Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Bottoms Up

My weekly review of a least favourite implement, as expressed by readers.

James from spankedmale. writes.....

It's a Cracker Barrel paddle, 

it's about 1/4 inch thick and used to have a ball attached to it. It's a lot larger than the old fashioned ones we had as kids. 

My wife uses it when she thinks I deserve a really good spanking. 

Believe me after a dozen or so with this, I've learned whatever it is she wants me to learn!

Thanks James.  One to pass on then:)

Don't forget, if any bottoms, male or female who would like to do a review of their LEAST favourite implement and why, please email me. I'll keep it secret if it's just for me but if it's OK for me to post it please say so. Pictures are always good.

See you next week for another Bottoms Up.


Second picture property of James.


Lea said...

I've heard a lot about these Cracker Barrel paddles and that they can be quite mean. I'm not too sad that they've been discontinued. Thanks for sharing the review!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think the kids have one of the old fashioned ones.Must dig it out.Or rather, burn it. Enjoy the sunny weather, Ronnie ! Sarah,LD,UK

Terpsichore said...

thanks for the review :-)

Michael M said...

We have something similar which we bought on a Spanish beach when we were on holiday without implements.
They are ouchy when applied hard but but nice when only lightly used. They are a bit noisy for hotel rooms!

Roz said...

Thank you Ronnie and thank you James for the review. Looks positively ouchy!


MrJ said...

I gues one key instruction is missing: should one detach the ball before this kind of use?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing James. I wish I had bought one.

maryanne said...

Oh my word! This is something I don't want to experience. Thanks for the heads up. I mean bottom. :)


Hermione said...

Michael is right; they are very noisy. Ours isn't too thick, but quite large so it covers a lot of area.


Katie Rob said...

Ummm... No thanks on the paddle/ball being used as a paddle!!! OW! I do think that the actual toy is fun to play - though I am not that good at it! :). Hugs!

<3 Katie

Our Bottoms Burn said...

It seems that there are more least favourite implements than favorites. We only have fav toys.

ronnie said...

Lea - I wonder why they called it Cracker Barrel paddle. Thanks Lea.

Sarah - Quick, go find it and burn. You certainly see some sights when the sun comes out. Thanks Sarah.

Terps - Thanks for stopping by.

Michael - I'll have to see if I can fine one when were next on holiday. Thanks Michael.

Roz - Quite stingy I'm sure. Thanks Roz.

MrJ - Nice to see you. I'd like to see it used with it on:) Thanks MrJ.

Joey - You might find one on ebay:) Thanks Joey.

Maryanne - LOL. My pleasure. Thanks Maryanne.

Hermione - I wonder if its to do with the thickness of the wood that makes it noisy. Thanks Hermione.

Katie - Son used to have one and come to think of it, he still may have it:( Thanks Katie.

OBB - Neither of you have a toy that you'd rather not have applied? I've only one. Thanks OBB.


Anonymous said...

Agree have felt similar 'paddle" many times, but my wife now uses the dreaded hairbrush. She purchased a large one, just for spankings, trust me once you feel the sting of that, you will be very good, stings last a long time, so standing facing the wall is okay, sitting is not for sometime. My wife wants to insure a trip over her lap is long remembered.

sunnygirl said...

I'll remember to steer clear of the Cracker Barrel store.

Simon said...

I think "Cracker Barrel" must be an americanism which I was unfamiliar with (being in the UK). However the pictures make it fairly clear what it is and how it can be used in a disciplinary fashion. It certainly looks painful and I'm glad my Mistress doesn't have one.

ronnie said...

Anon - Hello. You'd certainly remember the spanking you had with the hairbrush. Thankfully its hardly used in our household. Thanks Anon.

SG - I like the name Cracker Barrel paddle:) Thanks SG.

Simon - I'd never heard of a Cracker Barrel paddle but we did have a bat and ball similar if you remember. Thanks Simon.


an English Rose said...

Oh God, more wood. I don't want one of these. I am seeing those same sights Ronnie.!!
love Jan.xx

Anonymous said...

Now funnily enough that's exactly what Peter says....muttering uderr his breath....'the sights you see when you have not got a gun ' Sarah,LD,UK

Minelle Labraun said...

That looks fierce. I bet anyone who wields that paddle means business!

ronnie said...

EG - Some you;d rather not see:) Thanks EG.

Sarah - What is is with some Brits, the first sign of sun and everything comes off. Thanks Sarah.

Minelle - I think his wife does:) Thanks Minelle.


Red said...

unfortunately, cracker barrel no longer sells these items... Maybe too much spanko interest was unnerving to the head office.
bottoms up