Thursday, 28 March 2013

Questions You Asked II

Q. Who would you want to play the role of you in a movie?
A. Somebody friendly, maybe a bit cheeky, saucy even in a nice way, I thought Felicity Kendall might have made it a fun part. 

Q. How old were you when you received your first spanking as an adult?
A. Was around my late twenties.

Q. Have you ever had nasty comments left on your blog and how has that affected you and how have you dealt with them?
A. I'm fortunate that I haven't had any nasty comments to deal with.

Q. If someone was to offer you afternoon tea, what would have to be the staple ingredients?
A. As long as I'm with friends it doesn't matter where we have tea but they have to have a good selection of cream cakes:) I don't really like the Costas, Starbucks, those type of coffee shops.  

Q. What kind of city cafes/restaurants do you like?
A. Informal, not chains, local flavours and specialities, fresh food, places where locals go. I expect good service. My one hate is the crumbing down of tables.


Q. What are 5 things you are grateful for?
A. Our health (Two of P's younger siblings died at an early age from cancer)
We have jobs. (friends have been made redundant with no prospect of getting one, age against them)
Son, who is fantastic, kind and thoughtful. Took his mother to Paris last year for a Mother's Day present:)
A wonderful man who is my friend, lover and husband.
The many friends I have here in blogland.


Q. What is your favorite attribute (physical and non-physical) of yourself and P?
A. Me - My height. Trustworthy and honest.
P - His chest and his bottom, yes really he has a nice bottom, would be good for spanking:) Can't pick one - his intelligence, commitment, conversation and of course his food.

Q. What's P's fav's for you and himself? 
A. I asked him - he said my ass and my sense of humour. I said come on, be serious, but he said he was serious:) 

Q. Role Play - Do you ever wear anything special for a spanking?
A. Yes quite often - depending on the occasion or mood or surrounding circumstances; sometimes I'll wear something overtly sexy or even a tad sluttish if I think it will get me noticed in the way I want to be noticed, other times I'll make sure I'm wearing certain underwear (sometimes his) which if/when spotted will most likely get me spanked. 
On occasions I wear jodhpurs, white shirt and boots, even though I don't ride, it's a pretty clear signal, it hasn't got me spanked in a stable yet though, unfortunately. 
I've got a schoolgirl set too although I don't think P's that impressed with it, also secretary/boss gear which is easy to do but, again, it's not one P seems too bothered about. If I've been told I'm going to get spanked for some particular reason, and it can't be done on the spot, then I nearly always check my underwear if I've got time, even if I think it's going to be a disciplinary spanking, and if it's scruffy I change it, I know that's weird especially as it's likely to be coming down. 

Q. How would you handle someone from your vanilla lives finding out about TTWD?
A. Well it would depend who the person was and whether it seemed likely that a believable explanation/denial could work and whether we thought the discovery might spread and cause any damage business wise. After weighing things up, it could result in breaking contact with the person (tactfully) or just outright saying 'yes it's true, why don't you try it' or various in-between possibilities depending on the facts at the time. Overall though, it would definitely be something we would not want to have to address:) 


Q. Do your blogging activities affect your kinky play and/or your relationship with P in any way? If yes, how?
A. Probably, maybe more subconsciously than any readily identifiable way, In the early days I remember there were a few times when P thought I was getting too involved, devoting too much time to blogging, and it caused some friction. Occasionally nowadays he tells me I've been reading too many blogs, usually if I've said or done something suggestive, but it doesn't cause friction any more, it might get me spanked though depending how I answer him:)

Spanking Theatre
Q. What ingredients do you think make a great spanking story?
A. Well you are asking 'do you think' so I'll do just that and for me it's simple, although I acknowledge there is a wide diversity out there :- I want a believable couple or characters in general, I want circumstances I can relate to, I want the spanking to be real, whether there is sex thrown in before or after I'm not too bothered but I do want to sense trust between the parties, compassion, contrition and humour. I am as interested in the build-up to the spanking as I am in the spanking itself, which doesn't necessarily need to go into graphic detail, and I like to know how things have cooled down after, or heated up as the case may be:)   

Thank you George, Pref, Sarah, Terps, SirQandMe, MrandMrsB, Lea, Kaelah Spanking Theatre for the great questions.




Fondles said...

loved the questions and answers! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I've been following your blog for a little while, and I find your Q & A very interesting.
It gives me a little more idea what you and P are like.
You have had some great questions and your answers are honest.

Roz said...

Brilliant questions and answers Ronnie, I enjoyed reading this.

I love Felicity Kendall (used to love The Good Life) and agree she would be fun to play you. I love your answer to 5 things you are grateful for. Your son is very sweet :)

I admit, if I know a spanking is coming, or even likely I too check my underwear and change it LoL


Hermione said...

I wasn't sure who Felicity Kendall was until I read Roz's comment. I saw her in that series (over here it was renamed "Good Neighbours") and she would be lovely!

I liked the way you handled vanilla friends finding out about you. A nice variety of options.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, loved your answers and your charming son. Love

Anonymous said...

Can tell you got stuck into these as they are very thoughtful. Yes indeed, be glad for where we are and what we cherish Sarah,LD,UK

dancingbarez said...

Thanks for sharing Ronnie, these were fun to read.

sunnygirl said...

Thanks. Great questions and terrific answers.

SirQsmlb said...

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions. It's great to get to know you better!!


ronnie said...

Fondles - Thanks for stopping by.

Archedone - Thanks, honesty is always the best policy:) Thank you Archedone.

Roz - My grandmother always said make sure you have a decent pair of knickers on as you never know what could happen:) Thanks Roz.

Hermione - Good neighbours - wonder why they changed the name. I hope I never have to put any into action. Thanks Hermione.

Jan - He's fun to be with. Thanks Jan.

Sarah - Such good questions so wanted to give thorough answers. Thanks Sarah.

DB - Thanks for popping over.

SG - I loved the questions. Thank you SG.

Fiona - Thanks for your question, quite a different one.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Q & A.


Blondie said...

Very interesting. I love learning new things about my blog friends. Usually wearing nothing attracts my husband to spank. Lol

ronnie said...

Joey - Thank You.

Blondie - Been fun answering the questions. Thanks Blondie.


Minelle Labraun said...

I love hearing your answers. I have to agree with having cute undies on.
If you could describe one talent you have what is it...? That is if you are answering still. lol

Terpsichore said...

Thank-you for the wonderful answers... :-)

Kaelah said...

Thank you very much for having taken the time to answer all those questions, Ronnie! And thanks to P as well. :-)

Lea said...

Thanks for sharing your answers!

George K said...


I was unfamiliar with Felicity Kendall, but I did Google her. Thanks for all the thoughtful answers.

Have a blessed day.