Thursday, 21 March 2013

Thanks Chross

I told you I knew a man who could name them all:)

Thank you Chross.

1,2 Sailor´s luck - James Dunn and Sally Eilers
not yet listed in my database

More than a secretary (1936) - Jean Arthur spanks 
Dorothea Kent.

My little Margie (1954) - Charles Farrell spanks Gale Storm

Timber Fury (1950) - Laura Lee spanks Nicla DiBruno (will add these pictures)

Träum nicht, Annette (1949) (Don´t dream Annette)
not yet listed in the database.

Stampede (1949) Gale Storm spanked again, this time by 
Don Castle

Rawhide (1960) Roxana Berard spanked otk by John Kerr

Across the wide Missouri (1951) Mr Clark Gable himself spanks Maria Elena Marques

Kiss and Tell (1945) This is just a promotional picture (in fact a number of them)

The Ups and Downs of a Handyman (1976) A number of scenes in this movie, by the way. Spanker is Bob Todd. Not yet listed in the database.

Dr Ken knew a few and MrandMrsB knew Bob Todd in the last picture.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Ronnie.


PK said...

Obviously if you put all your readers together we know everything! Thanks to Chross and all who helped.


Roz said...

Thanks Ronnie, it's great to be able to put names to the films and actors.


Richard Windsor said...

I have the Ups and Downs of a Handyman video on my site, all the spankings, but the video needs fixing. I will republish it when I get home tonight from work.

sunnygirl said...

Thanks Ronnie and Chross

mostly mouse said...

Totally awesome..

Funny how old movies and TV shows often showed that...

how times have changed.

The idea of man disciplining his wife...OMG!


ronnie said...

Joey - Chross sure is an expert. Thanks Joey.

PK - We all make a good team:) Thanks PK.

Roz - Yes it is. Thanks Roz.

Richard - Fantastic. Thanks. Will pop over and link to your blog.

SG - Thanks for stopping by.

Mouse - Man disciplining his wife - who on earth:) Thanks Mouse. Lovely to see you.


Renee Rose said...

Wow, that standing one is really something! Kinda looks like modern dance!