Friday, 19 April 2013

Husband Appreciation Week

I get regular promo emails from an outfit called Adult Toy Chest, I don't know why, I've never bought from them, they're US based and seem similar to Anne Summers only in $'s.

Anyway I got one on Tuesday and to celebrate Husband Appreciation Week, they're offering a 30% discount if you use the code shown, presumably at checkout. Anyone who wants to use it feel free, I'd guess everyone on their mail list has received the same:)

I shan't be using it but I did forward the email to my husband and asked him if there was anything he'd particularly like, being as it was Husband Appreciation Week. He didn't email back, just called over his shoulder, "I'll have you, just like that, only I'll probably redden your backside first for being so cheeky."

I wondered what he was on about at first, then twigged he'd read my email.

I didn't answer him because his phone started ringing, I just smiled to myself and thought yes, I think I can arrange that. 

He'll have to arrange the reddened backside though.

So thanks, Adult Toy Chest, after all the emails you've sent me over a couple of years at last ones proved useful.......and I haven't spent a penny:)

Have a fun weekend.




Anonymous said...

Oh, isn't it nice to feel appreciated?! Not too onerous a task for you, I strongly suspect. Have a good w/e..we're up early (very early) both sat and sunday.We'll just have to go to bed soon after dinner....! Sarah,LD,UK

Michael M said...

It might take a while and a lot of spanks to achieve that colour match.
Enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

It would appear junk e mail does some good after all.

bob said...

Sounds like some one is going to have somme fun :)

Looks like you have your next post already written all you have to do is fill in the blanks. LOL

Have fun


Hermione said...

Perhaps P will wrap some lace around his hand to simulate the pattern in the ad.

Let us know if he feels sufficiently appreciated:)


Anonymous said...


In my memory of your posts, this may be the first time not buying something earned you a spanking.

My thoughts are with the people of London this weekend during your marathon.


Katie Rob said...

LOL Ronnie! :). Coupons can be very useful at times! This one prevented spending by getting you to do other things! Enjoy! Hugs!

<3 Katie

Minelle Labraun said...

Sounds like you have something to look forward to. I am sure P will have no problem reddening your bum 'in his appreciation' for the appreciation you tried to show

Terpsichore said...

yay for junk mail... :-)

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, a useful coupon indeed, and you didn't even have to buy anything :)


ronnie said...

Sarah - I think I'll be able to manage:) Thanks Sarah.

Michael - I'm ready and willing. Cheers Michael.

Archedone - It was the picture that caught my attention. Thanks Archedeon.

Bob - Could be a short post then:) Thanks Bob.

Hermione - LOL. I will. Thanks Hermione.

Joey - LOL, right there. 2 colleagues from work running. Thank you, Joey.

Katie - P likes things that doesn't cost anything:) Thanks Katie.

Minelle - "Appreciation for the appreciation" I'll have to remember that when I'm OTK:) Thanks Minelle.

Terps - Not often we can say that about junk mail. Thanks Terps.


ronnie said...

Roz - That's the best thing about it. Thanks Roz.


sunnygirl said...

Hooray, adverts that finally did their job.

Red said...

I am certain you are appreciative of such a wonderful husband you have. Your reward should be fun, so think of more cheeky ideas to send him often.
Have a fun "hot bottomed" weekend
bottoms up

Ami Starsong said...

Ronnie, you know I have a thing about knickers - well I have that pair too!!! I just wish I had her tan!

My bottom was that colour this morning but unfortunately it had all vanished by midday! Life sucks! You'll have to tell me what to do to stop the 'itchy' feeling. I've 'wriggled' my way through the day so far! Not complaining though!

Hope you get your 'just desserts'...



ronnie said...

SG - I usually delete all junk mail but the picture caught my attention. Thanks SG.

Red - I like cheeky:)Thanks Red.

Ami - Thy are lovely knickers. I quite like that "itchy" feeling so I',m not help:) Thanks Ami.


Julia said...

Lol, DH said something similar when I just showed him the coupon and asked if there is anything he would like. :)

Anonymous said...

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1manview said...

I like that husband appreciate week. I would settle for a weekend. I know we have Fathers day, but I would love to have a Husband appreciation day.. Sexy view that picture has. Now that L is up to it, I think I shall shake the rust off with some chair play... Be sure to let us know how your shining event went. :) Now my curiosity is kicking in, off to Adult Toy Chest I go.. (Big smile)

ronnie said...

Julia - Seems tops have a lot in common:) Thanks Julia.

1MV - Husband Appreciation Day - then you would have to have a Wife's Appreciation Day:) Happy to know about L. Thanks 1MV.