Thursday, 9 May 2013

Avoiding Domestic Discipline

Click pictures for bigger image.

These made me smile. Hadn't see them before.


Pictures from Chicago Spanking Review. Excellent site.


Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, I love these thanks for sharing.

Some great tips! Now. If I can only remember these ...


MrJ said...

:-) A lot of lived through wisdom there.

MrJ said...

:-) A lot of lived through wisdom there.

Anonymous said...
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garyntboy said...

Made me chuckle to myself as I can identify with her predicament. Nice post Ronnie, thank you.
Kind regards,

PK said...

Yep these are excellent rule!


joeyred51 said...


Very funny. Thanks.


abby said...

Thanks for the chuckle this morning!
hugs abby

Hermione said...

I hadn't seen them before either. How many rules are there in total?


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping there are not many more rules.....!

ronnie said...

Roz - I know the rule about boy shorts:) Thanks Roz.

MrJ - True, very true. Cheers MrJ.

Gary - Hello. Glad you enjoyed them. Thanks Gary.

PK - There are more fun ones. Thanks PK.

Joey - My pleasure. Cheers Joey.

Abby - Happy they made you smile. Thanks Abby.

Hermione - I think 13 in total. Thanks Hermione.

Sarah - The dressing sexy rule definitely doesn't work:) Thanks Sarah.


Anonymous said...
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PinkRandi said...

Oh my goodness!
Great tips! To bad I have already broken most -_-
Lesson learned!


PinkRandi said...

Correction, TOO -_-

Blondie said...

I love these comics. Very realistic. It reminds me of Patty Devlin's first book. I wish that they were still doing this series. Thanks for sharing

Minelle Labraun said...

Seems like good advice!

Mick and Lynda's Place said...

Yep, these are helpful for the spankee, I'm sure. Have to agree that sexy underwear will get me in the mood to spank even more quickly, so yes, it's counter productive if you're trying to avoid one. :)

Erica said...

These are cute!! :-)

Anonymous said...

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Renee Rose said...

so cute!

ronnie said...

PinkRandi - Hello. Me too:) Thanks PR

Blondie - Your welcome. Haven't read Patty's book. Will look it up. Thanks Blondie.

Minelle - I thought so:) Thanks Minelle.

Mick/Lynda - Hello. I've made the mistake of dressing sexy and doesn't work. Cheers Mick/Lynda.

Erica - I hadn't seen them before. Thanks Erica.

Renee - I thought so. Thanks Renee.