Monday, 22 April 2013

Spank Me With Saplings

How was your weekend? 

I spotted this Lush product yesterday.

A spanking in the morning would certainly put a smile on my face.  How about you?

The name comes from the Scandinavian tradition of slapping the skin with birch twigs after a hot sauna. It's most invigorating, especially when accompanied by a naked roll in the snow:)

Have a good week.



Anonymous said...

Was abit too busy for my liking...but I've got today off work to catch up and clear up. Is this a LUSH product ? I love their bath bombs.After the outdoor swim in June I get to plunge in a hot tub...after swimming in the lake this w/end I know I'll be needing that and also a cooked breakfast. A friend I know who does alot of traithlons says that you should drink a can of coke immediately after you come out of the water. I'm still bothered about getting cramp but not worried about completing the distance now.Feeling good on the 5/2 diet Sarah,LD,UK

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, the morning spanking sounds wonderful, it could make the day brighter, but I think I'll pass on the snow LOL.

Dee said...

Oh I do like Lush. Haven't seen this one, well spotted :)

Dee x

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

A morning spanking sounds good to me.

Hadn't heard of this tradition and never knew Lush had a spanko product line LoL Very well spotted!


Anonymous said...


The Lush would make a perfect gift for a spanko friend.

Nice find. Thanks for sharing.


PK said...

Boy yes it sounds good - way better than a roll in the snow!


Hermione said...

OMG what a find! I don't think we have a Lush shop here, but I've heard of the brand and will keep my eyes open for it in the drugstores.


Anastasia Vitsky said...

LOL...a "lush" product, indeed. Mm.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

The product name is amusing. More amazing to me is the amount of $$$ women spend on such goo.

sunnygirl said...

I would love a spanking in the morning. I like starting the day off with a smile on my face and a tingle in my bottom.

Looks like a "fun" product.

Red said...

Spanked in the morning, yes done that recently. Gives more time to be spanked again that day.... This only happened once....
Definitely does put a smile on your face, maybe...
bottoms up

Anonymous said...
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Minelle Labraun said...

I would love a spanking every morning!Maybe not really intense...but what a great way to begin every morning! I also have heard about that tradition!

ronnie said...

Sarah - I've heard the coke thing - apparently helps to neutralise and/or flush out bacteria that you may have swallowed. how true, not sure, a myth possibly. Have to get back on track with my 5/2 only. Only 1 day a week for the last three weeks. Thanks Sarah.

Archedone - I'd pass on that bit as well:) Cheers Archedone.

Dee - Check their website. Dee. Thanks.

Roz - I like some of Lush products but had never seen this one myself. Thanks Roz.

Joey - Yes, would make a fun gift. Cheers Joey.

PK - I don't know, a roll in the snow could be fun:) Thanks PK.

Hermione - On line only. No longer available in shops. Not sure why. Maybe I'll write to Lush and ask. Thanks Hermione.

Ana - LOL. Thanks Ana.

OBB - P says the same and I do agree but there's only one product that I do like to spend on but never tell P how much it cost:) Cheers OBB.

SG - A perfect start. Thanks SG.

Red - I'd be happy to have a spanking every morning:) Thanks Red.

Minelle - Yes, just an nice OTK. Thanks MInelle.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, not keen on lush stuff, more keen on a spanking every morning!!
love Jan.xx

Tess said...

I don't know about where you are, but it's Earth Day here today so a spanking with saplings seems very apropos! :)

Anonymous said...
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Terpsichore said...

I will have to ask my friend if she knows about this tradition...I like the idea of the morning spanking...I am not sure about the roll in the snow but perhaps after the sauna and the spanking it would be refreshing... :-)

Katie Rob said...

A morning spanking! Sometimes around here! :). I love some of the bubble ones in the lush store. The one that looks like a Hershey's Kiss with lavender is my fav! They are kind of expensive though... Haven't seen the spank one yet. Ill keep my eyes open next time I wander in one. Funny! Hugs!

<3 Katie


Smell that (annoyingly long pause) that's the smell of spanking in the morning. That's the smell of victory and also a very bad parody of Apocalypse Now :)


Bea said...

Sapling spanking sounds better than snow rolling!

ronnie said...

ER - Only couple of their products I like. Too expensive for what they are. Thanks ER.

Tess - LOL. I forgot it was Earth Day. Thanks Tess.

Terps - I think after a suana and a spanking on top of that a roll (or at least sitting) in the snow would be rather refreshing:) Thanks Terps.

Katie - Have to look out for the Hershey Kiss one. Spank on only available on line. Thanks Katie.

Prefectdt - But I liked it:) Thanks Pref. Hope all's well with youx

Bea - I would have to agree with you there. Thanks Bea.