our new toy with eager anticipation!



Anonymous said...

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Minelle Labraun said...

We are in your category too. Definitely have it more frequently than we used to. Of course when we are on different schedules we have to try harder! LOL

ronnie said...

Hermione - Yes very lucky and he presses those buttons very hard sometimes:) Thanks Hermione.

1MV - They never seem to do a full survey. Thanks for the link 1MV. Have a good weekend.

Ami - Yes, the older you get the more self assured you are. I can't wait to hear what you think of your new toy. Thanks Ami.

Minelle - Better quality as well:) Thanks Minelle.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: It's great he pushes your buttons and that like fine wine, your sex life is getting better with age.

You are very lucky you have each other.


ronnie said...

FD - Very lucky. Thanks FD.


Anonymous said...

You wonder how accurate the stats are. When the doctor ask how much alcohol you drink, you always halve the amount.
In this case, I would imagine that responses would be doubled?
Odd really as I've never been asked this question!
If it's is from The Sunday Times it must be true mustn't it, as they have probably bugged your phone.